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Reviewed: 03/14/01 | Updated: 03/14/01

Mega Man returns for gameboy and this he can slide to a good score

Mega Man 2 for gameboy is very fun to play. As with the first Mega Man for game boy it borrows four robot masters from one Nes Mega Man and four robot masters from another then adds a new 9th robot master to deal with. This formula gives players familiar to the Mega Man series a chance to try classic enemies on the portable game boy. It also gives players new to Mega Man in general a challenge to try these bosses. Well on with the break down of the scores.

Graphics 6: Very plain over all. Enough detail to allow you to understand the lay out of the stage, but nothing at all that would impress you in terms of how much gameboy graphics can impress you.

Story 5: Once again the normal mega Man story fare. There is not much to go by in the story except for the Mega Man goes to Wily scenes. To be honest more text may have helped the story of this game, but still the visuals of the story were nice.

Gameplay 8: Mega Man now has the much needed slide first seen in Mega Man 3 for the Nes. Jumping is an improvement over the first game and you have your trusty companion Rush for this game. At first you may have trouble with the game, but this is the type of game you can learn how to play quite fast.

Music 8: I love the tunes of this game. Instead of just using the nes tunes of the robot masters, we get new versions of their tunes. The soundtrack has a kind of despair feeling to it. An utter feeling that you will not make it. This ranks as one of the saddest soundtracks for a Mega Man gameboy game I've heard. One of the best examples is the tune played in Needle Man's stage.

Challenge: This is a very easy Mega Man game over all. When you do becomes more of a case of ''Oh well,'' then ''Oh just bloody great!''. It seems from my experience in the game enemies drop items quite often. In fact they drop it so often that recharging yourself isn't really a problem at all. Then again maybe my luck has been incredible in this game.

Over all 8- The game has some flaws, but over all it is quite fun to play and if you can get into it. The soundtrack gives a very sad feel and works quite well with certain scenes you will see that involve Wily.

To rent or buy: I'd suggest you either buy or emulate this game because it is worth your time to play and renting is such a short time to play it. Through I think buying is preferred over emulating

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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