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Reviewed: 12/30/00 | Updated: 12/30/00

A great classic Mega Man game!

Mega Man 2 just puts Mega Man on the Gameboy for some classic Mega Man fun! This game is a great classic!

Game Play

Mega Man 2 has all the great characteristics of the great Mega Man games. In this version they have the slide (which I think rocks) which you use on most of the levels if it's to slide to another part of the level, slide to a power-up, or just slide under a boss or enemy. They have lots of enemies. I don't remember all their names but there are moles, fly guys, and quint, just to name a small few. All the enemies do different things to try and defeat you. And on some of the levels they are strategically placed so it's very challenging to kill them without getting hurt or killed. There are nine or ten bosses. Each with their own power and certain style that they always follow (for example, Metal Man jumps and shoots two saw blades at you every time you shoot at him). Kill them and take their powers is such a great game idea! You start out with your regular blaster, then you kill the bosses and get their gun so you can use it against other bosses and enemies, which, may be lots more effective than your regular blaster (using metal mans weapon against woodman kills woodman in like five hits!). There are lots of levels and they all have tricky parts in them. Not to mention Dr. Wily at the end. He has his usual assortment of tricks and weapons. You can pick which level you go to first as always, and there are passwords you can use to get back to a certain game if you have to stop in the middle of the action.


The story is pretty much the same as always. You are a robot made by Dr. Light called Mega Man (Rock Man) to destroy the evil robots made by Dr. Wily. Then the final boss is always the evil scientist with one of his machines. It always seems like you kill him but he manages to escape or survive and then comes back in the next game.


As to most good games, there are different unique songs for each level and some great sound effects for when you kill enemies, shoot different weapons, when enemies shoot weapons, when you die, and a cool explosion sound when you use Clash mans weapon (Clash man was originally named crash man, but there was a bad translation!). The graphics are pretty good too. They compare with the NES version. Smooth, and there aren't any of those evil spots where the background is too dark to see what's on the screen. Enemies look great!


It's usually the first game I go for when I get out my Gameboy. Maybe I just like Mega Man games too much, but I think most would agree you can play it for a while before you get bored. You also get passwords after every boss you beat so you can save your progress if you have to stop playing. Unfortunately the game is a little small but it's not bad.


If you have a Gameboy and you like Mega Man this is a game to get. I bought my copy for five bucks, used, at Gameforce. For the most part I like all the games features so five bucks for the game is great! How can you not buy it for five?

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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