• Barrier Fun

    In the X-Plane when you can fly over the ocean again, head north to the continent that's protected by an invisible barrier. There are two things you can do with a glitch that's here.

    Note: This will only work if the barrier is still up.

    To get into the dungeon (Eastern Ruins) on the East-side of the continent:
    1) Get next to the Eastern Ruins, and begin ramming Talon into the barrier.
    2) As soon as the Talon hits the barrier, enter the cockpit screen. If you do this correctly, your on-screen character will be standing on the monitor in the cockpit.
    3) Walk down from the cockpit toward the exit, and you'll unboard the Talon while standing on the continent.
    4) You can enter the dungeon nearby, go into the last town, or fight the monsters that are held at bay by their own barrier.

    *Follow Step 1 and 2 of previous trick, but go no further.
    1) While standing on the monitor, select to fly around.
    2) Immediately hit either down, left, or up on the control pad. If this is done correctly, the Talon will be bouncing in short intervals inside the barrier.
    3) After you quickly figure out how to control where you bounce to, use the control pad to continue bouncing for fun or steer the game of Talon-Pong out of the barrier.
    4) Once you are outside the barrier, the glitch will be over, but you can do it over and over again as you so desire to.

    Contributed By: Entity13.

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  • Free Battle Axe at the start

    At the start of the game, have Myron (your 4th party member at that point) enter his Item menu and de-equip his weapon (the Battle Axe). When the fight is over and player resumes control of the game, you will find that Myron is now your 5th party member and that your inventory has an extra Battle Axe. This is an advanced weapon at this point in the game and a valuable alternative to grinding.

    Contributed By: HKazuya.

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  • Massive Money

    Buy enough stuff so you have very little gold then find an enemy that can steal more gold than you have. Let it do so then flee from the battle. Your gold will underflow but instead of having 0 gold you'll have somewhere around 16.7 million gold. Note: The amount of gold will reset to 999,999 if you do anything that causes the game to attempt to increase your gold (i.e. sell an item, buy more than 9 items, etc)

    Contributed By: shadow_master01.

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