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Translation Differences FAQ by Gouki of Borg

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/22/2009

Final Fantasy Legend III / SaGa 3: Jikuu no Hasha
Translation Differences FAQ
By Gouki of Borg

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. Version History

III. General Differences

     a. Gameplay changes
     b. Graphical Changes
     c. Key terms

IV. Name Changes

     a. Characters
     b. Character Classes
     c. Places
     d. Items
     e. Units
     f. Weapons
     g. Spells
     h. Armor
     i. Monsters
     j. Talents

V. Closing Remarks


I. Introduction

In December 1991, Square released an RPG for the Game Boy titled SaGa 3:
Jikuu no Hasha (SaGa 3: Master of Space-Time). SaGa 3 was developed by
a different team than its predecessors (Makaitoushi SaGa and SaGa 2:
Hihou Densetsu) because the original staff was working on Romancing
SaGa for the Super Famicom. As a result, SaGa 3 is something of an odd
duck among the Game Boy trilogy, featuring more traditional JRPG
gameplay elements.

It was not until nearly two years later, in September 1993, that SaGa 3
was released in North America as Final Fantasy Legend III - perhaps due
to the game's comparatively poor reception in Japan. It was initially
uncertain whether the game would make it to the NA market at all.
The more "Final Fantasy-like" gameplay of FFL3, however, caused it to
be much better received on this side of the Pacific. In its translation
and localization, many interesting changes were made. Of the three
Game Boy SaGas, 3 appears to have been changed the most for the North
American release. This FAQ will document the many differences.

Possibly interesting side note: The team that worked on SaGa 3
later went on to develop Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. You'll notice some
similarities between the two games, such as the inclusion of jumping and
push puzzles.

Some translations have accompanying notes; do a CTRL+F with the tag
following the translation to jump to the corrosponding notes.

II. Version History

    Version 1.0 (8/18/09)

First release; the FAQ should be complete other than a few uncertain

III. General Differences

-Because it is possible to write more in less space in the Japanese writing
system, item names are written out and there are no icons telling you what
type of item it is.

a. Gameplay Changes
-In the original, magic is set up much like it is in Final Fantasy III. There
are eight spell levels, and characters can learn up to three spells per
level. In the NA version, characters can learn as many spells as you wish.

b. Graphical Changes

-Now this is strange. Several monsters had their sprites changed for the NA
version. The trixter-type enemies were originally mechanical clowns, the
big-lipped tattlers were demonic, syringe-wielding nurses, and the Loonyguy-
types were evil doctors. Common belief is that these were "too scary" for
Western audiences. You can see a side-by-side comparison here:


-Not technically a graphical change, since her sprite is the same in both
versions, but it's worth mentioning that Faye/Nemesis is supposed to be
dressed in a nun's habit. This isn't exactly clear until you see her
Japanese version manual art. This explains how she's the only one able
to draw the holy sword Excalibur. The English version manual, on the other
hand, just has her drawn as a generic "sassy amazon".

c. Key Terms

FFL3                SaGa 3                    Trans
-----               ------                    ------

GP                  KERO                      Kero

Talon               SUTESUROSU                Steslos

Pureland Entity     Ijigen no Mizugame        Waterjug of Another Dimension

Pureland            Ijigen                    Another Dimension

Masters             Kamigami                  Gods

Mystic Sword        Seiken                    Holy Sword

IV. Name Changes

a. Characters

FFL3             SaGa 3               Trans
-----            ------               ------

Arthur           DYUUN                Dune

Curtis           PORUNAREFU           Polnareff

Gloria           MIRUFII              Milfi

Sharon           SHIRYUU              Sireugh [char1]

Myron            MERUROOZU            Melrose

Lara             FUREIYA              Freya

Dion             DIOORU               Dior

Faye             NEMESHISU            Nemesis

Borgin           BORAAJIUU            Vorlage

Elder            GIRU                 Gill

Cronos           KURONOSU             Cronos

Granny           Oobabasama           Grandmother

Pulcer           PARUSAA              Pulsar

Eitar            EITAARU              Eitar

Belski           BORUFESU             Borfes

Quacer           KUEESAA              Quasar

Buzi             BARUZAI              Balzsay

Shar             SHYARURU             Sharl

Juba             ZUKAUBA              Zukauba

Masa             Masamune             Masamune

Clamin           KURENESU             Krennes

Jupiah           JYUPITAA             Jupiter

[char1]: I'm not entirely sure how to localize Sharon's original name.
I've seen this translation on certain Japanese sites, so strange as it
looks I'm going with it for now.

b. Character Classes

FFL3             SaGa3                 Trans
----             ------                -----

Human            Ningen                Human

Mutant           ESUPAA                Esper

Beast            Jyuujin               Therianthrope

Monster          MONSUTAA              Monster

Cyborg           SAIBOOGU              Cyborg

Robot            ROBOTTO               Robot

c. Places

FFL3             SaGa3                 Trans
----             ------                -----

Dharm            DAAMU                 Dharm

Elan             IREMU                 Irem/Ilem

Lae              REI                   Lei

Muu              MUU                   Muu

Viper            BAIPAA                Viper

Floatland        Fuyuu Tairiku         Floating Continent

[Floatland Town] YADISU                Yadis [plac1]

[Eitar's Towm]   HAAMITTO              Hermit [plac1]

Darius           DARIUSU               Darius

Knaya            KINAIA                Knaya

Mt. Hasid        HASHIDO Yama          Hasid Mountain

Talonsburg       SUTESUROSU no Chou    Steslos Town

Zhakal           ZAKARION              Zakarion

Cirrus           KURAUDO               Cloud

Porle            POOTORU               Portal

Donmac           KOMANDO no Chou       Commando Town [plac1]

Mt. Goht         GOOTO Yama            Goht Mountain

[plac1]: These 3 names are not mentioned in-game but are used on a number
of Japanese sites, leading me to believe they're official. It's possible
that they're used on the Japanese version's in-box game map, though I
can't confirm this.

d. Items

FFL3             SaGa 3                Trans
-----            ------                ------

Cure1            Kizugusuri            Salve

Cure2            POOSHON               Potion

Cure3            H POOSHON             H(i) Potion

Soft             Kin no Hari           Gold Needle

Throat           Nodoame               Lozenge

Eyedrop          Megusuri              Eyedrop

Antedot          Gedokuzai             Antidote

Relax            Gin no Hari           Silver Needle

Awake            KOOFII                Coffee

Relax            Tonkachi              Hammer

Elixir           ERIKUSAA              Elixer

Tent             KOTEEJI               Cottage

[None]           DOA                   Door [item1]

Magic            Maryoku no Mi         Magic Seed

Attack Pill      Kougeki P             Attack P(ill)

Defense Pill     Bougyo P              Defense P(ill)

Speed Pill       Subayasa P            Speed P(ill)

Earth Stone      Daichi no Ishi        Earth Stone

Water Stone      Mizu no Ishi          Water Stone

Fire Stone       Honoo no Ishi         Flame Stone

Air Stone        Kaze no Ishi          Wind Stone

Dark Stone       Yami no Ishi          Darkness Stone

Light Stone      Hikari no Ishi        Light Stone

Radar            REEDAA                Radar

Remote           RIMOKON               Remote Control

Rocket           ROKETTOBERUTO         Rocket Belt

Radio            Tsuushinki            Communicator

Tower Key        Tou no Kagi           Tower Key

Chaos Key        KAOS no Kagi          Chaos Key

Ifram Seed       IFURAMU no Tane       Ifram Seed

[None]           Aikotoba              Password [item1]

Tablet           Mamono no Mukuro      Monster Corpse [item2]

[None]           Ijigen KEESU          Another Dimension Case

Katana           Tsurugi               Sword [item3]

Emblem           Magatama              Magatama [item3]

Crystal          Kagami                Mirror [item3]

Metal            Chougoukin            Super Alloy [item4]

Oil              Seinaru OIRU          Sacrifying Oil

Catnip           Matatabi              Catnip

[None]           PUROTONIUMU           Plutonium

[item1]: These are all dummy items that were removed completely from
the NA version. Even if you hack them into your inventory, they have no

[item2]: Since Sharl has to study this item in order to break the Gods'
hold over the people from the Other Dimension, my best guess is that
he would do a necropsy of sorts to figure out how the Gods' magic works.
Skygor_II suggests this might be a reference to Lovecraft's Necronomicon.
In the NA version, he was just "uncursing a tablet".

[item3]: The "Sword" (Ame no Murakumo), the "Mirror" (Mizu no Kagami), and
the "Magatama" (a colon-shaped jewel) are Japan's Three Imperial Treasures.

[item4]: The "Super Alloy" is a fictitious metal that first appeared in the
"Mazinger Z" comic. It was later adopted for a line of die-cast metal robot
toys in Japan.

e. Units

FFL3             SaGa3                Trans
-----            -----                ------

Past             Kako WAAPU           Past Warp

Future           Mirai WAAPU          Future Warp

X-Plane          Jikuu WAAPU          Space-Time Warp

Rover            Kudou ENJIN          Drive Engine

Hover            HOBAAENJIN           Hover Engine

Soar             Hikou ENJIN          Flight Engine

Flushex          Jouka MASHIN         Purification Machine

Berth            KAPUSERUHOTERU       Capsule Hotel

Shield           SUTERUSUBARIA        Stealth Barrier

Cannon           Hadou Hou            Wave Cannon

Missile          MEEZAA Hou           Maser Cannon

Laser            TAKION Hou           Tachyon Cannon

E-Ray            MEBIUSU Hou          Moebius Cannon

[None]           WAAPU2               Warp 2

f. Weapons

FFL3             SaGa3                Trans
-----            ------               -----

Long Sword       RONGUSOODO           Long Sword

Battle Sword     Seiryuu Tou          Seiryuu Sword

Silver Sword     Katana               Katana

Gold Sword       MISURIRUSOODO        Mithril Sword

Laser Sword      RAITOSEEBAA          Lightsaber

Psi Sword        SAIKOSOODO           Psycho Sword

Defence Sword    DIFENDAA             Defender

Drain Sword      BURADDOSOODO         Blood Sword

Emperor Sword    Kusanagi no Ken      Kusanagi Sword [weap1]

Xcalibr          EKUSUKARIBAA         Excalibur

Durend           SOROMONSOODO         Solomon Sword [weap2]

Masmune          Masamune             Masamune

Muramas          MURAMASA             Muramasa

X-Plane Sword    Jikuu no Tsurugi     Space-Time Sword

Dragon Sword     DORAGONSOODO         Dragon Sword

Sun Sword        Haja no Tsurugi      Haja Sword [weap3]

Adamant Knife    ORIHARUKON           Orichalcum

Psi Knife        SAIKODAGAA           Psycho Dagger

Iron Nunchucks   NUNCHAKU             Nunchaku

Gold Nunchucks   Sansetsukon          Three-Part Staff

Rune Axe         Masakari             Broadaxe

Tomhawk          TOMAHOOKU            Tomahawk

Battle Axe       BATORUAKUSU          Battle Axe

Para Axe         GIROCHINAKUSU        Guillotine Axe

CatClaw          NEKO no Tsume        Cat Claw

Poison Claw      FUREDI no Tsume      Freddy's Claw [weap4]

Petrify Hammer   Gennou               Bushhammer

Gungnir Spear    GUNGUNIRU            Gungnir

White Spear      HORIIRANSU           Holy Lance

Thunder Staff    Ikadzuchi no Tsue    Thunder Staff

X-Plane Staff    Jikuu no Tsue        Space-Time Staff

Gold Staff       MISURIRUROODO        Mithril Rod

Bronze Staff     BURONZUROODO         Bronze Rod

Fire Staff       Madoushi no Tsue     Wizard's Staff

Fast Staff       Shakujou             Khakkhara [weap5]

X-Fire Staff     Kenja no Tsue        Sage's Staff

Wall Staff       MEBIUS no Tsue       Moebius Staff

Razor Whip       2maiba               2-Blade

B-Jack           Harisen              Harisen [weap6]

Blitz Whip       Dengeki MUCHI        Electric Shock Whip

Saw              CHEENSOO             Chainsaw

Boomrng          BUUMERAN             Boomerang

Ninja Boomerang  Shuriken             Shuriken

Poison Gun       BACHIRUSUGAN         Baccilus Gun

Magnum           44MAGUNAMU           .44 Magnum

SMG              SABUMASHINGAN        Submachine Gun

Laser Gun        BIIMURAIFURU         Beam Rifle

Psi Gun          SAIKOGAN             Psycho Gun

Fire             Kaenhoushaka         Flamethrower

Punch            Karate CHOPPU        Karate Chop

Kick             DOROPPUKIKKU         Drop Kick

Headbut          Enzuigiri            Enzuigiri [weap7]

X-Kick           AKUSUBONBAA          Axe Bomber [weap7]

Smother          KOBURATUISUTO        Cobra Twist [weap7]

Kneebut          BURENBASUTAA         Brain Buster [weap7]

Jyudo            PAIRUDORAIBA         Piledriver

Karate           Manji Gatame         Manji Hold [weap7]

Long Bow         Yumi                 Bow

Gold Bow         MISURIRU no Yumi     Mithril Bow

Elven Bow        KUROSUBOU            Crossbow

Samurai Bow      Yoichi no Yumi       Yoichi's Bow

TearGas          Sairui GASU          Tear Gas

Star             Shoumeidan           Flare

Nuke             Kakubakudan          Nuclear Bomb

TNT              DAINAMAITO           Dynamite

Grenade          Shuryuudan           Hand Grenade

ATM              BAZUUKA              Bazooka

Missile          ROKETTO Hou          Rocket Cannon

Vulkan           BARUKAN Hou          Vulcan Cannon

Napalm           Kaen BIN             Molotov Cocktail

[weap1]: The Kusanagi Sword was a sword found in the fourth tail of the
Yamata no Orochi after it was slain by Susanoo. Originally called the "Ame
no Murakumo" (incidentally, the full name of the "Sword" used to forge this
weapon in SaGa 3), it is one of Japan's Imperial Treasures.

[weap2]: Durend is short for Durendal, a sword that once belonged
to Hector of Troy. It was later given to Roland, a paladin of Charlemagne.
Solomon's Sword is likely a reference to the Hebrew king.

[weap3]: "Haja" is the Buddhist concept of destroying evil and spreading

[weap4]: Certainly a reference to Freddy Krueger.

[weap5]: A Khakkhara is a ringed staff used by Buddhist monks. The jingling
of its rings is meant to scare away dangerous animals or to alert others
that there is a monk nearby. It can also be used as a weapon.

[weap6]: A harisen is a folding paper fan used as a slapstick in Japanese
comedy. B-Jack is short for Blackjack, an easily concealed leather club for

[weap7]: Most of the techniques are named after professional wrestling

        -Enzuigiri: Generally, any strike to the back of the head.

        -Axe Bomber: A crooked-arm clothesline.

        -Cobra Twist: Also called the Cobra Clutch or Abdominal Stretch,
a certain type of submission hold.

        -Brain Buster: A type of vertical suplex that lands the opponent on
their head.

        -Manji Hold: Another type of submission hold in which the user
stretches out the opponent's right arm with both hands.

g. Spells

Note: Many of the spells in the Japanese version use Final Fantasy spell-
name conventions. I've used the familiar, localized FF names for
clarity; Firaga for example would be directly translated as "Figa",
and Esuna should really be "S-na" (-na in FF games tends to indicate that
it heals that status, and since Esuna heals everything, it would be
status-na). I just stuck with the familiar names to keep things simple.

FFL3              SaGa3               Trans
----              -----               -----

Cure1             KEARU               Cure

Shell             PUROTESU            Protect

Aero              ARO                 Aero

Spark             SUPAAKU             Spark

Cure2             KEARURA             Cura

Conf              BUREIN              Brain

Quake             KUEIKU              Quake

Stone             SUTOON              Stone

Cure3             KEARUGA             Curaga

Fast              HEISUTO             Haste

Weak              TORUNEDO            Tornado

Heal              ESUNA               Esuna

Life              REIZU               Raise

Wall              RIFUREKU            Reflect

Magma             MAGUMA              Magma

White             HOORII              Holy

Ice 1             BURIZADO            Blizzard

Sleep             SURIPURU            Sleepel

Fire 1            FAIA                Fire

Venom             POIZUN              Poison

Lit 1             SANDAA              Thunder

Para              PARADI              Paradi

Ice 2             BURIZAGA            Blizzaga

Mute              SAIRESU             Silence

Fire 2            FAIGA               Firaga

Erase             IREESU              Erase

Lit 2             SANDAGA             Thundaga

Exit              TEREPO              Teleport

Virus             BAIO                Bio

Drain             DOREIN              Drain

Nuke              FUREA               Flare

Fatal             DESU                Death

Dive              SAMON               Samon

Float             MUON                Muon

Pure              HYUPUNO             Hypno

CureA             HIIRU               Heal

Flood             HARIKEN             Hurricane

Morph             METAMORU            Metamor

CureB             HIIRAA              Heala

Wind              TAKION              Tachyon

FireX             OORA                Aura

Cycle             DAMIAN              Damian

Shake             METEO               Meteor

LifeA             KAOSU               Chaos

Exit2             DOGURA              Dogra

Lit X             MEZA                Maser

LifeB             MIROKU              Maitreya

Flare             ASHURA              Ashura

h. Armor

FFL3              SaGa3               Trans
-----             -----               -----

Bronze Shield     BURONZU no Tate     Bronze Shield

Silver Shield     GOORUDO no Tate     Gold Shield

Gold Shield       MISURIRU no Tate    Mithril Shield

Speed Shield      MEBIUS no Tate      Moebius Shield

X-Plane Shield    Jikuu no Tate       Space-Time Shield

Dragon Shield     DAIYA no Tate       Diamond Shield

Fire Shield       Honoo no Tate       Flame Shield

Ice Shield        AISUSHIIRUDO        Ice Shield

Diamond Shield    DORAGON no Tate     Dragon Shield

Mirror Shield     MIRAASHIIRUDO       Mirror Shield

Samurai Shield    Genji no Tate       Genji's Shield

Aegis Shield      IIJISU no Tate      Aegis Shield

Bronze Helmet     BURONZU Kabuto      Bronze Helmet

Silver Helmet     GOORUDO Kabuto      Gold Helmet

Gold Helmet       MISURIRU Kabuto     Mithril Helmet

Leather Helmet    Kawa no Boushi      Leather Hat

X-Plane Helmet    Jikuu no Kabuto     Space-Time Helmet

Dragon Helmet     DAIYA no Kabuto     Diamond Helmet

Speed Helmet      SAIBAAHERUMU        Cyber Helm

SandMan Helmet    BEREE Bou           Beret Hat

Diamond Helmet    DORAGONHERUMU       Dragon Helm

Mirror Helmet     MIRAAHERUMU         Mirror Helm

Samurai Helmet    Genji no Kabuto     Genji's Helmet

Hecate Helmet     MEBIUSUMASUKU       Moebius Mask

Leather Armor     REZAAAMAA           Leather Armor

Bronze Armor      BURONZUMEIRU        Bronze Mail

Silver Armor      GOORUDOMEIRU        Gold Mail

Gold Armor        MISURIRUMEIRU       Mithril Mail

Psi Armor         SAIKOAAMAA          Psycho Armor

Fur Armor         MINKU no KOOTO      Mink Coat

Speed Armor       SAIBAASUUTSU        Cyber Suit

Battle Armor      BATORUSUUTSU        Battle Suit

Mage Armor        Madoushi no Fuku    Wizard's Clothes

Dragon Armor      DAIYAMEIRU          Diamond Mail

Diamond Armor     DORAGONMEIRU        Dragon Mail

Mirror Armor      MIRAAAMAA           Mirror Armor

Wizard Armor      Kenja no Fuku       Sage's Clothes

Samurai Armor     Genji no Yoroi      Genji's Armor

Power Armor       PAWAADOSUUTSU       Powered Suit

Light Armor       MEBIUS no Fuku      Moebius Clothes

Leather Glove     Kawa no Kote        Leather Gauntlet

Iron Glove        GANTORETTO          Gauntlet

Silver Glove      GOORUDO no Kote     Gold Gauntlet

Gold Glove        MISURIRU Udewa      Mithril Bracelet

Bronze Glove      BURONZU no Kote     Bronze Gauntlet

Dragon Glove      DAIYA no Kote       Diamond Gauntlet

Diamond Glove     DORAGONRISUTO       Dragon Wrist

Mirror Glove      MIRAAGUROOBU        Mirror Glove

Samurai Glove     Genji no Kote       Genji's Gauntlet

Power Glove       MEBIUSU no Kote     Moebius Gauntlet

Leather Boots     SUNIIKAA            Sneaker

Iron Boots        METARUBUUTSU        Metal Boots

Gold Boots        MISURIRU no Kutsu   Mithril Shoes

Bronze Boots      BURONZU no Kutsu    Bronze Shoes

Speed Boots       Koumei no Kutsu     Kong Ming's Shoes [arm1]

Dragon Boots      DAIYA no Geta       Diamond Geta

Geta Boots        SAIBAABUUTSU        Cyber Boots

Diamond Boots     DORAGONBUUTSU       Dragon Boots

Hecate Boots      MIRAABUUTSU         Mirror Boots

Hermes Boots      MEBIUSU no Kutsu    Moebius Shoes

Scarf             SAAKURETTO          Circlet

Ribbon            RIBON               Ribbon

Bangle            ONIKUSURINGU        Onyx Ring

Armlet            Dokuro no Yubiwa    Skull Ring

Belt              BANDANA             Bandanna

Pendant           PENDANTO            Pendant

Plume             KOSAAJU             Corsage

Brooch            BUROOCHI            Brooch

Earring           PIASU               Earring

Shades            SANGURASU           Sunglasses

Cool              Taika MANTO         Fireproof Cape

Warm              Boukan MANTO        Arctic Cape

[arm1]: AKA Zhuge Liang, Kong Ming was another figure from the Three
Kingdoms period. Folklore associates him with Taoism-based magic powers,
such as summoning the wind. He is roughly analagous to Merlin.
[Credit: Alex Jackson & Niahak]

i. Monsters

FFL3              SaGa 3               Trans
----              ------               -----

Fungus            WARAIDAKE            Poisonous Mushroom

Mushroom          ASHIDOMASSHU         Acid Mush

Starfish          Doku Hitode          Poison Starfish

Pentagon          PENTAGON             Pentagon

F-Drake           Hi TOKAGE            Fire Lizard

F-Liz.            BARUKAN              Vulcan

Salamand          SARAMANDAA           Salamander

Raven             SHISOCHOU            Archeoptryx

Amprex            SHIIMURUGU           Shimurgh

Griffon           GURIFON              Griffin

Worm              Imomushi             Caterpillar

LandWorm          RANDOUOOMU           Land Worm

GigaWorm          KINGUUOOMU           King Worm

Turtle            Umigame              Sea Turtle

Adamant           ADAMANTAIMAI         Adamant Shell

Igasaur           AAKERON              Acheron [mons1]

Wisper            Onibi                Will O'Wisp

Fireball          HERUUISUPU           Hell Wisp

Big Eye           Oomedama             Big Eye

Evil Eye          IIBURUAI             Evil Eye

BlackCat          Bakeneko             Bakeneko [mons2]

MummyCat          MAMIIKYATTO          Mummy Cat

Squid             YARIIKA              Spear Squid

Amoeba            BEREMUNAITO          Belemnite

Tire              Hi no Kuruma         Fire Wheel

Wheel             Unmei no Wa          Wheel of Fortune

FireFan           Enma Guruma          Devil Wheel

BabyWyrm          YOKURYUU             Pterosaur

Wyrm Kid          RAMUFORINKUSU        Ramphoryncus

Wyrm              PUTERANODON          Pteranodon

Wolf              Teoi OOKAMI          Wounded Wolf

GreyWolf          HAUNDODOGGU          Hound Dog

Romulus           KERUBEROSU           Cerberus

Ray               AbareEI              Rayge [mons3]

DrainRay          BURADDOREI           Blood Ray

BoltRay           BORUTOREI            Bolt Ray

D. Bone           Kaseki Ryuu          Fossil Dragon

D. Fossil         SUKARUREKKUSU        Skull Rex

Typhoon           Kamaitachi           Kamaitachi [mons4]

Tempest           HARIKEEN             Hurricane

Scorpion          SASORI               Scorpion

Hunter            DEZAATOHANTAA        Desert Hunter

Angler            Shinkaigyo           Deep-Sea Fish

BulbFish          DEBIRUANGURAA        Devil Angler

DualMask          SHIROKURO Kamen      Black & White Mask

EvilMask          DESUMASUKU           Death Mask

Ghost             GOOSUTO              Ghost

Specter           SUPEKUTAA            Specter

Snake             Daija                Serpent

Serpent           YAMATANOOROCHI       Yamata no Orochi [mons5]

Hydra             HIDORA               Hydra

Octopus           Odori DAKO           Dancing Octopus

Ammonite          Oumugai              Nautilus

Kraken            KURAAKEN             Kraken

Baby-D            DORAGONPAPII         Dragon Puppy

Young-D           SHIISAAPENTO         Sea Serpent

Sei-Ryu           BURAKKUDORAGON       Black Dragon

Gargoyle          GAAGOIRU             Gargoyle

Remora            BURADDOSAKAA         Bloodsucker

Garuda            PAZUZU               Pazuzu

Silver            KUREEJIIHOOSU        Crazy Horse

Kelpie            SUTARION             Stallion

Mustang           MUSUTANGU            Mustang

Centaur           KENTAUROSU           Centaur

Nitemare          NAITOMEA             Nightmare

Orc-Orc           PIGGUMAN             Pig Man

Mad Boar          OOKU                 Orc

Pirate            PAIREETSU            Pirate

Werepig           UOOPIGGU             War Pig

Viking            BAIKINGU             Viking

Diviner           JIPUSHII             Gypsy

Broomer           Uranai Obaba         Divining Granny

Witch             UICCHI               Witch

Magician          NEKUROMANSAA         Necromancer

Wizard            UIZAADO              Wizard

Sprite            BATAFURAI            Butterfly

Nymph             NINFU                Nymph

Fairy             FEARII               Faery

Pixie             PIKUSHII             Pixie

Sylph             SHIRUFU              Sylph

Medusa            HEBI Onna            Snake Woman

Lamia             RAMIA                Lamia

Naga              EKIDONA              Echidna

Scylla            MEDYUUSA             Medusa

Echidna           NAAGA                Naga

Fish Man          Hangyojin            Merman

Merman            MAAMAN               Merman

Nix               NIKUSU               Nix

Selkie            SERUKII              Selkie

Gill Man          OANNESU              Oannes

Watcher           Kanrinin             Manager

Hermit            Kakure Sennin        Hermit [mons6]

Mage              MEIJI                Mage

Sorceror          SOOSARAA             Sorcerer

Warlock           WAAROKKU             Warlock

Thanos            TAKA Musume          Hawkgirl

Soarx             HAAPII               Harpy

Siren             SEIREEN              Siren

Succubus          SAKKYUBASU           Succubus

Sphinx            SUFINKUSU            Sphinx

Fighter           TOKAGE Heishi        Lizard Soldier

Warrior           RIZAADOMAN           Lizard Man

Liz Man           RIZAADONAITO         Lizard Knight

Liz Duke          RIZAADOPURINSU       Lizard Prince

Liz King          RIZAADOKINGU         Lizard King

SeaMonk           Umibouzu             Sea Monster

SaltMonk          SHIIMONKU            Sea Monk

Brooder           ROONMASUTAA          Lone Master

Big Head          SHIIBISHOPPU         Sea Bishop

Dagon             DAGON                Dagon

Thoth             TOOTO                Thoth

Horus             KUNUMU               Khnum

Familiar          REONARUDO            Leonardo

Fiend             SARUGATANASU         Sargatanas [mons7]

Osiris            OSHIRISU             Osiris

Set               SETO                 Set

Loki              KUROURII             Crowley [mons8]

Mephisto          MEFISUTO             Mephisto

Anubis            ANUBISU              Anubis

Aeshma            RUKIFERU             Lucifer

Hooligan          Touzoku              Thief

Thief             CHINPIRA             Hoodlum

Burgler           GUREIBUSHIIFU        Grave Thief

Brigand           Shishigashira        Lion Mask

Outlaw            KABUKIMONO           Kabukimono [mons9]

Quacky            Yabuisha             Quack

Stranger          Kirisaki Otoko       Cut-Loving Man

Imposter          INTAAN               Intern

LoonyGuy          OPERANNAA            Operanna

Cracker           MADDODOKUTAA         Mad Doctor

Soldier           Mihari Hei           Lookout Soldier

Terrorist         SORUJAA              Soldier

Commando          KOMANDO              Commando

HiredGun          TERORISUTO           Terrorist

SS                GASUMASUKU           Gas Mask

Ronin             Hagure Bouzu         Stray Priest

Samurai           Komusou              Komusou [mons10]

Hatamoto          Onmitsu              Spy

Daimyo            KIRAAMONKU           Killer Monk

Shogun            ZENPURIISUTO         Zen Priest

Talker            Kangofu              Nurse

Busybody          SUKEBAN              Sukeban [mons11]

Rumorer           Hakui no Tenshi      (Doctor's) Gown Angel

Tattler           KARUTEKUIIN          Karte Queen

Virago            MADDONAASU           Mad Nurse

Headless          DYUUKU               Duke

Duke              BUROKKEN             Brocken [mons12]

Dullahan          DYURAHAN             Dullahan

Brain             HAIPAABUREIN         Hyper Brain

Removed           NOOMAJIIN            Norma Jean

Orb Rat           MAUSU                Mouse

Tomtom            JIIJO                Gigio [mons13]

Jerrit            JERII                Jerry [mons13]

Maitie            MAITII               Mighty [mons13]

Spectrat          MIKKII               Mickey [mons13]

Flower            BIIMUFURAWAA         Beam Flower

Cosmos            AMMUDOKOSUMOSU       Armored Cosmos

IronRose          AIANROOZU            Iron Rose

Reaper            SAIBAARIIPAA         Cyber Reaper

Cactus            KAKUTASU             Cactus

Guard             SUPAIDAA             Spider

Keeper            UOCCHAA              Watcher

Monitor           ZUUMU                Zoom

Searcher          SEKYURITII           Security

Alert             FOOKASU              Focus

Bazooka           Oodzutsu             Cannon

75mm              Taamayaa             Tamaya [mons14]

105mm             TSUINHEDDO           Twin Head

150mm             DABURURANCHAA        Double Launcher

210mm             KYANONHEDDO          Cannon Head

Trixter           CHINDON              Chindon [mons15]

Con Man           PIERO                Clown (Fr.)

Beguiler          JOOKAA               Joker

Swindler          Kuidaore             Kuidaore [mons16]

Hustler           Yoshimoto            Yoshimoto [mons17]

AirMaid           NIKE                 Nike

IronLady          AFURODAI             Aphrodite

Valkyrie          BARUKIRII            Valkyrie

Iken              SHIRUBAAMEIDEN       Silver Maiden

Venus             TORANSUREDI          Trance Lady

WaterHag          SAHAGIN              Sahagin

Dwelg             MOZUMA               Mozuma [mons18]

Jorgandr          YORUMUNGANDO         Jormungand

Ashura            ASHURA               Ashura

Dogra             DOGURA               Dogra [mons18]

Chaos             KAOSU                Chaos

Maitreya          MIROKU               Maitreya

Fenrir            FENRIRU              Fenrir

Guha              BERIARU              Belial

Dahak             PAGOSU               Pagos [mons18]

Agron             BORUBOKKU            Volvokk [mons18]

Ballor            TIIRU                Tyr

Sol               SOORU                Sol

Xagor             RAGUNA               Raguna [mons19]

[mons1]: Acheron is one of the five rivers in Hades in Greek mythology.

[mons2]: Bakeneko, lit. "Ghost Cat", is a prominent creature in Japanese
myth. It is generally a cat with supernatural abilities. A cat can become
a Bakeneko either by living a long time, growing to a certain size, or being
allowed to keep its long tail.

[mons3]: AbarEI is a pun; "Abarekurou" is to rage, while "Rei" means "Ray".
I thought "Rayge" would be the closest way to capture the intent of the

[mons4]: Kamaitachi is a spirit in Japanese mythology depicted as three
weasels with razor-sharp claws riding on a gust of wind, whirling about
and cutting unsuspecting victims' legs.

[mons5]: Yamata no Orochi is an eight-headed serpent in Japanese mythology,
slain by Susanoo.

[mons6]: Hermit basically works; the original translates to "Hidden Sennin",
"Sennin" being an immortal Taoist mountain wizard.

[mons7]: A Sargatanas demon is a brigadier major of Hell.

[Mons8]: Probably a reference to Aleister Crowley, a famed English occultist

[mons9]: A kabukimono is the early 17th-century equivalent of the modern
Yakuza. They were Edo-period eccentrics who gained the public's attention
with their flashy clothes, unusual hairstyles, and weird behavior.

[mons10]: A komusou is a begging Zen priest of the Fuke sect.

[mons11]: A sukeban is the leader of a female gang/group of delinquent

[mons12]: Brocken (and its enemy sprite) is based on Count Brocken from
the comic Mazinger Z. [Credit: Zoogelio]

[mons13]: Most of the mouse-type monsters are named after animated mice:

          -Gigio: Apparently a cartoon mouse in Japan; all I have to go on
is a DVD cover I found via Google image search.

          -Jerry: From Tom and Jerry.

          -Mighty: Mighty Mouse.

          -Mickey: Mickey Mouse.

[mons14]: Tamaya is a Japanese fireworks company dating back to the Edo
period. It is customary even today to shout "Tamaya" during a fireworks

[mons15]: Chindon is a traditional Japanese marching band of sandwich board

[mons16]: Kuiadore is a mechanical drum-playing clown that stood outside
the now-defunct Kuiadore restaurant in Osaka.

[mons17]: Yoshimoto is a Japanese comedy corporation.

[mons18]: The names of several Gods/Masters appear to be references to
monsters from Japanese TV series. [Credit: Zoogelio]

         -Dogra: Actually from a 1935 surrealist novel.

         -Mozuma: Henshin Ninja Arashi

         -Pagos: Ultra Q

         -Volvok: A 70's series whose name is often garbled by translators?

[mons19]: The All Sounds of SaGa OST translates the final boss' name as
Laguna; I've translated it as Raguna because a connection to the Norse
"Ragnarok" is more likely.

j. Talents

FFL3            SaGa 3                Trans
-----           ------                -----

Nail            Tsume                 Claw/Nail

Tusk            Kiba                  Fang/Tusk

Tongue          Shita                 Tongue

Horn            Tsuno                 Horn

Beak            Kuchibashi            Beak

Tail            Shippo                Tail

Fin             Hire                  Fin

Tentacle        Shokushu              Tentacle

Acid            Ensaneki              Hydrochloric Fluid

Sunburst        SANBAASUTO            Sunburst

D-Beam          Satsujin BIIMU        Killer Beam

P-Blast         SAIKOBURASUTO         Psycho Blast

Rocket          ROKETTOPANCHI         Rocket Punch

Drill           PAWAADORIRU           Power Drill

Slicer          MEGAKATTAA            Mega Cutter

SpinCut         SUPINBUREEDO          Spin Blade

Laser           RINGUREEZA            Ring Laser

Beam            Hakai Kousen          Destruction Beam

Punch           PANCHI                Punch

Kick            KIKKU                 Kick

Upper           APPAA                 Upper

Stab            Tsuki                 Stab

Headbut         Zutsuki               Headbutt

WindUp          Makitsuki             Entwine

Crash           Noshikakaru           Body Press

Bash            Taiatari              Body Blow/Ramming

Dive            Kyuukouka             Dive

Breath          Hanaiki               Nasal Breath/Snort

Bite            Kamitsuki             Bite

Sneer           Buki Minawari         Eerie Smile

Dispel          Joubutsu              Rest in Peace

Scream          HISUTERII             Hysteria

Knife           Shujutsu              Surgery

Dash            BODIATTAKKU           Body Attack

LowKick         JETTOKIKKU            Jet Kick

Drop            SUKAIATAKKU           Sky Attack

Freeze          AISUBURESU            Ice Breath

Dance           Koroshino no DANSU    Murder Dance

Tromp           PACHIPACHIPANCHI      Pop-Pop Punch

W-Attack        2kai Kougeki          Double Attack

2-Sword         2tou Ryuu             2 Sword Style

2X-Kick         DABURUKIKKU           Double Kick

2-Tusks         2hon no Kiba          2 Fangs

3-Heads         3tsu no Atama         3 Heads

4-Heads         4tsu no Kubi          4 Heads

6-Arms          6pon no Ude           6 Punch Arms

8-Legs          Shokushu8             8 Tentacles

Twice           2renpatsu             2 Rapid Fire

6times          6renpatsu             6 Rapid Fire

Quake           Jishin                Quake

Squirt          Mizu Deppou           Squirt Gun

Frost           Reiki                 Cold Air

Whirl           Uzushio               Whirling Tides

Flame           Honoo                 Flame

Burning         Sawaru to Yakedo      Touch and Burn

Glow            Honoo no Mai          Flame Dance

Storm           Tatsumaki             Tornado

Cyclone         Daisenpuu             Great Whirlwind

Thunder         Inazuma               Thunder

Explode         Jibaku                Explode/Self-Destruct

Barrier         MEBIUSUBARIA          Moebius Barrier

Swallow         Nomikomu              Swallow

Dk-Virus        Yami no UIRUSU        Dark virus

Dk-Force        Yami no Hadou         Dark Wave/Energy

Fluid           Kuroi Eneki           Black Fluid

Touch           DOREINTACCHI          Drain Touch

Dissolv         Tokasu                Melt/Dissolve

Absorb          Chi wo Suu            Blood Suck

Drain           DOREINAI              Drain Eye

Remedy          Chiryou               Medical Treatment

Remedy          Chuusa                Injection

X-Powder        Shi no Kona           Death Powder

X-Gaze          DESU Nirami           Death Gaze

X-Flash         DESUFURASSHU          Death Flash

X-Heat          Houshanou             Radioactivity

StonSkin        Sawaru to Sekika      Touch and Stone

StonGaze        Sekika Nirami         Stone Gaze

StoneGas        Sekika GASU           Stone Gas

Petrify         GYAGU Kousen          Gag Beam

Mute            Chinmoku              Silence

Silence         Jumon Fuuji           Spell Sealing

Blind           Metsubushi            Blinder [skil1]

Ink             Sumi                  Ink

Flash           FURASSHUAI            Flash Eye

Poison          Doku                  Poison

Poison          Doku no Kona          Poison Powder

P-Skin          Sawaru to Doku        Touch and Poison

Gaze            Noroi no Me           Curse Eye

CursSong        Noroi no Uta          Curse Song

ParaSkin        Sawaru to MAHI        Touch and Paralysis

ParaNail        MAHI Dzume            Paralysis Claw

Gaze            MAHI Nirami           Paralysis Gaze

Paralyze        Chouonpa              Ultrasonic Waves

Lullaby         Komori Uta            Lullaby

SpeepGas        Nemuri no Kona        Sleep Powder

Hypnosis        Saiminjutsu           Hypnosis

Sleep           ARUFAA Ha             Alpha Wave

Decoy           Yuuwaku               Temptation/Seduction

Riddle          Nazonazo              Riddle

Charm           Nagashime             Flirtatious Glance

Psych           Dengeki               Electric Shock

Numb            Chikara wo Ubau       Power Snatch

Stench          Akushuu               Stench

Sand            Suna Jigoku           Sand Hell

Blitz           SANDAATASUKU          Thunder Task

Soften          AIANNEIRU             Iron Nail

Multiply        Zoushoku              Multiply

Steal           Nusumu                Steal

Avenge          Hangeki               Counterattack

Counter         KAUNTAA               Counter

Repair          MENTENANSU            Maintenance

Selfix          Jokoshuufuku          Self-Repair

[skil1]: I.e., something like sand thrown in the opponent's eyes to blind

V. Closing Remarks

Some links I found incredibly useful:


Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary Server: This is the best Japanese
translation site I've come across on the web so far. I could not have done
these translations without it.


Pledge of Bahamut: A Japanese site providing a comparison of
SaGa and FFL, for Japanese players who are curious about the English version.
listings of the Japanese names made my job infinitely easier. There are also
comparisons for the other two Gameboy SaGas and Seiken Densetsu/
Final Fantasy Adventure.


Text dumps of item/enemy names for all three Gameboy SaGas, allowing me to
check my romanizations and provide quick lists for translation.

Questions? Comments? Contributions? E-mail me: unlimited_justice@yahoo.com

SaGa 3, Final Fantasy Legend III, and all related names are
copyright 1991/1993 Squaresoft. This document is copyright 2009
Frank Force, aka Gouki of Borg.

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