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Reviewed: 08/27/01 | Updated: 04/07/02

Pure and utter garbage.

Being a devoted fan of the Mega Man games, I know that they have a quality about them that cannot be denied. A certain type of music, graphics, and challenge that just is a major part of almost every MM game. The problem here is that the GB MM games are a mixed bag, a few of them are pretty good and then there are ones, such as this, that are terrible. After a pretty good entry into the Gameboy, Capcom makes a horrible sequel and I'll tell you why.


Ugh. Other than MegaMan himself who looks pretty much like his NES incarnation, everything else is resized to work on the gameboy screen. Certain small enemies are now big, they are drawn terribly with lots of nasty jags, and the robot masters, for the most part, just look awful. Most of the sprites are so big now that a lot of action is confined to single screens rather than large areas as seen in the NES and SNES games. For the record, MegaMan is just gigantic and the final battle is hilarious as he seems almost Godzilla like compared to Wily's supposedly large fighting machines. Most of the areas are empty with minimal detail and though I realize that this is only the B&W Gameboy, I need only to show you MegaMan 3 for the GB to prove my point here.


Awful, atrocious, downright disgusting. The music is a mess of noise with no real defined tune to any of it. MM games normally have great music but this one does not by any stretch of the imagination. There aren't a lot of sound effects to speak of and they are tinny for the most part. No need to have the volume up for this one. (No need to play this one at all BTW. ~_^ )


Not too bad. Just a little unresponsive at times but not much different than the game before it. The game is so incredibly easy that even if you slip around, you won't find much to complain about in this area.


None. The first time I played it, I finished it in about 40 minutes. You can kill any robot master with the normal cannon and even Wily only seems half heartedly intent on killing you. Don't buy this one, borrow it or just forget it exists. You can probably beat it without getting killed the second time you play it. (If you deem it worthy to play again)


There is no plot. I don't have the booklet but I'm rating the game, not it's booklet. You effortlessly kill all the robot masters, destroy Wily, and then watch it name off all your foes. That's it. I'm not sure it was intended to have a plot at all. It has 4 masters from the NES MM2 and another 4 from the NES MM3 but they don't look near as good and don't put up a fight at all. MegaMan's only special move is the slide and he can use Rush to go over areas that the forgetful programmers must have thought would stump you. Just fly over those big holes with the Rush Jet and be done with it.


An awful game. I can almost guarantee the normal MM team didn't make this one. It feels just as poor as the old DOS games and even the GameGear one is a bit better than this. (Not much) Play the first, and then skip to the third. It's much better that way, trust me.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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