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Not much like any Final Fantasy I've played.... 02/19/00 Andy007
One of the greatest RPGs of all time. 12/12/00 ATadeo
This may not be FF, But its still the coolest GB game!!! 10/29/02 auron508
Take some elements of the Zelda series, the Secret/Legend of Mana series, and a pinch of Final Fantasy and you have this game 10/13/04 bungleinthjungle
To those that liked the Secre of Mana and zelda, This game is a must. 08/05/01 CCall
Final Fantasy for the Gameboy! Cool!!! Won't disapoint... 08/02/01 CDexter
Saving anonymous pendant-bearing women with healing powers since 1991. 04/13/06 Combat Crustacean
Easily one of the best Gameboy RPGs, and it isn't even turn based! 03/26/00 EPoetker
A fun RPG that's very similar to the NES and SNES Zelda games. 07/18/00 GrimWolf
Sorry, But This game just did not live up to my expectations. 11/06/01 Jawz
One of the better Gameboy RPGs. 12/21/00 Kraas
An old but awesome Rpg 01/23/04 Lord Magus2002
Ranks right up there with Zelda DX, even at its age. 03/12/00 MKnightt
The best in all the series. 02/24/02 Paulos
An innovative portable action RPG 07/16/07 PurestProdigy
Kinda like Zelda: Link's Awakening but with a much greater story. 01/24/02 Ratking
Has some flaws, but is still a solid adventure game. 06/25/01 Saikyo Ki
An excellent action/rpg for game boy 07/01/00 Shade
A great game with a mix of Zelda and Final Fantasy gameplay. 08/05/01 Shdwrlm3
Final Fantasy meets Zelda 08/13/01 theshinerufus
A game that is definitely worth spending forty bucks on. 03/17/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
A Great Prequel to Secret of Mana 07/20/02 Yamcha

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