Game glitch : Super Game Boy special behaviour. Verify, please ?

  1. If anyone could verify this please, but it seems like there's a glitch with this game when played through Super Game Boy. Aside from the couple minor graphic glitches, it seems to trigger some sort of nightmare difficulty, changing the behavior, strength and resilience of ennemies.

    For instance, remember those rabbits that shoot carrots in Woodman's stage ? Hard to dodge, but if you dodge them you can forget them. It turns out that if playing through the Super Game Boy, you can't : they turn around and chase you again like friggin' homing missiles ! In the end, i could not even defeat any stage at all while playing through the Super Game Boy, while i did conquer the game while playing on a GBA...

    User Info: Darth__Killer

    Darth__Killer - 5 years ago

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