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  • This marks the debut of Captain Syrup, the first female villain in the Mario franchise.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

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  • Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 was actually only intended to be a sequel to the other Super Mario Land games, but it proved popular enough to spawn games in its own series.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • This is the first game to feature Wario as a playable character.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

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  • This is one of the few Mario games to feature multiple endings.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

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  • When you initially enter Parsley Woods, it's spelt correctly. though after the lake is drained, the name of the map is misspelt as Parsely Woods.

    Contributed By: gamester_12345.

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