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Reviewed: 03/03/01 | Updated: 03/01/03

Best of the series? Oh Yeah!

The third and final installment of the Final Fantasy Legend saga. Where some third sequels to games are crappy and don't deserve the series name, this game is well deserving of the Final Fantasy Legend tital. I can think of no real flaws in this one. It might just be the perfect FFL game!
Audio 10-10. Only the intro and victory themes remain the same from the first two games. All other music is new. I wasn't sure about this category at first, but I've thought it out long and hard and decided that this category is worthy of a 10. The music was not as good when you compared it to that of the other games, but it was great in itself. Boss themes were well-orchestrated and suitably menacing. None of the SFX from the previous games are repeated here. They're all new and there's a lot more of them. All fit what they were used for. In fact, the sounds in the Pokemon games is similar to that of FFL3. If I had to choose favorites I would say that the Talon theme, underwater theme, boss theme, final battle theme and the ending theme are my favorites. The audio department lacks nothing in my opinion, because I was not gripped by an urge to turn the volume down.
Challenge 10-10. No problems here. You will find plenty of challenge in this game. Some bosses are very powerful indeed. Ashura and Chaos took me a while, let me tell you, and Xagor, the final boss, is not going to be easy. Then there are puzzles in this game, but they're towards the end.
Gameplay 10-10. Easy and reliable. The controls are very easy as they tend to be in true RPG's. FFL3 also brings back the traditional level-up system found in most RPG's. The first two Legends did not have that. My only problem is that when you select a piece of armor in a shop it doesn't tell you what attributes it will affect. You kinda have to find out by equipping it and getting attacked.
Story 10-10. Here's the best part. The story revolves around a world that is in danger of being flooded by a strange water entity that dwells in Pureland, home of the gods. It is your quest to eventually find and destroy this entity. That's not the best part. In this game you have a ship on your side called the Talon. Itt will prove invaluable. You must find all it's units before you can access its abilities to the fullest. But get this. The Talon can travel through time! You'll be doing that a couple times as you seek the unit that will allow you to go to pureland, where you have many quests before fighting the last boss. In pureland you will also find the rest of Talon's thirteen units and its four crew members. Two of these crew members can combine light and dark stones to make weapons and armors. One can combine elemental stones to create powerful magics for you. The forth crew member can sell you stuff, and all of this will be available to you in the comfort of your own battle cruiser once you find the crew members, who are scattered throughout the land.
Overall 10-10. If you can find this game anywhere and love RPG's like I do, then get it! It's worth the money I think.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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