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Reviewed: 01/15/01 | Updated: 01/15/01

A great game the 1st few times around...

This is the 1st Final Fantasy Legend game for the Game Boy I played and I loved it. I played it a lot and beat it in about 3 months. It isn't an official Final Fantasy (This one is made by Sun Soft, not Square Soft), but it's so fun, it deserves to have a lot of respect.

*Game Play (7/10)-
The difficulty depends on how much you level up your characters. If you just fly through the story, most likely, it will be one of the hardest games yet. If you spend the extra few hours building up, it'll be quite neutral. It can be extremely fun during parts (finding the Future unit) and boring during others (like the beginning dialogue). Overall, it is a very fun game. It will keep you amused for about 3 hours before it gets old. The control is very easy (unless your control pad/buttons stick). The response of the game is quick, and accurate.

*Story (4/10)-
The story isn't all that good, but it fits the game so it deserves a little credit. The story could have been better though.

*Sound (5/10)-
The sound can be cool at first, but gets old fast. You may find yourself whistling some songs in the shower the 1st time you play it, but will start to stop near the end of the game. You'll also find yourself turning down the volume during the 2nd time you play.

*Graphics (8/10)-
The graphics are really good for the 8 bit original Game Boy. They aren't as good as Pokemon, or Zelda, but they're still very good.

*Replayability (9/10)-
This is a game you can play again and again and again until you're parents say ''Aren't you tired of that game yet?'' I found myself staying up past 2 am to play this great game. It gets old around the fourth time though. But I played it through about 5 times before I said ''This is getting old''.

*Overall Score- (7/10)

This game is definitely a game to buy used or download. It's one you'll find yourself buying to ''try out'' and get addicted to for months. It is different than the 1st and 2nd Final Fantasy Legend, but that only makes it better. It's not as good as Final Fantasy 3 for the Super Nintendo, but it will provide you with something fun to do for months.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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