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Translation Differences FAQ by Gouki of Borg

Version: Final | Updated: 08/05/2009

Final Fantasy Legend / Makaitoushi SaGa Translation Differences FAQ
By Gouki of Borg

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. Version History

III. General/Dialogue Differences

IV. Name Changes
	a. Characters
	b. Character Classes
	c. Items
	d. Weapons
	e. Spells
	f. Armor
	g. Monsters
	h. Monster/Esper Skills

V.  Closing Remarks


I. Introduction

In December 1989, Square released one of the first RPGs for a handheld
system, titled Makaitoushi SaGa (Demon World Tower SaGa). The was the first
game in the SaGa series, which would later include two Game Boy sequels,
the Romancing SaGa trilogy on Super Famicom, SaGa Frontier 1 and 2 on
Playstation, and Unlimited SaGa on Playstation 2.

In September 1990, Makaitoushi SaGa was released in North America as The
Final Fantasy Legend, to cash in on the recent success of first Final
Fantasy's NA release. There were some interesting changes made in
translation, which this FAQ is here to document.

Makaitoushi SaGa received a remake for the Wonderswan Color in March 2002,
featuring updated graphics (roughly on par with the 16-bit FF games), and
fixes of the original's many bugs.

II. Version History

	Version 1.0 (7/29/09)

The first, and most likely final release. Everything should be here.

III. General/Dialogue Differences

-Because the Japanese writing system allows you to write more in less space
(for example, Katana takes only three characters to write in Japanese but six
in English), the full names for items are written out and there are no icons
telling you what type of item it is.


The gameplay between SaGa and FFL is virtually the same, except for a few
differences which are more the result of programming errors than legitimate
changes. For example, you are only able to use the Glass Sword once in the
original, but it can be used 50 times in the NA version. Similarly, Excaliber
has infinite uses in the original but 50 in the NA version.

Key Terms:

FFL          SaGa
----         -----

GP           Kero

Sphere       Crystal

Dialogue Changes:

-The FFL translation did the job well enough, although it was somewhat stiff
and lost some of the nuances of the original Japanese script. For example:

-King Armor's love is referred to as "the most beautiful girl in the
village" by her fellow townspeople, so naturally the heroes react with mild
surprise when they see that she looks exactly like everyone else in the
village (i.e., like FFL2's Mr. S).

-Ashura's four fiends are variously referred to as "four heavenly kings"
and "demons", depending on who is talking.

-The statue on the 7th floor that tells you "You may lose track of time
while in the Tower" originally says something closer to "Time flows
differently within the Tower".

-Probably the most fascinating text change deals with the row of bookcases
on the Tower's 20th floor. In the NA version, each bookcase featured a word
of the sentence "Ashura is controlled by..." with the final word being
unreadable. In the original Japanese, each bookcase featured a name,
a date, and a floor number.

	"Arthur - ....11th 19-3-21"

	"Kurou - .....13th 50-2-18"

	"Haan - ......9th 72-6-14"

	"Zeke - ......6th 24-2-12"

	"Liz - .......12th 80-1-28"

	"Chara 1: What is this record?"

	"[Main Chara] - ......"

	"Chara 2: We won't be defeated partway like these guys, just you

	This is made all the more eerie with the revelation at the end that
the Creator is using the Tower and all who challenge it for his own
amusement. To him, these are "high scores", a record of those who tried and
failed. Your party's entry is still unwritten. Spooky.

-The end credits are conspicuously missing from the NA version.

IV. Name Changes

a. Characters

FFL            SaGa               Trans
---            ----               -----
King Sword     Tsurugi no Ou      King of Sword

King Shield    Tate no Ou         King of Shield

King Armor     Yoroi no Ou        King of Armor

Ryu-O          Ryuuou             Ryuuou [char1]

Charles        SHYARURU           Charles

Jeanne         JYANNU		  Jeanne

Mileille       MIREIYU		  Mireille [char2]

Bob            Takashi Kun        Takashi Kun [char3]

Zoku           Zoku               Zoku

So-Cho         Sochou             Sochou

Sayaka         Sayaka             Sayaka

[char1]: Literally, "Dragon King".

[char2]: Pronounced Mee-RAY.

[char3]: A pun on the word for "tides", fitting since this is the guy who
caused the lake to overflow.

b. Character Classes

FFL            SaGa               Trans
----           -----              -----

Human M        Ningen Otoko       Human Man

Human F        Ningen Onna        Human Woman

Mutant M       ESUPAAMAN          Esper Man

Mutant F       ESUPAAGYARU        Esper Girl

c. Items

FFL            SaGa               Trans
----           -----              ------

Potion         POOSHON            Potion

XPotion        HAIPOOSHON         Hi Potion

Rod            Iyashi no Tsue     Healing Staff

Needle         Kin no Hari        Gold Needle

Symbol         Juujika            Cross

Eyedrop        Megusuri           Eyedrop

Antdote        Dokukeshi          Antidote

Bell           Mezame no Kane     Bell of Waking

Pan            FURAIPAN           Frying Pan

Shocker        MAHI Dome          Anti-Paralysis [item1]

Revive         Ikikaeri           Soul Return

Elixir         ERIKUSAA           Elixer

[Heart]        [Heart]            [Heart]

Arcane         Kenja no Ishi      Philosopher's Stone

Door           DOA                Door

Strong         Chikara no Moto    Strength Source

Agility        Subayasa no Moto   Agility Source

HP200          HP200              HP200

HP400          HP400              HP400

HP600          HP600              HP600

Airseed        Kuuki no Mi        Air Seed

Red Orb        Aka Dama           Red Orb

Blue Orb       Ao Dama            Blue Orb

Erase99        IREISAA99          Eraser99

Bluekey        Ryuu no Kagi       Dragon Key

Jailkey        Rouya no Kagi      Jail Key

Whitkey        Tora no Kagi       Tiger Key

ROM            ROMU               ROM

Board          AISHIIBOODO        IC Board

[item1]: -dome is a suffix put after a word to indicate it is a
stopper/preventer of that thing, often used in names of medicines.
I thought Anti-Paralysis would fit.

d. Weapons

FFL            SaGa               Trans
---            -----              ------

Hammer         BATORUHANMAA       Battle Hammer

Long Sword     RONGUSOODO         Long Sword

Axe            BATORUAKUSU        Battle Axe

King Sword     KINGU no Tsurugi   King's Sword

Battle Sword   Seiryuu Tou        Seiryuu Sword

Katana         Katana             Katana

Silver Sword   MISURIRUSOODO      Mithril Sword

Coral Sword    Sango no Tsurugi   Coral Sword

Ogre Sword     OOGAKIRAA          Ogre Killer

Dragon Sword   DORAGONSOODO       Dragon Sword

Sun Sword      SANBUREEDO         Sun Blade

Flame Sword    FUREEMUSOODO       Flame Sword

Ice Sword      AISUBURANDO        Ice Brand

Elec Sword     SANDAAAKUSU        Thunder Axe

Rapier         REIPIA             Rapier

Saber          SAABERU            Saber

L-Saber        RAITOSEEBAA        Lightsaber

Catcraw        NEKO no TSUME      Cat Claw

P-Knife        SAIKODAGAA         Psycho Dagger

P-Sword        SAIKOSOODO         Psycho Sword

Revenge Sword  Urami no Tsurugi   Grudge Sword

Vampic Sword   BURADDOSOODO       Blood Sword

Defend Sword   DIFENDAA           Defender

Rune Sword     RUUNAKUSU          Rune Axe

Xclbr          EKUSUKARIBAA       Excaliber

Glass Sword    GARASU no Tsurugi  Glass Sword

Masamune       Masamune           Masamune

Bow            Yumi               Yumi

Longbow        Yoichi no Yumi     Yoichi's Bow

Gr. Bow        APORON no Yumi     Apollo's Bow

Rock           Iwa                Rock

Colt           DERINJAA           Derringer

Musket         Hinawajuu          Matchlock

Magnum         44MAGUNAMU         .44 Magnum

Whip           MUCHI              Whip

E-Whip         Dengeki MUCHI      Electric Shock Whip

Saw            CHEENSOO           Chainsaw

SMG            SABUMASHINGAN      Submachine Gun

Grenade        Shuryuudan         Hand Grenade

Bazooka        BAZUUKA            Bazooka

Balkan         BARUKAN Hou        Vulcan Cannon

Missile        MISAIRU            Missile

N. Bomb        Kakubakudan        Nuclear Bomb

Laser          BIIMURAIFURU       Beam Rifle

Hyper          Hadou Hou          Wave Cannon

Punch          PANCHI             Punch

Kick           KIKKU              Kick

Butt           Sandanzuki         Triple Strike

X-Kick         Tobihigeri         Jumping Knee Kick

Judo           YAMA ARASHI        Yama Arashi [weap1]

Karate         JIGOKU GURUMA      Jigoku Guruma [weap2]

Tempter        Nagashime          Flirtatious Glance

Counter        KUROSUKAUNTA       Cross Counter

Wand           Majutsu no Tsue    Sorcery Staff

Staff          Madoushi no Tsue   Wizard's Staff

[weap1]: Lit. "Mountain Storm", a shoulder throw in Judo.

[weap2]: Lit. "Hell Wheel", a Judo throw in which one grabs the opponent,
rolls onto their back, and throws. Ryu and Ken use this in Street Fighter.

e. Spells

FFL            SaGa               Trans
----           -----              ------

Fire Book      FAIA no Sho        Fire Book

Ice Book       BURIZADO no Sho    Blizzard Book

Elec Book      SANDAA no Sho      Thunder Book

Fog Book       KURAUDA no Sho     Clouder Book

Flare Book     FUREA no Sho       Flare Book

Sleep Book     SURIPURU no Sho    Sleepel Book

Stone Book     BUREIKU no Sho     Break Book

Death Book     DESU no Sho        Death Book

Book           Nenbutsu no Hon    Prayer Book

f. Armor

FFL            SaGa               Trans
----           -----              ------

Bronze Armor   BURONZUMEIRU       Bronze Mail

Gold Armor     GOORUDOMEIRU       Gold Mail

Silver Armor   MISURIRUMEIRU      Mithril Mail

King Armor     KINGU no Yoroi     King's Armor

Dragon Armor   DORAGONMEIRU       Dragon Mail

Suit           BATORUSUUTSU       Battle Suit

Power Armor    PAWAADOSUUTSU      Powered Suit

Arthur Armor   Kanu no Yoroi      Guan Yu's Armor [arm1]

Bronze Shield  BURONZU no Tate    Bronze Shield

Gold Shield    GOORUDO no Tate    Gold Shield

Silver Shield  MISURIRU no Tate   Mithril Shield

King Shield    KINGU no Tate	  King's Shield

Flame Shield   Honoo no Tate      Flame Shield

Ice Shield     AISUSHIIRUDO       Ice Shield

Dragon Shield  DORAGON no Tate    Dragon Shield

Aezis Shield   IIJISU no Tate     Aegis Shield

Bronze Helm    BURONZU Kabuto     Bronze Helmet

Gold Helm      GOORUDO Kabuto     Gold Helmet

Silver Helm    MISURIRU Kabuto    Mithril Helmet

Army Helm      ARAI no METTO      Arai Helm [arm2]

Band Helm      ZOKU no Hachimaki  Zoku's Headband

Dragon Helm    SAAKURETTO         Circlet

Bronze Glove   BURONZU no Kote    Bronze Gauntlet

Gold Glove     GOORUDO no Kote    Gold Gauntlet

Silver Glove   MISURIRU no Kote   Mithril Gauntlet

Giant Glove    Kyojin no Kote     Giant's Gauntlet

Ninja Glove    Genji no Kote      Genji's Gauntlet

Hermes Shoes   ERUMESU no Kutsu   Hermes' Shoes

Geta Shoes     Tetsu Geta         Iron Geta [arm3]

[Shoes]        Koumei no Kutsu    Kong Ming's Shoes [arm4]

[arm1]: Guan Yu was a general in China's Three Kingdoms period, and a
paragon of strength and virtue. The comparison to King Arthur is therefore
appropriate. [Credit: Alex Jackson & Niahak]

[arm2]: Arai is a brand of Japanese motorcycle helmet.

[arm3]: Geta are those large wooden Japanese sandals.

[arm4]: AKA Zhuge Liang, Kong Ming was another figure from the Three
Kingdoms period. Folklore associates him with Taoism-based magic powers,
such as summoning the wind. He is roughly analagous to Merlin.
[Credit: Alex Jackson & Niahak]

g. Monsters

FFL             SaGa             Trans
-----           -----            -----

Fly             HAE Otoko        Fly Man

Dragonfly       DORAGONFURAI     Dragonfly

Hornet          HACHI Onna       Bee Woman

Mosquito        MOSUKIITO        Mosquito

Cicada          SEMI Ningen      Human Cicada

Mantis          MANTISUKINGU     Mantis King

Barracud        BARAKUUDA        Barracuda

Piranha         PIRANIA          Piranha

Shark           HANMAAHEDDO      Hammerhead

Gunfish         GANFISSHU        Gunfish

Elec Eel        EREKI Unagi      Electric Eel

Leviathn        RIBAIASAN        Leviathan

Cactus          Aruku SABOTEN    Walking Cactus

P-Flower        Doku no Hana     Poison Flower

Garlic          JANBO Ninniku    Jumbo Garlic

Thorn           Kyuuketsu Kazura Bloodsucking Vine

F-Flower        FAIAFURAWAA      Fire Flower

Darkrose        BURAKKUROOZU     Black Rose

Clipper         Oo HASAMI Mushi  Big Earwig

Beetle          Nokogiri BIITORU Saw Beetle

Ant Lion        ARI Jigoku       Antlion

Scorpion        Ijigen SASORI    Other Dimension Scorpion

Scarab          SUKARABE         Scarab

Shrimp          EBIRU            Evil Shrimp [mons1]

Atomcrab        Genshi Gani      Atom Crab

Crab            Shiomane KUIIN   Fiddler Crab Queen [mons2]

Ice Crab        AISUROBUSUTAA    Ice Lobster

Kingcrab        KINGUKURABU      King Crab

Dagon           DAGON            Dagon [mons3]

Wolf            URUFU            Wolf

Jaguar          JAGAA            Jaguar

Sabercat        SABERUTAIGAA     Saber Tiger

Snowcat         SUNOOKYATTO      Snow Cat

Blackcat        Kuro NEKO        Black Cat

Fenswolf        FENRIRUURUFU     Fenrir Wolf

Redbull         REDDOBURU        Red Bull

Rhino           RAINOSAURUSU     Rhinocerous

Triceras        TORAIKERATOPUSU  Triceratops

Behemoth        BEHIIMOSU        Behemoth

Baku            Baku             Baku [mons4]

Ganesha         GANEESHA         Ganesha

Condor          Hagetaka Otoko   Condor Man

Raven           REIBUN           Raven

Harpy           HAAPII           Harpy

Ten-Gu          Karasu Tengu     Karasu Tengu [mons5]

Garuda          GARUUDA          Garuda

Nike            NIKE             Nike

Snake           Aodaishou        Japanese Rat Snake

Serpent         SAIDOWAINDAA     Sidewinder

Anaconda        Orochi           Orochi

Hydra           HIDORA           Hydra

Ko-Run          Kouryuu          Kouryuu [mons6]

Jorgandr        YORUMUNGANDORU   Jormungander

Octopus         Odori DAKO       Dancing Octopus

Clam            Oumugai          Nautilus

Amoeba          Amefurashi       Sea Hare

Ammonite        ANMONAITSU       Ammonite

Squid           Daiou IKA        Great King Squid

Kraken          KURAAKEN         Kraken

Worm            Imomushi         Hornworm

P-Worm          Doku Kemushi     Poison Caterpillar

Crawler         KUROURAA         Crawler

Lavaworm        RAABAUOOMU       Lava Worm

Sandworm        SANDOUOOMU       Sandworm

Gigaworm        ABISUUOOUMU      Abyss Worm

Lizard          Sanshouuo        Salamander

P-Frog          Doku Gaeru       Poison Frog

Gecko           KOMODODORAGON    Komodo Dragon

Dinosaur        SUTEGOZAURUSU    Stegosaurus

Salamand        SARAMANDAA       Salamander

Basilisk        BASHIRISUKU      Basilisk

Wererat         Nezumi Otoko     Rat Man

Werewolf        UEAURUFU         Werewolf

Catwoman        Neko Musume      Cat Girl

Minotaur        MINOTAUROSU      Minotaur

Rakshasa        RAKUSHAASA       Rakshasa [mons7]

Anubis          ANUBISU          Anubis

Goblin          GOBURIN          Goblin

Oni             Oni              Oni

Ogre            OOGA             Ogre

Giant           GIGAASU          Gigas

Titan           TITAAN           Titan

Susano-O        Susanoo          Susanoo [mons8]

Griffin         GURIFON          Griffin

Mantcore        MANTIKOA         Manticore

Chimera         KIMERA           Chimera

Nue             Nue              Nue [mons9]

Sphinx          SUFINKUSU        Sphinx

Ki-Rin          Kirin            Kirin

Big Eye         Oo Medama        Big Eye

Gazer           GEIZAA           Gazer

Seeker          SHIIKAA          Seeker

Watcher         UOCCHAA          Watcher

Evil Eye        IIBURUAI         Evil Eye

Beholder        BIHOORUDAA       Beholder

Skeleton        Gaikotsu         Skeleton

Red Bone        REDDOBOON        Red Bone

Dokuro          Dokuron          Dokuron [mons10]

Warrior         Gaikotsu Senshi  Skeleton Soldier

Boneking        DESUNAITO        Death Knight

Lich            RICCHI           Lich

Slime           GURIINSURAMU     Green Slime

Jelly           IEROOJERII       Yellow Jelly

Tororo          Ao Tororo        Blue Tororo [mons11]

Gummy           REDDOMASHUMARO   Red Marshmallow

Pudding         BURAKKUPURIN     Black Pudding

Hi-Slime        SUUPAASURAIMU    Super Slime

Gargoyle        GAAGOIRU         Gargoyle

Imp             Koakuma          Little Devil

Demon           Akuma            Devil

Demolord        GURETTODEMON     Great Demon

Demoking        DEMONROODO       Demon Lord

Athtalot        ASUTAROOTO       Astaroth

Medusa          MEDYUUSA         Medusa

Siren           SEIREEN          Siren

Lamia           RAMIA            Lamia

Naga            NAAGA            Naga

Scylla          SUKYURA          Scylla

Lilith          MARIRISU         Marilith

Zombie          ZONBI            Zombie

Ghoul           GUURU            Ghoul

Mou-Jya         Mouja            The Dead

Wight           WAITO            Wight

Ghast           GASUTO           Ghast

Revnant         REBUNANTO        Revenant

O-Bake          Obake            Ghost/Spirit

Phantom         FANTOMU          Phantom

Buruburu        BURUBURU         Buruburu [mons12]

Wraith          REISU            Wraith

Spector         SUPEKUTAA        Specter

Ghost           GOOSUTO          Ghost

Woodman         Bokujin          Woodman

Clayman         Nendojin         Clayman

Stoneman        SUTOONGOOREMU    Stone Golem

Ironman         Tetsu Kyojin     Iron Giant

Fireman         Honoo no Kyojin  Flame Giant

Mazin           Daimajin         Daimajin [mons13]

Albatros        ARUBATOROSU      Albatross

Eagle           DAIBUIIGURU      Dive Eagle

Thunder         SANDAABAADO      Thunder Bird

Cocatris        KOKATORISU       Cockatrice

Rock            ROKKU Chou       Roc

Phoenix         FENIKKUSU        Phoenix

Dragon 1        BEBIIDORAGON     Baby Dragon

Dragon 2        DORAGONKIDDO     Dragon Kid

Dragon 3        YANGUDORAGON     Young Dragon

Dragon 4        GUREETODORAGON   Great Dragon

Dragon 5        DORAGONPURINSU   Dragon Prince

Tiamat          TIAMATTO         Tiamat

Karateka        Butouka          Grappler

Pirate          Kaizoku          Pirate

Wrestler        Sumou RESURAA    Sumo Wrestler

Keller          Satsujinki       Killer

Gang            BONBAAZU         Bombers

Asigaru         Samurai          Samurai [mons14]

Samurai         Shinsengumi      Shinsengumi [mons15]

Ninja           Ninja            Ninja

Soldier         SAIKOSORUJAA     Psycho Soldier

Musasi          MUSASHI          Musashi [mons16]

Kingswrd        Tsurugi no Ou    King of Sword

Magician        Majutsu Minari   Magic Apprentice

Conjurer        Majutsushi       Magician

Sorcerer        Madoushi         Wizard

Wizard          Daimadoushi      Great Wizard

Vampire         Kizoku           Noble

Steward         Daijin           Minister

Guard           Eihei            Palace Guard

Hunter          MANHANTAA        Manhunter

Robot           28 Gou           Number 28

Trooper         Kidou Hohei      Mechanized Infantry

Armor           MOBIRUSUUTSU     Mobile Suit

Machine         DESUMASHIIN      Death Machine

Gen-Bu          Genbu            Genbu [mons17]

Sei-Ryu         Seiryuu          Seiryuu [mons17]

Byak-Ko         Byakko           Byakko [mons17]

Su-Zaku         Suzaku           Suzaku [mons17]

Ashura          ASHURA           Ashura

Creator         Kami             God

[mons1]: A pun; "Ebi" means shrimp, "Ebiru" means evil. I couldn't think of
a way to work this into English.

[mons2]: A pun; "Shiomaniki" means fiddler crab. Again, couldn't think of
a way to make this work in English.

[mons3]: One interpretation of the Semitic god Dagon portrays him as a
fish god, partly because of the Hebrew word "dag" - fish.

[mons4]: A Baku is a Japanese chimera that eats nightmares. It has an
elephant's trunk, a rhino's eyes, and tiger paws.

[mons5]: Karasu (Crow) Tengu specifically refers to the bird-like variety of
Tengu, as they are portrayed in a variety of different forms.

[mons6]: Kouryuu is the "Yellow/Gold Dragon" who sits at the center of the
four Ssu-Ling - Genbu, Seiryuu, Byakko, and Suzaku.

[mons7]: Rakshasa are demons in Hindu mythology, appearing in the Ramayana.

[mons8]: Susanoo is the hot-blooded brother of Amaterasu, and the slayer of
the eight-headed serpent, Yamata no Orochi.

[mons9]: A Nue is a Japanese chimera with a monkey's head, a tanuki's body,
a tiger's legs, and a snake tail. It brings disease and misfortune.

[mons10]: "Dokuro" is Japanese for skull.

[mons11]: Tororo is a dish of pureed yams.

[mons12]: "Buruburu" is the sound of shivering.

[mons13]: Daimajin is a golem-like living statue from Kimiyoshi Yasuda's
"Daimajin" movie trilogy.

[mons14]: Ashigaru were the Shogun's personal army in Japan's Muromachi

[mons15]: Shinsengumi were special police in the late Shogunate period.

[mons16]: Miyamoto Musashi was a famed Japanese swordsman.

[mons17]: The four fiends are a reference to the Ssu-Ling of Chinese

          -Genbu: The Black Tortise, represents North/Water/Winter

          -Seiryuu: The Azure Dragon, represents East/Wood/Spring

          -Byakko: The White Tiger, represents West/Metal/Autumn

          -Suzaku: The Vermillion Bird, represents South/Fire/Summer

h. Monster/Esper Skills

FFL            SaGa             Trans
----           -----            -----

Nail           Tsume            Claw/Nail

Tusk           Kiba             Fang/Tusk

Head           Zutsuki          Headbutt

Nose           Hana             Flower

Pincer         HASAMI           Pincer

Beak           Kuchibashi       Beak

Tentacle       Shokushu         Tentacle

Punch          PANCHI           Punch

Kick           KIKKU            Kick

Bite           Kamitsuki        Bite

Fin            Hire             Fin

Horn           Tsuno            Horn

Tail           Shippo           Tail

Bone           Hone             Bone

Bash           Taiatari         Body Blow/Ramming

Sword          Tsurugi          Sword

Axe            Ono              Axe

Saw            Nokogiri         Saw

2Pincer        2hon no HASAMI   Double Pincers

4Heads         4tsu no Atama    4 Heads

8Legs          Shokushu 8tsu    8 Tentacles

2Tusks         2hon no Kiba     2 Tusks

4Horns         3bon no Tsuno    3 Horns

2Swords        2touryuu         2 Sword Style

6Arms          6pon no Ude      6 Punch Arms

3Heads         3tsu no Atama    3 Heads

Honey          Mitsu            Honey

Cure           KEARU            Cure

Heal           HIIRINGU         Healing

Revive         Fukkatsu         Revive

Care           Chiryou          Medical Treatment

Raise          REIZU            Raise

Telepor        TEREPOOTO        Teleport

Left         Kami no Hidarite   God's Left Hand

Right        Kami no Migite     God's Right Hand

Hari-Te        Hari Te          Hari Te [skil1]

Poison         Dokubari         Stinger

Poison         Doku no Kiba     Poison Fang

P-Fangs        MAHI Dzume       Poison Claw

Strict         Makitsuku      ll

Petrify      Sekika Kuchhell
i  Stell          Kara ni Hairu    Retract into

Drink          Chiwosuu         Bloodsuck

Chill   owep          Nemurigusuri     Sleep Powder

Blind          Metsubushi       Blinder [skil2]

Flash          FURASSHUAI       Flash Eye

Ink            Sumi             Ink

Gaze           Noroi no Me      Curse Eye

Gaze           Yuuwaku no Me    Seduction Eye

Riddle         Nazonazo         Riddle

Sing           Utagoe           Singing Voice

Gaze           Sekika Nirami    Stone Gaze

Gaze           DESU Nirami      Death Gaze

Drain          Chikara wo Ubau  Power Snatch

Stench         Akushuu          Stench

Sand           Suna Jigoku      Sand Hell

Tremble        Furueru          Tremble/Shiver

Electro        Dengeki          Electric Shock

Bother         Matowaritsuku    Coil Around

Web            Ito              Thread

Touch          DOREINTACCHI     Drain Touch

Kiss           DOREINKISSU      Drain Kiss

Flame          Honoo            Flame

Ice            Reiki            Cold Air

Thunder        Inadzuma         Lightning

Gas            Dokugiri         Poison Mist

Acid           San              Acid

Whirl          Uzushio          Whirling Tides

Steal          Nusumi           Steal

D-Beam         Satsujin BIIMU   Killer Beam

Fire           FAIA             Fire

Ice            BURIZADO         Blizzard

Elec           SANDAA           Thunder

Flare          FUREA            Flare

Stop           DESU             Death

Sleep          SURIPURU         Sleepel

S-Skin       Sawaru to Seikika  Touch and Stone

P-Skin       Sawaru to MAHI     Touch and Paralysis

P-Skin       Sawaru to Doku     Touch and Poison

Burning      Sawaru to Yakedo   Touch and Burn

Explode        Jibaku           Explode/Self-Destruct

Light          Hikari Are       Light Storm

Stone          BUREIKU          Break

Shell          Kamegoura        Turtle Shell

Shell          Kara ni Hairu    Retract into Shell

Drink          Chiwosuu         Bloodsuck

Chill          Tsumetai Te      Cold Hand

Pollen         Doku Kafun       Poison Pollen

Rocket         ROKETTOPANCHI    Rocket Punch

Beam           Hakaikousen      Destruction Beam

Melt           Tokasu           Melt/Dissolve

Sphere         KURISUTARU       Crystal

Mirror         Kagebunshin      Kagebunshin [skil3]

Kinesis        TEREKINESHISU    Telekinesis

P-Blast        SAIKOBURASUTO    Psycho Blast

Leech          RAIFURIICHI      Life Leech

Uncurse        Joubutsu         Rest in Peace [skil4]

ESP            TEREPASHII       Telepathy

Hypnos         HYUPUNOSHISU     Hypnosis

Barrier        SAIKOBARIA       Psycho Barrier

Mirror         SAIKOMIRAA       Psycho Mirror

Power          SUUPAAPAWAA      Super Power

Armor          BODIAAMAA        Body Armor

Gaze           MAHI Nirami      Paralysis Gaze

Stealth        Fuiuchi          Surprise Attack

Warning        Keikai           Vigilance

Forseen        Yochinouryoku    Precognition

[skil1]: Harite is an open-palm strike used by sumo wrestlers.

[skil2]: I.e., something like sand thrown in the opponent's eyes to blind

[skil3]: Lit. "Shadow Double", a ninja technique of creating copies of

[skil4]: Or "Enter Nirvana".

V. Closing Remarks

Some links I found incredibly useful:


Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary Server: This is the best Japanese
translation site I've come across on the web so far. I could not have done
these translations without it.


Pledge of Bahamut: A Japanese site providing a comparison of
SaGa and FFL, for Japanese players who are curious about the English version.
listings of the Japanese names made my job infinitely easier. There are also
comparisons for the other two Gameboy SaGas and Seiken Densetsu/
Final Fantasy Adventure.


Text dumps of item/enemy names for all three Gameboy SaGas, allowing me to
check my romanizations and provide quick lists for translation.

Questions? Comments? Contributions? E-mail me: unlimited_justice@yahoo.com

Makaitoushi SaGa, Final Fantasy Legend, and all related names are
copyright 1989/1990 Squaresoft. This document is copyright 2009
Frank Force, aka Gouki of Borg.

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