Review by Neo Alucard X

Reviewed: 08/29/04

The weakest of the series but is still fun.

Well. Usually when you play a sequel to a video game you expect to see improvements as well as some enhancements. Instead of doing the whole new level design with familiar bosses like in Megaman: Dr. Wily's Revenge they decided that it would be better to make it more of a port than anything. In short, lots more mistakes were made. Let’s take a look shall we?

Graphics (7/10): Many bosses and enemies have been deformed slightly. In most cases they have shrunk and become less detailed. Some abilities like the Rush Coil actually lose pixels when in use. How unusual. Some enemies like the giant dogs or rabbits look like their good old NES versions. The poor bats and big bosses like Hard Man have shrunk severely. Even Wily got half a foot shorter, and almost can fit in the palm of your hand inside of his cramped space shuttle. Fortunately the backgrounds are all highly detailed with the exception of Top Man's stage. Many backgrounds and enemies look just like they should, but others don't.

Gameplay (8/10): The game does play very well but not as well as the others in the series. You'll notice that on certain occasions that Megaman will stop midair in the middle of a jump. Plus you float around a lot more than you should. They did decide to implement the slide though, but even it has its problems. Unlike every other game where you can cancel the slide by simply jumping you will notice that you can no longer do so.

Like every other game you can select from a group of stages. There are two sets of four levels to beat along with a final area. All the bosses in this game are taken from either Megaman’s 2 and 3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Every boss has a weakness and weapon to obtain. However, none of these weapons are particularly amazing. If you have every played the NES version of Megaman 2 you would know that the Metal Blade is the greatest weapon ever devised, but in this remix it isn't. The good news is that Rush the wonder dog makes an appearance. There are a total of 3 Rush abilities including a jump enhancer, submarine, and jet. Each of them requires little talent to use.

The level design is not as unique as the first Megaman for Gameboy. Most the levels are meant to feel like the levels the NES versions. That's not necessarily bad, but it's not necessarily good either. The stages are all pretty fun regardless.

Music/Sound (1/10): UGH! Anyone that says music doesn't matter in a videogame obviously has never played this. And this is a recipe for disaster for people like me that have to listen to a game's music no matter what. Every song in here is original and was probably fished out of the sewer. There is only one song in this game is actually anywhere close to being a decent song. While you reel around on the floor at the horrendous spectacle that is the music you'll hear a series of annoying blips that are you're enemies attacking you. Thankfully you can turn off the music, and I would recommend that you do so.

Challenge (2/10): This game is so easy that anyone can beat it. In addition to the low difficulty level you can get energy tanks to refill your health whenever you get injured. This game should be beatable within the day of purchase.

Story (2/10): Wily travels to the future and successfully manages to capture Megaman before turning him into a pogo stick wielding robot (no joke). Instead of destroying the future version of the Blue Bomber he decides to try and have it destroy the original Megaman. It's a plot so stupid you’re actually dumber for having heard it.

Replayability (5/10): There are many additions to the original game but still no secrets. There are a lot more levels than the first one but are all not as enjoyable due to the messed up graphics and bad music.

Conclusion: The only real flaw in this game is the music. Don't listen to it under any circumstance. You would be much better off playing some hardcore rock music in the background. It will make the game a lot more fun. Many things like the graphical errors can be overlooked and ignored. It is still a very fun game with classic bosses and levels. I would recommend this game more for hardcore fans of the series and not your typical gamers. Final rating, 6/10 (not an average).

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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