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Reviewed: 01/19/00 | Updated: 01/19/00

An excellent achievement by Sunsoft and Square.

This RPG takes fans of the Final Fantasy series to a whole new world to confront the Pureland Water Entity.Players must travel to past,present,and future(and, of course, Pureland)to save The World from being submerged.You control four brave young warriors(who are joined by many people along the way)who were sent back from the future to save The World.An extensive repertoire of weapons,magic,and items help you in your quest,and the Character Change feature which allows you to turn your characters into beasts and monsters(by eating meat),or robots and cyborgs(by installing parts),allowing gamers all the experimentation players could ask for.Collecting all 13 units of the powerful space-time battle cruiser Talon is necessary to do in order to save your home from destruction.

Good Points:
This game has a lot of exploration involved and keeps you entertained.The Character Change element,unique to the FF Legend series,allows you to turn your humans or mutants into formidable creatures with special talents and new spells.You can improve Robots and Cyborgs by buying additional parts in shops,and you can equip Beasts and Monsters with skills,or use their talents to send the enemy running.

Bad Points:
The two major problems I have with this game are the clarity of the map and the limited range of weapons mutants can use effectively.The map onlyshows locations of the present time and a few location which will hold new cities,but that's about it.And about the mutants: so far, I have only seen them use staffs(or "STAVES" as the game calls them)and the Psi knife well.In addition to that,the rate of enemy encounters can become annoying until you aquire "Exit" and "Shield."

Graphics:7.5/10- Decent for '93 Game Boy.
Gameplay:9.5/10- This game is very fun.
Sound:9.5/10- Sound is pretty good for this type of game.
Challenge:4.5/10- This game is not really too hard.
Overall:10/10- This is a must-have for all Game Boy owners.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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