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Reviewed: 03/04/00 | Updated: 03/04/00

A very good traditional RPG For the Game Boy

I have each of the final fantasy games for the gameboy, legend, legend 2, legend 3, and adventure. And while legend 3 is not as good as legend 2, it sure beats out the first one.

The game starts out when you find that the world you are in is becoming flooded by the waters from a portal in the sky, so you and your group of friends are sent into the past and the future to Prevent this from happening. You move though time in a space ship called the talon, which can be upgraded with different things. If you want to Have the talon attack with its lasers or machine guns if you get attacked, you can. If you want the ship to set its shields around your party when you're attacked, you can do that too. The ship also is upgraded on how it flies. at the start you can only fly on the land, but as you progress, you can move over water and by the end you are flying over the air.
I dont see how the other reviewers that gave this game a 1 for their score could have possibly played through the game at all because they say that they dont know why they had their characters doing things like going to a tower to get the float magic(which is the very first thing you have to do) when the reason for this is clearly addressed in the intro and the speeches that you go through to get the information. I guess those reviewers cant read or something. And what do you expect from an RPG on a Game boy???
The graphics in the game are pretty good (for a game boy) The enemies are very detailed, but are repeated thoughout the game (you fight a crap when at level 1, but when at level 5 you fight a pincher, and then at level 10 you fight a claw-man... that sort of thing) this game though actually has your characters viewed on the screen.

The sound in this game is suitable for a gameboy game too. There arent too many songs in the game, but most of them are very good (I just loved the music in FFL2) the sound effects are mostly just crashes, bops, and beeps, but again, what can you expect from a gameboy?

But in this game, the gameplay is key. I dont see what the reviewers were complaining about when their weapons broke. Do they expect a sword they buy to last forever when they are slashing their way though hundereds of monsters?? I dont even remember buying all that many swords and amror, i mostly found it places (not that there isnt a selection of equipment to buy).
Now to the Scores

Graphics-6-repetetive but still well done

Sound-7-Good music but not as good as FFL2

Control-10-no problem here, just like any RPG around, good menus and easy to equip your characters

Gameplay-9-Very good, Great Battles, and Many different weapons to choose from. Characters very customizable.

Story-8-your basic FF save the world from an evil force

Replay value-6-takes a while to beat, but you probably wont go back to it, very linear. Great game for a long road trip

Overall-9- a classic gameboy RPG-lives up to the name Final Fantasy. Although not as good as FFL2, it still shines on it's own.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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