• Maxed Passwords

    Enter these passwords from the Passwords menu (second choice) on the title screen to go to the named stage. Note that these will assume you completed the areas in the order I did when obtaining these passwords: for the sake of that, note I completed the areas in the order of Wood, City, Ice, Sand, Lava, Aqua, and Evil. Additionally, these passwords should give you all of the techniques from the shop (for all but the Wood stages, since one stage must be beaten to access the shop).

    Aqua - Stage 1CEBFCC6
    Aqua - Stage 2D6FD8CE
    Aqua - Stage 3DEFFCCE
    Aqua - Stage 4E6BD8D6
    Aqua - Stage 5EEBFCD6
    Aqua - Stage 6FEFF8DE
    City - Stage 1CFBBF44
    City - Stage 2D7F9B4C
    City - Stage 3DFFBF4C
    City - Stage 4E7B9B54
    City - Stage 5EFBBF54
    City - Stage 6FFFBB5C
    Evil - Stage 1CF37D40
    Evil - Stage 2D775948
    Evil - Stage 3DEFFCCE
    Evil - Stage 4E735950
    Evil - Stage 5EF37D50
    Evil - Stage 6F775958
    Ice - Stage 1CFBFF86
    Ice - Stage 2D7FDB8E
    Ice - Stage 3DFFFF8E
    Ice - Stage 4E7BDB96
    Ice - Stage 5EFBFF96
    Ice - Stage 6FFFFF9E
    Lava - Stage 1CEBBC64
    Lava - Stage 2D6F986C
    Lava - Stage 3DEFBC6C
    Lava - Stage 4E6B9874
    Lava - Stage 5EEBBC74
    Lava - Stage 6FEFB87C
    Sand - Stage 1CEB7FE0
    Sand - Stage 2D6F5BE8
    Sand - Stage 3DEF7FE8
    Sand - Stage 4E6B5BF0
    Sand - Stage 5EEB7FF0
    Sand - Stage 6FEF7FF8
    Wood - Stage 10986400
    Wood - Stage 211C4008
    Wood - Stage 319C6408
    Wood - Stage 42184010
    Wood - Stage 52986410
    Wood - Stage 639C6418

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Passwords

    Aqua Area 1 (First 3 areas, Sand, and Lava areas beaten)CEBE426
    Aqua Area 2D6FC02E
    Aqua Area 3DEFE42E
    Aqua Area 4E6BC036
    Aqua Area 5EEBE436
    Aqua Area 6F6FC03E
    City Area 1 (Wood Area Beaten)498A424
    City Area 251C802C
    City Area 359CA42C
    City Area 46188034
    City Area 5698A434
    City Area 679CA43C
    Fight Final BossF775818
    Ice Area 1 (Wood and City Areas Beaten)4BAE406
    Ice Area 253EC00E
    Ice Area 35BEE40E
    Ice Area 463AC016
    Ice Area 56BAE416
    Ice Area 67BEE41E
    Lava Area 1 (First 3 areas and Sand area beaten)CABA4A4
    Lava Area 2D2F80AC
    Lava Area 3DAFA4AC
    Lava Area 4E2B80B4
    Lava Area 5EABA4B4
    Lava Area 6FAFA4BC
    Sand Area 1 (First 3 areas beaten)4AA6460
    Sand Area 2D2F4028
    Sand Area 3DAF6428
    Sand Area 4E2B4030
    Sand Area 5EAB6430
    Sand Area 6F2F4038
    Wood Area 10986400
    Wood Area 211C4008
    Wood Area 319C6408
    Wood Area 42184010
    Wood Area 52986410
    Wood Area 639C6418

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized and CyberSach.

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  • The Boss Attack Code

    Enter the following code and you'll be able to fight all the bosses. You'll also be armed with the (K)ick, (L)ine, (D)ash, and (F)ull Bombs power-ups, but you'll have no (M)otorbikes.

    Boss Attack CodeDEB1F7F

    Contributed By: Saviour-V.

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