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Reviewed: 05/25/03 | Updated: 05/25/03

An Overrated game that took over a year to beat

Let's take a look at the history of the Legend Series for the gameboy, shall we?

Okay, Final Fantasy Legend was among the first gameboy games ever, and it was the first sucky gameboy game too. Because of how sucky the first one was, alot of people didn't even want to look at the second one, which was infinitly better. But the third one, alot of people said ''Oh great, ANOTHER one?'' But still, some of them gave this a try and it became one of the first overrated gameboy games. I decided to check it out because I stupidly fell for all of the people saying ''omg! tis gam si teh best evar!''. This is what I thought:

Graphics: 5/10
The party members ain't too detailed, the enemies (That are strangely 10 times your height) are the ones that were done properly. I really didn't like how the characters looked, even after you gave them meat and they transformed. Ick.

Sound: 10/10
The sound is the only good part of the game. The overworld music is boring, but there's still the dungeon music. That's good, ya? The Battle theme is catchy, I like the way they did it. Also, the boss music is SO CREEPY!! Seriously, you think about it for DAYS after the first couple bosses. I even recorded it from my gameboy, turned it into an Mp3, and put it on my dad's computer and played it at the Hewlett-Packard Halloween party. I wasn't even able to keep count of how many people asked me where I got the background music for his cubicle. Also, the game's sounds are good too. The Staves don't ''Doink'' and the hammers don't make slashing noises. Everything sounds like it's been recorded from real life battles. Good job!

Difficulty: 0/10
The worst part of Final Fantasy legend 3 is how hard it is. The first thing is that you need around a million Experience points just to get from one level to another, and you need to be at around level 99 to even THINK about going anywhere NEAR a boss. Also, you have 5 party members around for most of the time, and, in the legend series, you only get an extra party member when a hard boss fight is coming up, and since you have 5 party members for literally 98% of the game, that means that EVERY boss is hard, and the worst part is that the NPC's can't even level up. Geez, why is this game so (bleep) hard?! Seriously, this game is even harder than Magi Nation.

Control: 5/10
Okay okay okay, I'm not gonna get into much about the controls, but you can at least jump in this game. It's also kind of funny when you're under an overpass and try to jump, or when you go under a bed and try to jump.

Replay Value: 4/10
Okay, the only reason you would want to replay this game is so you can hear the boss music. The storyline is just plain boring. It's even more boring than Math class, and just about as bad as ''The Giver''.

Overall: 5/10
Ugh, I can't believe I shelled out 35 dollars for such a boring game. Arthur, Sharon, Gloria, and Curtis are here to bore you in a long and overrated boring game with alot of hard and boring dungeons. I mean, Borgin sent back 3 children from the future. What's wrong with that? The Future's fine, and how come only THEY are the ones who can defeat Xagor when just anyone else can? (Shakes head in disgust)

Buy or Rent?
If you can find it for around 10 dollars, than buy it. Only the boss music is worth checking out. If it's for around 20 dollars, then don't buy it. You might get a good deal for buying it for around 15 bucks, but no higher than that.

Best part: Boss Music.

Worst part: Just about everything else.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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