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FAQ/Walkthrough by Tyler_

Updated: 08/24/02

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
Strategy Guide 
Copyright Tyler Wright, 2002.
Please do not take credit for any of the information stated below 
without my approval. If you wish to use this FAQ for your site, please
contact Pangolin11@aol.com. Thanks, and enjoy!

I. Introduction
II. Characters
III. Enemy Listing
IV. Inventory/Controls
V. Mini Games
VI. Cheats
VII. Conclusion

I. Introduction

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle is among the very few games I
call impossible. However, I did beat the game, so now we know it is
beatable. :) I was surprised to see the lack of information and help
with this game over the net, so I decided to make an FAQ to simply 
motivate the player to play through the game, and know that it is
possible to beat. I have had this game for, gosh, has it been 12
years now?!; and finally, after countless amounts of times, I have 
finished it! My goal is to help you get through the game, and see more
than just a few Bullwinkle Levels.

II. Characters

1. Bullwinkle: A Moose. His museum has been robbed by Boris, Natasha,
and their master, "Fearless Leader." He and Rocky wish to restore the
museum, but it won't be that easy.

2. Rocky: A Squirrel. Supposedly Rocky can fly, but he doesn't use it
to his advantage all the time. Well, what do you think would happen if
you could fly? There is no fun in that, too easy! Well, on the other
hand, it probably would be kinda fun. :)

3. Boris: A Mad Bomber that intends to keep Rocky and Bullwinkle away
from the three stolen treasures. No matter how many times you kill him,
he is just around the corner dropping more bombs. Maybe he got in touch
with a scientist that knows the solution to cloning. I dunno, but he
can get pretty annoying.

4. Natasha: Natasha is a little more fun to play with, heh heh. She has
a more entertaining skill than dropping bombs. She tosses knives, and
she has a darn good aim, that's for sure! I avoid her at all costs.
She, on the other hand, cannot be killed, as she hides behind a trash
can, except when vulnerable on the moon chapter.

5. Fortune Teller: She plays a little card game with you, and if you 
win, you get a little present. She is scattered all along the game's
worlds, in her little shack.

6. Coach: A football coach.

7. Miniature football player: A midget.

8. Fat football player: A fat person.

9: Fearless Leader: The main bad guy. A major Nazi look-alike, and
kinda freaky. Bullwinkle has to save Rocky from Fearless Leader twice,
and, as always, it seems like it is the end for Rocky. Fearless
Leader is silent, and ruthless, or so it seems. He always uses the aid
of machinery to defeat his foes, so I guess he isn't that powerful.

11. Captain Peter Peachfuzz: Heh heh, this guy is kind of funny. He
is the museum curator, and he has really poor humor. Watch the ending
to see what I mean. That's basically it about him...

12. Burglar: A burglar runs around the streets of Frostbite Falls, 
running down anything in his path. Just thought I'd add him because it 
seemed he played a significant role in the game I guess. He was no
better than Peachfuzz or the midget, afterall, heh heh. :)

III. Enemies/Hazards Listing
Note: These are not the enemies' official names, just what I see them

Name: Monster
Score (When Killed): 300
Info: Monster is mean.

a. Frostbite Falls:

Name: Trash can
Score: none
Info: Trash cans bounce down the streets. They are fairly easy to jump
over with Bullwinkle.

Name: Boris
Score: 300
Info: Boris is a major pain in the neck. He simply drops bombs from
buildings. However, if a building is large enough, you may simply be
passing through, and then suddenly the death mockery is emitted from 
the cheap gameboy system, and to me, that is one annoying enemy.

Name: Natasha
Score: none
Info: Natasha cannot be killed. She throws daggers in a straight line,
left or right, and that is enough to bang you up badly. Beware of her
at all costs.

Name: Poodle
Score: none
Info: Usually, poodles are found inbetween two trashcans. Actually, all
the time. I don't think it would be wise, afterall, for the programmers
to have the poodles fall off the holes in the streets, now would it?
The poodles simply run in your direction, to bite you.

Name: Electric Charge
Score: none
Info: The telephone lines are malfunctioning, and the electric charges
can give you quite a shock as they pass left to right, down the 

Name: Burglar
Score: 300
Info: He runs... fast.

Name: Fire Hydrant
Score: none
Info: The fire hydrants are busted up, and the water pressure hurts.

Name: Hole
Score: none
Info: You fall... you die.

a2. Football Field

Name: Fat Football Player
Score: ?
Info: The fat football players are quite hard to jump over, but can
be overcome by ramming.

Name: Midget Football Player
Score: ?
Info: The small football players are hard to knock down, but easy to
simply jump over.

b. Mine

Name: Unknown
Score: none
Info: They resemble pots of coffee, that go in an up and down movement.
As you explore the mine, make sure you give room for these... things,
to move up and down.

Name: Rat
Score: none
Info: Rats are rather fast, and pretty big.

Name: Mine Cart with Dynamite
Score: none
Info: These things move in one direction, and, because of their large
size, they are hard to dodge.

Name: Water Drops
Score: none
Info: These DEADLY drops of water drop from the stallagtites above,
and inflict quite a deal of pain. They have a tendency to fall on your
head unexpectedly, so look around before you proceed.

Name: Loose Bricks
Score: none
Info: Same as Water Drops.

Name: Natasha
Score: none
Info: See "Frostbite Falls"

Name: Bat
Score: none
Info: Bats can be found flying around in small rooms within the mine.
They are usually guarding something of value, and are kind of easy
to dodge, but the player should still be cautious.

Name: Hole
Score: none
Info: See "Frostbite Falls"

c. Frostbite Falls 2

Name: Sink
Score: none
Info: How oddly odd. The only threat Bullwinkle has in climbing the
massive building to Fearless Leader are sinks falling out of windows.
However, they are effective, so I guess having sinks dropped out of
windows is a good idea. Well, in the world of Rocky and Bullwinkle,
anything goes I guess.

Name: Fearless Leader
Score: 1,000
Info: A wopping 1,000 points! Put this guy where he should be: in jail!
Heh heh, you expected different? He is rather simple to defeat. He
just sits atop a building, looking scary as he is about to cut the rope
that could mean Rocky's death, and all you must do is get to the top
and ram him. However, you are timed, so you must reach him quickly! 
Not too hard...

d. The Moon

Name: Alien 1
Score: 150
Info: He jumps up and down.

Name: Alien 2
Score: 50
Info: He jumps up and down.

Name: Alien 3
Score: 50
Info: He jumps up and down.

Name: Boris
Score: 100
Info: This time he isn't throwing bombs, but jumping around like a
fool while Rocky has the advantage.

Name: Natasha
Score: 100
Info: Ditto, with a few minor changes. :)

Name: Meteor
Score: none
Info: It smashes you, you get hurt.

Name: Beaks
Score: none
Info: Crushing beaks that are seen sprouted from the ground. You can
simply jump over these with ease. However sometimes you might
accidently land on one after jumping from a cliffside.

Name: Saucers
Score: none
Info: These guys are HARD. They often fly around you at the wrong
time. As you ride platforms across a cliff, the saucers pass by as
well, making it extremely difficult to pass through. I reccomend you
jump over them when they are at their lowest position, and try to 
land back on the moving platform. It takes a lot of practice, and
often I recieve a gameover when meddling with these guys.

Name: Alien w/Laser
Score: 500
Info: These are the few enemies on the moon that have a far range. To
pass through these guys, simply jump over each laser shot, and then
attack when you get close enough.

Name: Bouncy Balls
Score: none
Info: Balls that bounce up through a hole. They don't bounce too high,
but it can be a challenge when encountering more than one. Make sure 
your landings are precisely inbetween the two balls for each jump.

Name: Mouse Robot
Score: none
Info: HUGE! These are probably one of the toughest species in the game
due to the fact of their size! It is very difficult to jump over one of
these, unless you have enough time to get a high enough jump before
it reaches you. I also have a hard time with them as they often follow
you until they succeed in bashing your face in. Oh, also I wanted to 
point out that they resemble large mice robots, that walk on two legs. 
Weird. Oh yeah, the moon is made cheese in this game, so I guess it 
makes a little sense...

Name: Trap
Score: 10
Info: Traps are found in caves. They have some sort of treasure baited
along with them, so if you were to go for the treasure, it would snap
you, as moustraps do mice. You can go ahead and get the treasure, but
it isn't worth it, as you must sacrifice an acorn. You can, however,
snatch the treasure without getting hurt, but it really isn't worth
it. My question is: why are there mouse traps on the moon when the 
citizens are mice? Maybe the aliens wish to exterminate them. :)

Name: Robot
Score: none
Info: These are very uncommon, but once in a while you might encounter
one. They resemble R2-D2 with electric charges emitting from it's body.
Basically the same as the mouse robot, except smaller and easier to 
jump over.

Name: Cliffs
Score: none
Info: See "holes"

Name: Boris 2
Score: none
Info: Boris can be found at one point on the moon in a machine that
shoots lasers at you. To pass through him, you must run under the 
machine, but watch out for the thrust that fires out the bottom once in
a while. You cannot kill him.

Name: Boulder
Score: none
Info: Boulders can be found ricocheting off cliff walls; cliffs in 
which you must climb up. They are hard to dodge, but usually there is 
enough time for you to get to the top before a second is dropped.

Name: Laser guns
Score: none
Info: When you reach the end of the cave within the moon, there is a 
narrow cliff that you must go up through by riding moving platforms.
This gets really hard though because you pass by a number of laser
guns on each side of the passage. Not only are there many, but they
actually aim at you, so watch out. Try to set a rythm of dodges for
each laser shot, and you might make it out alive.

Name: Cheese
Score: none
Info: Cheese can be found hovering over a certain cliff in which you
must pass to save Bullwinkle from Fearless Leader. You can ride on 

Name: Fearless Leader
Score: 1,000
Info: This jerk is at it again. He sits in a spaceship that is about
to blast off with Bullwinkle under it. At the same time, he shoots
lasers at you. You must go under the ship and jump up through the 
bottom and "kill" him. You are timed for this, so pick up some speed.

e. The Manor

Name: Knight
Score: 300
Info: Knights walk down the hallways in a manner similar to the robots.
If they touch you, you get hurt.

Name: Knight 2
Score: none
Info: Certain Knights are backed up into a wall, and cannot be killed.
They swing an axe every once in a while. You must run past them before
they swing again.

Name: Ghost Chair
Score: 300
Info: Ghost Chairs bounce around.

Name: Ghost Chair 2
Score: none
Info: These ghost chairs hover slowly, up and down, giving you enough
time to run under them.

Name: Haunted Books
Score: none
Info: The haunted books fly at you from book cases. You can usually
wait for them to get to the peak of their flight, and run under them.

Name: Chandelere
Score: none
Info: I hope I spelled that right. Chandeleres fall from the cieling,
and, if you are under one, move out of the way quick. I find one thing
stupid about chandeleres. Once one hits the ground it can still hurt
you if you touch it.

Name: Light Bulb
Score: none
Info: Same as chandeleres, except they break when they hit the ground.

Name: Ghost
Score: 300
Info: Ghosts are rather big, and float towards you. You can jump over 
them successfully if you start your jump when he is near.

Name: Ghostling
Score: none
Info: Small ghosts that jump out at you from holes in the floor.

Name: Haunted Coin
Score: none
Info: Resemble coins, but hurt you. You can tell it is haunted by one
sole fact: it moves. Don't be stupid enough to try and collect it.

Name: Holes
Score: none
Info: See "Frostbite Falls."

Name: Haunted Books 2
Score: none
Info: Smaller than Haunted Books. These haunted books vary between one
another. Some move to the left, some to the right. Others just fall off
the shelf and hit you if you happen to be under it. These books are 
found in the library.

Name: Boris
Score: 300
Info: See "Frostbite Falls."

Name: Natasha
Score: none
Info: See "Frostbite Falls."

Name: Bear Trap
Score: none
Info: Same as traps, except they aren't baited.

Name: Haunted Sword
Score: none
Info: A sword that moves in mid-air by some unknown force. It moves in
a downward hack.

Name: Knife
Score: none
Info: A knife is thrown from some unknown force, similar to Natasha's

Name: Candle Set
Score: none
Info: These haunted candle sets hurt you as they float around. Some
move up and down as well.

Name: Spider
Score: none
Info: Spiders drop from their webs, and, if they happen to hit you, you
get hurt.

f. Final Battle

Name: Spikes (Down)
Score: none
Info: Each hole contains sets of spikes that move down, and appear 
back at the top.

Name: Spikes (Up)
Score: none
Info: Same as (Down) except (Up.) One set of each type of spikes are
assigned to each hole, like this:

V = Spike (down)
I = Spike (up)
-- = Floor/Cieling
B = Bullwinkle
R = Rocky
F = Fearless

-------        --------      ----------
         VVVV           VVVV 

   B     IIII           IIII
-------        --------      ----------

Name: Spikes
Score: 1000
Info: When you reach the end of the level, you will see Rocky under a
slow-moving set of spikes. You must ram these, and they will fly into
Fearless Leader, with his head out of a window, apparently, finally 
defeating him.

V = Spike (down)
-- = Floor/Cieling
R = Rocky
F = Fearless Leader

-------        ----------     
                VVV  F                                       

         IIII    R       
-------        ----------  

IV. Inventory

a. Health: When you collect health, it adds one to your health. They
look different, depending on which character you use. For Bullwinkle,
health is shown as mooseberries. (They look like white bombs.) For
Rocky, health is represented as acorns. You can have a maximum of 4
health at one time.

b. Lives: Lives are represented as the character's head. For each life,
it adds 1 to your inventory, next to your character's face.

c. Coins: These give you 10 score per coin.

d. Stolen Treasure: There are 3 total that you must collect to beat
the game. Fearless Leader has all three treasures.

Status Bar Screen:
This is a basic description of the status bar viewed at the bottom of
the screen...

[ L     S          H         ]

L: Lives: When lives = -1, gameover.

S: Score: The score increases each time you kill an enemy, pick up a
coin, or win a minigame. As far as I know, the score means nothing,
really, just an indicator of how good you are.

H: Health: You can recieve a total of 4 hp at one time.
When health = -1, lose one life.

IV.V. Controls

a. Bullwinkle

A: Jump
B: Ram
D-Pad: Move

Notes of Interests: Bullwinkle has some good sides to him, such as his
ability to control his jumps well. The lighter you tap the "A" button,
the smaller the jump. Bullwinkle can jump fairly high, which is good.
His attack is okay, but you won't find yourself using it much, as you
can simply jump over enemies with little trouble.

b. Rocky

A: Jump
B: Tail Swing
D-Pad: Move

Notes of Interest: Rocky is very fun to play as in my opinion. I
understand he can fly in the cartoon series, but in the game, he 
doesn't use this to his advantage which I find dissapointing. However,
he can fly in some ways. You can repeatedly jump until you get enough
air to glide around, which can be pretty fun. To use Rocky, you must
learn how to get him to jump far distances. Simply jump once, and be
sure you land in the same spot. Then jump a second time, and land in
the same spot once again. By the third time, Rocky will be sky-high!
3 times is the limit, and quite enough at that.

V. Mini Games

There are a total of 2 mini games in Rocky and Bullwinkle. One is a fun
little game, quite a challenge too, in which you play a weird little
football game. You toss Rocky and you must get to the touchdown and 
successfully catch him to make a touchdown. The other is a card game.

a. Football Game

First of all, you play as Bullwinkle, and the downside is that you
cannot jump as high as you do regularly. You must run through the 
field while dodging players on the opposite team by jumping and
knocking down. The small players are extremely hard to knock down, but
simple to jump over. The large players are hard to jump over, but you 
can knock them down fairly easy. If you reach the touchdown and catch
Rocky, you win. I am unsure if you recieve extra score.

b. Card Game

The Fortune Teller gives you five cards, and then reveals them. You
can then choose the ones you want to be taken out, and she will take
them and draw new cards to replace them. For each coin you collected,
you can then trade for one draw. One draw is for one card to be taken
out. If you have no more coins to use to draw crads, then you lose. 
If you happen to have three of one character out of five, you will win 
temporary immortality, in which you cannot get hurt for a few seconds, 
except by means of falling down a hole.

VI. Cheats

There is a much easier way to beat Rocky and Bullwinkle, and with this
cheat, R & B will fly! However, you need a Gameshark for this. 
Type in: 01F0B0D8

Now, to use this you need to know a few things. With this code, it will
allow your charactersto fly. However, if you don't use it right, you
will keep flying until you hit the cieling, and get stuck. To use this
code, use the Gameshark on/off button to jump. It's kinda like
replacing "A" with that button. Now you can simply fly over obstacles
with ease!

VII. Conclusion

I hope you all have had as much fun as I had when playing Rocky and 
Bullwinkle. I find Rocky and Bullwinkle the sort of game with a very
high replay value, due to the real challenge, and I like that in a 
game. I also wanted to point out that "Ren and Stimpy: Space Cadets,"
is another Gameboy game with the exact same levels as Rocky and 
Bullwinkle, except all new graphics and enemies. If you passed Rocky
and Bullwinkle, and liked the game, I reccomend you get Ren and Stimpy.
It is an exact clone of Rocky and Bullwinkle, where Bullwinkle is
replaced with Stimpy, and Rocky is Ren, and the levels have completely
changed graphics. Very strange game.


"CJayC" for posting this FAQ of course!
My brother for giving me all the info on the card game.
Me for writing this FAQ.
And the creators of this awesome game!


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