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Reviewed: 03/04/00 | Updated: 03/04/00

The best in the series still lacks the elements of a good RPG.

Well, I have been disqusted with Square's and Sunsoft's previous efforts in this series and frankly, this one isn't that much better. While many of the annoyances from the first two have been disposed of, some remain and othrs follow. This game isn't as annoying and doesn't require tons of hours of fighting to upgrade your armor, yet the battles are just dull and boring.

Graphics 5/10- I do not like them, the graphics are just so uninspired it makes the game a yawner. Especially the map, its lack of clarity and detail makes it hard smoetimes to get through the game.

Control 7/10- While the control response has been helped, the dull boring battles interfere with the controls and gameplay. Though, I must admit I liek the fact that they got rid of the system where your weapons wear out.

Sound 5/10- While the music is not nearly as annoying, it still remains uninspired and nothing new, I would have figured that Square would have done something to up the sound but.....

Gameplay 2/10- The gameplay is really boring it does nothing to make the battles seem the least bit interesting. You hit, wait for a while your enemies hit, it just drags on and no regular enemy has over a thousand Hit points so they only take 2-3 hits yet bosses have a crap load and the battles just drag on and on.

Story 3/10- The story, while having a fantasy element, seems like a really crappy version of the Chrono Trigger story. You must stop the Pure water entity form submerging the world, you will travel to the past , present, and future in your ship the ''Talon'', Which you must build first.

Replay 1/10- Trust me on this, you won't play this game again. With the already used story and the dull gameplay thisgame offers nothing to videogamers anywhere.

Overall 2/10- While managing to be better than its predesessors, it still fails to be a good game. In my reviwes for FFL1-2 I siad go get this one instead, well I ws wrong. This series is nothing but a failure and proves that Square is only human. Let us put these failures behind us and think of better days. If your into RPGs for gameboy try Pokemon.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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