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Reviewed: 06/17/02 | Updated: 06/17/02

Don't like it? I do!

First I have to say, that I think this is the best FF game for GameBoy, and I dont know why everyone hates this game so much. I will explain why now.

Even though people say the graphics are very bad. I happen to think that the graphics were great for there time. They my not be good as the Playstation, but you have to put in to consideration that the Playstation was made about 8 years later.

I will say that the story for the game was not as good as it could have been. I mean, Go back in time, and save the world. It's all good and fine, but then it gets into, closeing a waterway and stoping all the monsters in the world. So it gets really weird.

The controls in the game, are some of the easyest I've ever used. Much easyer than some of the games I've played. The only useless thing ion the game is the jump button, you dont really need to jump in the game.

The sound is the worst thing about FFL3. The regular battle music can get really annoing. The boss music is not as bad as the rest of the music, but it is steal really annoing.

This is where the game gets good. This game is one of the hardest RPG's I have ever played. The bosses are all hard, and you have to have good levels to win. If you dont like a game where you wont die, dont get this game. You will die, you will die about 100 time, and then die again.

The reason I do not give this a score, is because it has no real point in the review. But the reason I put it in is because people say that the battle system in FFL1 is better than in FFL3. Not true. In FFL1, when you get a weapon you can use that weapon only a certan amount of times. In FFL3 you can use a weapon anyamount of times you wont.

Like I said, this is one hell of a game. You would have to be crazy not to like it. If you are lucky enough to find it, buy it, no mader the cost.Later.

Buy or Rent
Buy it. If you can find it (witch would be very unlikey) Buy it. I was lucky enough to find it, and buy it for 20 bucks. But buy it if you find it, even if you are not a hardcore RPG player.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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