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  • Kirby was initially represented as white in the box art. This is because Nintendo hadn't come to a decision to his color scheme before release. Sakurai wanted Kirby to be pink, while Miyamoto wanted Kirby to be yellow.

    Ultimately, Nintendo chose to make Kirby pink. Yellow would be an alternate color used in games with multiplayer.

    Contributed By: -ZIO-.

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  • Kirby is said to have gotten his name from Jack Kirby, a lawyer who successfully defended Nintendo from a lawsuit against Universal. His original name was Popopo but was changed as Nintendo felt indebted to Jack Kirby.

    Contributed By: Jerrynsteph4eva.

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  • Kirby was originally just programmed in to develop the game around him and come up with a character design later on, but then the developers began to grow attached to the cute little blob, and the design was decided as final.

    Contributed By: ZeoKnight.

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  • Unlike later Kirby games, Kirby is not able to copy enemy powers. Rather, he can find power ups that give him temporary abilities.

    Contributed By: Jerrynsteph4eva.

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