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Reviewed: 03/09/00 | Updated: 03/09/00

Unlike most Capcom sequels this one's actually worse than the original.

Dr. Wily has a whole new plan this time. With the help of a time machine he wants to change history. He brought 8 Robot Masters back to the present and now Megaman has to stop them again. As with Megaman's first adventure on the GB this game is a hybrid, in this case of MM2 & 3 on the NES.

Gameplay 7/10
More of the same which isn't a bad thing, however Megaman's control seems to be a little more loose, and for some reason gravity pulls a little harder on him too.
The first Megaman game was too hard, well this game is too easy. You can slide however, which is a plus and Megaman's dog Rush is also present.
You start the game choosing one of four Robot Masters and after beating them all you go to Wily's castle. This time you can choose from another four Masters who all have their own stages. The Robot Masters in this game are: Metal Man, Crash Man, Air Man, Wood Man, Needle Man, Top Man, Hard Man and Magnet Man. After beating them you must fight a brand new Robot Master, Quint, this is a sorry excuse for a Robot Master since all he does is sitting there on his drill ''thingy''. Well when you're finished laughing and killed him, you go to Wily's spaceship, which is way too short, just as beating Wily himself is. There is a password save function but if you're any good at this type of games you probably won't need it (that's a bad thing for those who don't know).

Graphics 8/10
Well, at first glance they seem to be the same as the NES Megamans. However after some closer examination you'll notice some enemies and Robot Masters do look a little different. This is ofcourse not a real problem but NES Megaman fans will likely notice these little changes. The backgrounds are not as detailed as in other Megaman games, but they do the job. Overall I would say the graphics look a little bit better than the first Megaman game on the GB.

Sound 7/10
The music consists of remixed tunes of the NES Megaman games and they don't sound bad but unfortunatly the sound effects are just as bad as the first Megaman on the GB.

I have mixed feelings about this game, probably because the NES Megaman 2 & 3 are two of my alltime favorite games, unlike the first Megaman on the GB which played and looked identical to its NES counterparts Megaman 2 doesn't. The altered graphics (why?) are only a minor thing but the game's control is very different, certainly not as tight as the other GB Megaman games. The games low difficulty doesn't make things any better either. The game does feature some good things though like Rush and Megaman's slide. It's certainly not a bad game, but since this is a Megaman title I did expect something more of a challenge. While the true Megaman fans will likely buy this title no matter what I suggest other people only rent this one since you can complete it with little to no effort and once you finish it there's nothing more left to do.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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