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Reviewed: 05/22/03 | Updated: 05/22/03

Thanks to Dr Mario's prescription, I can now play games all bedtime!

Back in the old days, when Nintendo suggested endless suggestions on new games starring their very own idol Mario, they came up with many over-the-top ideas that he should end up with any kind of pack with his face slapped on it. We had Mario as a carpenter, a kart racer, a teacher... but a doctor?!

I knew this was odd back then, but I later learned that there was always something new for the world's famous plumber! In this game, Doctor Mario's potions and medicines are affected by a mischievous bunch of viruses in which Mario must dispose of. By doing that, tablets of the right color should match the virus' color in order to terminate it. It must have been a really big bottle to examine as all of the game is based in!

This is indeed a puzzle game - three different types of viruses must be defeated by dropping pills on them before the glass container is completed filled. Some say this is a definate Tetris-clone, but I thought it was totally different to the most successful puzzling system. Instead of filling bottom rows of the box, you must kill off the germs before you can move on to the next level (there're 50 of 'em, you know), depending on the color of the pills etc. There must be some similarity between the two games but both have the most unique game play.

Dr Mario was a Nes game at first, then it changed into a Game Boy version in the early Nineties. This format was more difficult to follow because everything's literally black and white (and grey!); the cheeky germs may be the same critters you see on the game pack but it was the unique playing style compared to Tetris that made Dr Mario highly successful, next to Tetris of course.

Not much of a plot to the game, as the game play itself explains it all!

More and more germs appear in the later levels urged me to play til the bitter end.

Mainly clear but the Game Boy's only compatible black and white effect may confuse a little.

Sound and Music
A little like Tetris, choose from two songs to suit the mood during the game.

Simple at the start; why not give the later (much harder) levels a go?

Buy or Rent?
Mario fans loved this portable game, probably the fact that Mario's face is on the pack of a game that's completely new to them. But it is fun nonetheless. You may come around this rare game in a discount store, perhaps?

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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