Review by Saikyo Ki

Reviewed: 09/10/01 | Updated: 09/10/01

Better than the first installment in many ways, but worse in one way.

Capcom did noticeably better in this second attempt to make a portable MM game. A few features from MM3 are thrown in to add extra play value, which was a very good idea on Capcom's part. Sadly, there are still no new boss robots, which means only people thirsting for portable MM action will buy this.

Story: 8
''Dr. Wily is at it again!'' Everyone knows the drill here. Bash robots upside the head, bash robots upside the head again in Dr. Wily's base, bash Dr. Wily upside the head.

Gameplay: 7
It seems Capcom took some more lessons in GB Programming 101; everything seems to flow nicer this time around. They fixed the jumping glitch from the first MM GB game and tweaked the rapid fire glitch a little so you can shoot faster (but it's still not 100% fixed).

Once again, you will recognize the boss robots from the NES versions. Once again, the levels are different so there is at least something new for people that have beaten MM2 for the NES to do. There is also an interesting twist...the slide maneuver from MM3 for the NES has been added.

Graphics: 8
Nicely improved over the first MM GB game. Screen scrolling is much, much better. Everything on screen is very true to the NES version detail wise and animation wise.

Sound/Music: 1
Unfortunately, the sound effects and music are even worse than the first MM GB game. The few good sounding effects that were in the first one are gone. For some reason, Bubble Man's song from the NES version of MM2 is used in Air Man's stage. O_o The other song's aren't even from the NES version at all.

Control: 9
Much better, but the rapid fire glitch still needs to be completely stamped out.

Replay Value: 4
Like always, once you beat it, chances are you'll wait a while before you pick it up again. If you have already played the NES version(s) to death, rent it first.

Bottom Line?
Although the audio is worse, the graphics are better and the gameplay experience is more enjoyable overall. Still, even with MM3 features and new levels thrown in, people who want something fresh won't find that here. People who are dying for portable MM fun should test this game out first, as it might fit the bill, which is why I give it a 7.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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