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Reviewed: 10/28/02 | Updated: 10/28/02

The SaGa ends- at least for Gameboy

Final Fantasy Legend III is a game released by Square which is well known for its Final Fantasy series in 1991. This game however is not final fantasy and should not be confused with one. The Japanese name of this game is SaGa 3, which is part of the famous SaGa series. Some might have played the Romancing Saga games for SNES, or SaGa Frontier for PSX. This is one of the game that pioneered the series. The fact that it was brought to North America under the name ''Final Fantasy'' might make it popular, and as a result even though this game is nothing but mediocre, it still gain a tremendous amount of popularity in North America.

Storyline 7/10
Quite decent storyline, with the stories revolve around time. As always in most RPG you must try to save the world. Along, The time frame are divided into three- past, present, and future. You started in the present world, and you need to collect machine parts for your time machine-of course the enemy will not make your job a smooth one.

Graphics 7/10
Considering this is a Gameboy game, the graphic is all black and white. Therefore there aren't really anything special about it. However you could still see some of the detail, even for most of the part the graphics of the world map is reminiscence of the graphic in Dragon Warrior series for GBC. (i.e. the mountain, sea, only without color)

Gameplay 6/10
Just like your usual RPG, you can have 4 characters at once in your party, and you met monster through random encounter, unless you met a boss. The random encounter could be annoying sometimes, especially if you are stuck somewhere in a middle of a dungeon with no healing item or exit spell.

Sound 6/10
I have nothing much to say here. The music are okay even though they are far from outstanding.

Replay Value 3/10
I would give this game a three in terms of replay value. Final Fantasy Legend III is not exactly a game that you want to play all over again. There are basically nothing new you can find by playing the game all over again.

A good game, and probably you might want to consider getting it if you are SaGa series fans. Don't expect too much from it though, as this game is awash in mediocrity, even though it still one of the most popular games for the original Gameboy, and compared to the first two, this game is definitely an improvement

Average Score: 5.8

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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