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Reviewed: 05/17/02 | Updated: 05/17/02

Mega Man's back on the small screen.

After playing the first GameBoy game the Blue Bomber starred in, I solemnly decided to pick up the Blue Bomber's sequel, Mega Man 2. After playing it right up until the end (as sudden as that may have been), I decided to write a review for it. This game really shows little to none difference in gameplay from any of the other Mega Mans, but I still found this little game enjoyable.

Story (7/10)

Once again, the evil and maniacal Dr. Wily is up to more no good. So he constructs 8 different robots known as: Metal Man, Wood Man, Air Man, Crash (Clash) Man, Magnet Man, Hard Man, Top Man, and Needle Man. Mega Man and his companion robot dog are out to scrap these 8 robots and to stop the evil bad hair day Dr. Wily.

Gameplay (6/10)

Kind of a let down here, despite the rather difficult stages, I beat this game in under an hour and a half. This game was way too short and could have been a little better and longer. You went through the various robot stages and faced off with them once you came up upon the end of each stage. Once you've cleared all the robot stages, you venture on to Dr Wily's castle, where you face off with the mad man himself .You have various power-ups, weapons, and strategies to help you out become a winner through the game.

Graphics (2/10)

You're very own basic black and white, nothing more but the colorless eyesore graphics here. . . .

Audio/Video (8/10)

I always have liked the Mega Man tunes, I always have found them catchy and fun to listen to, they go good with each level's atmosphere and fair out toward a pretty nice score. The sound is the same all the other Mega Mans, you'll expect the same when he jumps, shoots, gets hit, blows up, etc.

Replayability (5/10)

Once you've played through this game, there really is no reason to play it again, unless that is, you're just bored.

Multiplayer (0/10)


Buy or Rent?

I would prefer you to rent this game because you'll no doubt have beaten it in about two hours flat.

1)Good Mega Man game
2)Fun the first time
3)Nice music and sound

1)Too short
2)Little to no replay value

Overall (7/10)

All avid Mega Man fans will find a good kick out of this game. But due to the lack of longevity in this game, everyone else either just rent it or forget about it entirely....

-Until then!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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