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Reviewed: 02/24/02 | Updated: 02/24/02

A very... below average game.

I believed after Final Fantasy Legend I + II were created, that the people making these games would sit down and think of their mistakes and perhaps also find new ways to improve the gameplay, and even the graphics on the newer Final Fantasy Legend III... well I was sort of wrong and sort of right.

Obviously one thing they DID right was that weapons do not break anymore, thank GOODness, that was just about more annoying than ANYTHING. However the fact is something else they put in right also was the normal rpg leveling up system... but with these two things... and for THIS specific game, it just seems too late, the leveling up system and the non weapon breaking would have been better in I or II... not in III.

Something that is annoying to me is that they force you to have just one human, and you are forced to deal with other CHARACTER type of characters on your group instead of haing four humans or four mutants you are forced to have 1 mal human, 1 female human, 1 mutant, and so on. Stupid, very, very stupid. They should have done THAT with Final Fantasy Legend I. Let me tell you something, if there was no weapons breaking in Final Fantasy Legend II and the leveling system, it would have been a MUCH better game... but in III, with all these two things it is just downright annoying and despite having these two things are better... they are not really needed as much as they were in Legend I and II... so technically this is a very below average game, just about a BAD game.

Graphics: 34%
Words: What the heck happened now? This is an updated game, not a remake of the older worse graphics! The world map looks choppy and fuzzy, your characters look like they are falling apart when they walk, and the battle mode is so bland...

Sound: 47%
Words: Sound effects were nice, and the music as usual is repetitive... same story same thing over again.

Replay: 0%
Words: Absolutely no replay value involved with this game. After you beat the game you will not even want to TOUCH this game again, just put it in the back section of your Gameboy collection!

Gameplay: 23%
Words: Whew... Gameplay is horrid and terrible, the stats are confusing, not as bad as Legend I and II but still quite horrid...

Story: 10%
Words: You must go on a quest with your friends to defeat evil monsters. Bland and old... if you ask me, there should not have even been a story, because it is just the same thing over and over... really.

Characters: 2%
Words: Some of the worst characters I ever played in any Gameboy RPG games... ever.

Final Words: A VERY BELOW AVERAGE GAME. Worth adding to your collection for about $2-5 or even $8... that is IT.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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