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Reviewed: 08/25/17

An Odd Ball of a game, a guilty pleasure at best. (Quick Review)

Mega Man II for the Gameboy, A.k.A Rockman World.


A rather step down graphic and music wise from Dr. Wily's Revenge. This marks the first appearance of Rush in the GB version. However, is this game good? Is it bad? We shall find out.

This game has a very weird time travelling type plot. Where our Blue Bomber of a friend must travel into the future and crush Wily in his schemes. However, there is another face waiting for Mega Man? Who is it? We shall find out.

The rest of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 appear here. Metal Man, Wood Man, Air Man and Clash Man(Crash Man) as well for the first batch of the Mega Man 3 Robot Masters. Them being Top Man, Needle Man, Hard Man and Magnet Man.

Quint is a boss in the game, but his battle is a piece of cake and his weapon is rather pathetic at best. Plus, Quint reminds me of Mega Man from the Captain N series with a boomerang slapped on his forehead.

It is still the same, run, jump, shoot, defeat boss and get their weapon. With the addition of Rush in this adventure, Mega Man can now slide in this game.

However, things are not so pretty here.


This game is a rather odd. Mega Man's Sprite is the same as his NES counterpart, but in a monochrome colour. He still runs, jumps and shoots.

Wily's Revenge looked great for its time. However? This is a step down.

I know that the Game Boy has limitations, but this looks rather ugly. Mega Man himself towers over most enemy and bosses dwarf our hero. Stages are crunched down and ceilings can post a hazard, mainly in Clash Man's stage with a small ceiling scale and a pit.

Robot Masters and Wily Himself are smaller than Mega Man. Wily is rather tiny in his machines and the RMs are well, a few pixels smaller. Word of mouth I hear the a few frames from the bosses are missing as well.

Some of the sprites and background objects such as the rail platform in Clash Man's stage can be a breeze now due to the screen crunch and Air Man's Goblin head platforms.

Boss rooms are scaled as well to a tiny arena.

One stage I kind of liked was the Final Wily area with the clocks in the background. That one was kind of neat. Plus the graphic were Mega Man is with Rush on the Get WeaponScene is neat.

Over all. I give the graphics a 3/5

Sound and Music.

Allot of complaints I hear from people is the music. Whilst the music is rather squeaky, high pitched and shrilly, some are good in a way.

Air Man, Wood Man and Hard Man's were pretty good and the title and the Wily Stage was pretty great. However, others were pretty annoying or just meh.

Sadly, the only "remix" tune that is in here is the Get Weapon from Mega Man 3.

A little fun note. Grabbing a 1-up is the same sound from Super Mario Brothers when you collect a coin, Cute.

Other sounds such as Mega Man's jump sound is from Wily's Revenge. Other sounds such as explosions sound like farts. Other effects are muffled, squeaky or shrilly.


Overall. I kind of find this game a guilty pleasure. It isn't bad, nor is it good. It isn't the best, either. If you wanna play this game, I suggest you find a copy off Ebay or Amazon. It is also on the E-Shop as well.

Over all score?

2.5 out of 5

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: RockMan World 2 (JP, 12/20/91)

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