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Boss Guide by Ranma

Version: 1.0 |

Pokemon Boss FAQ
By LightRanma@aol.com
Version 1.0
Copyright 1999

*The latest Version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs 



I.  Introduction
II.  Version History
III.  Boss Guide
IV.  Conclusion
V.  Thanks


I.  Introduction

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: "where the HELL is his Smash Bros. FAQ?!"  
Well, the truth is, I'm too lazy to finish it, so... I needed SOMETHING to do, 
and so I decided to write another Pokemon FAQ since I recieved so much positive 
feedback from the last one.  This one will help you through the Gym Leaders and 
the Elite Four, as well as Gary.  Anyway, the same rules apply: you may not use 
or reproduce this FAQ without asking me for permission first, yadda yadda yadda.  
If I find that these rules are broken, you'll be in serious trouble, so let's 
not go there, okay?  ^^;  Let's get on to the FAQ!


II.  Version History

Version 1.0 - The original version of this FAQ.


III.  Boss Guide

The meat of this FAQ, this guide will provide walkthroughs for the eight Gym 
Leaders, the Elite Four, and Gary.  Generally, as long as you know the Pokemon 
Types and know what beats what, you'll do just fine.


- Gym Leaders -

Gym Leader 1: Brock
Location: Pewter City 
- Level 12 Geodude (Rock - Ground)
- Level 14 Onix (Rock - Ground)
Badge: Boulder Badge - Increases all Pokemon's Attack Power a little.
Items: TM 34 - Bide
Recommended Level: 12-15

Brock is a cinch if you started out with Squirtle or Bulbasaur.  If you started 
out with Charmander, then you're in for a long and hard battle.  Water and Grass 
Pokemon have an advantage over Rock types, so Squirtle and Bulbasaur can really 
kick ass here.  Fire Pokemon don't make a dent in Rock types, and so Charmander 
is actually at a disadvantage.  If you did choose Charmander (I did...), use 
Scratch and Ember a bunch of times and they'll go down eventually.  Remember to 
heal it when necessary (and it'll be necessary).  With Squirtle, use Bubble 
and/or Water Gun (if you have it).  With Bulbasaur, use Leech Seed and/or Vine 
Whip.  Overall, Brock's Pokemon can't really do all that much damage, but they 
can defend extremely well.  Have patience.  When you win, you will get the 
Boulder Badge, which increases all your Pokemon's Attack Power a little.  Also, 
you'll get TM 34, which is Bide.  Teach it to a Rock Pokemon of your own.

Gym Leader 2: Misty
Location: Cerulean City
- Level 18 Staryu (Water)
- Level 21 Starmie (Water - Psychic)
Badge: Cascade Badge - All Pokemon up to Level 30 obey you (applies to traded 
Items: TM 11 - Bubblebeam
Recommended Level: 18-22

Misty can be extremely easy or extremely hard, like Brock.  If you chose 
Charmander, forget using it; he'll be pummeled by Staryu's Water Gun and killed 
in one hit by Starmie's Bubblebeam.  If you did choose Charmander, you need to 
go and catch a Pikachu in Viridian Forest and raise it to Level 18-22 if you 
haven't already done so; it's your best and only bet.  Its Electric attacks will 
make short work of Misty's Water-typed Pokemon.  If you chose Squirtle, you'll 
also need to catch a Pikachu, since the battle won't go anywhere with a Water 
against Water.  If you got Bulbasaur (which is probably Ivysaur by now), then 
feel proud, because it will demolish Misty's Pokemon with its Grass attacks 
(Vine Whip at this point).  Overall, Misty isn't too bad as long as you have the 
right Pokemon (Pikachu and/or Bulbasaur).  For winning, you'll get the Cascade 
Badge, which ensures that all traded Pokemon up to Level 30 will obey you (your 
own Pokemon will obey you no matter what).  You'll also get TM 11, which is 
Bubblebeam, a strong Water attack.  Teach it to Squirtle if you chose it.  If 
not, wait for another Water-typed Pokemon down the road or teach it to Clefairy, 
but I recommend doing the former.

Gym Leader 3: Lieutenant Surge
Location: Vermilion City
- Level 21 Voltorb (Electric)
- Level 18 Pikachu (Electric)
- Level 24 Raichu (Electric)
Badge: Thunder Badge - Forgot what it does... look for an update soon!
Items: TM 24 - Thunderbolt
Recommended Level: 20-25

None of your starting Pokemon have a distinct advantage over Lt. Surge's 
Electric-typed Pokemon, but that doesn't mean that they won't do well against 
them.  If you chose Squirtle (who's probably Wartortle now), you're out of luck, 
though, because the many Thundershocks you'll be hit by will make short work of 
it, and it has NO chance against Raichu, who can use Thunderbolt.  Charmander 
(who's probably Charmeleon now) can do normal damage with its Scratch and Ember, 
and Ivysaur can do the same with Vine Whip.  But if you want a real advantage, 
catch a Diglett or even better, a Dugtrio (super hard to do at this point in the 
game), in Diglett's Cave, and put it on the front line.  Its Ground attacks will 
fell Surge's Electric Pokemon quickly, and will help make short work of the 
lethal Raichu, who will no doubt kill off a few of your Pokemon with its 
Thunderbolt.  If you win, not an incredibly difficult task to accomplish, you'll 
recieve the Thunder Badge, and TM 24, which is Thunderbolt.  Teach it to your 
Pikachu (and yes, you should definitely have one).

Gym Leader 4: Erika
Location: Celadon City
- Level 29 Victreebel (Grass - Poison)
- Level 24 Tangela (Grass)
- Level 29 Vileplume (Grass - Poison)
Badge: Rainbow Badge - All Pokemon up to Level 50 obey you (applies to traded 
Items: TM 21 - Mega Drain
Recommended Level: 24-30

Rejoice, all of you who were faithful to the great Charmander!  Now is your 
chance to kick ass and take names with him!  His Fire attacks have a huge 
advantage on the unfortunate Grass-typed victims.  All three of Erika's Pokemon 
will easily fall victim to Charmeleon.  On the other hand, if you have 
Wartortle, you're at a huge disadvantage with him, and he will do minimal damage 
to Erika's Pokemon.  Same thing with Ivysaur, except that he won't take as much 
damage as Wartortle will, as he's not at a Typed disadvantage that way.  If you 
did choose Squirtle or Bulbasaur, then I recommend that you go catch a Growlithe 
(for those with the Red Version) or a Vulpix (for those with the Blue Version), 
both of which can be found right outside of Celadon City.  Both are Fire-typed 
Pokemon, even if they aren't as strong as Charmeleon.  That's really the only 
way you can out yourself at an advantage over Erika.  Make sure to bring a few 
Antidotes and Paralyze Heals to this battle!  If you win, you'll recieve the 
Rainbow Badge, which ensures that all traded Pokemon up to Level 50 will obey 
you, no questions asked.  You'll also get TM 21, which contains Mega Drain.  
Teach it to Ivysaur if you chose him.  If you didn't, just teach it to a often-
used Grass Pokemon.  It's not really a keeper anyway, and you'll probably end up 
deleting the move sooner or later.  It's not nearly as effective as the other 
TMs you've won.

Gym Leader 5: Sabrina
Location: Saffron City
- Level 38 Kadabra (Psychic)
- Level 37 Mr. Mime (Psychic)
- Level 38 Venomoth (Bug - Poison)
- Level 43 Alakazam (Psychic)
Badge: Marsh Badge - All Pokemon up to Level 70 will obey you (applies to traded 
Items: TM 46 - Psywave
Recommended Level: 37-44

This can and probably will be a tough battle if your levels are even remotely 
low.  Your Pokemon Team should be at Level 44 or higher (preferably) for 
Sabrina.  If you have any strong Bug-typed Pokemon (which you most likely 
don't), USE THEM!  Bug-types have an advantage over Psychic-types, and only Bug-
types.  If you don't have a strong Bug-type, then you'll have to resort to your 
Pikachu (use Thunderbolt and Thundershock against everyone) and starting 
Pokemon.  If you chose Charmeleon (he really should have evolved by now), then 
you have an advantage over Venomoth, so good for you.  Against the Psychics, use 
Ember (and Flamethrower if you've learned it) and Scratch to put them down after 
a few hits.  If you have Wartortle, you don't really have any advantage, but 
you're not at a disadvantage either.  Just use Water Gun and Bite and they'll go 
down... eventually.  Ivysaur has a bit of a natural advantage over Sabrina's 
Pokemon, so use Razor Leaf and Vine Whip on them until they go down.  Basically, 
just use any of your best Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass typed attack s if you 
don't have a Bug.  Oh yeah, and make sure to bring plenty of Potions, and MAKE 
Confused my Sabrina's Pokemon, many times.  Once you switch the Pokemon, the 
Pokemon loses the Confuse status and you can use it once again normally.  For 
winning, you get the Marsh Badge, which ensures all Pokemon, traded or not, up 
to Level 70, obey you without question.  You also get TM 46, which is Psywave, 
which sucks bigtime.  Teach it to your Kadabra (I suggest you have one by this 
point) if you want.. it really just sucks, and you'll end up deleting it anyway.

Gym Leader 6: Koga
Location: Fuschia City
- Level 37 Koffing (Poison)
- Level 39 Muk (Poison)
- Level 37 Koffing (Poison)
- Level 43 Weezing (Poison)
Badge: Soul Badge - Increases all Pokemon's Defense Power a little.
Items: TM 06 - Toxic
Recommended Level: 39-46

Koga's a joke.  His Poison-typed Pokemon are a sinch, and you should have no 
trouble at all dispatching them.  If you listened to my advice and have a 
Kadabra (or even an Alakazam, good for you), then put him on the front line; his 
Psybeam will need to be used four separate times: one time for each of Koga's 
Pokemon (yes, Psybeam will produce a 1-hit K.O. if Kadabra's level is high 
enough; Psychic will without question).  If you don't have a good Psychic-type, 
then this battle will be a LITTLE tougher, but not too much.  First off, if you 
have Charmeleon, you're not at an advantage, but you're not at a disadvantage, 
so use Flamethrower and Slash to put these guys down after a few hits.  With 
Wartortle, you do have an advantage (yay!), so use Water Gun and Bite, and use 
Hydro Pump if you've been a good boy (or girl) and learned it already.  With 
Ivysaur, just use Razor Leaf and Vine Whip, and Solar Beam (!) if you've learned 
it.  You don't have an advantage, but like Charmeleon, you don't have a 
disadvantage either.  Note that Pikachu (now Raichu probably) also works well.  
Pretty much the only thing that CAN'T kill Koga's Pokemon is another Poison-
type, and how many of us actually use them?  For winning, you'll get the Soul 
Badge, which increases all your Pokemon's Defense Power a little.  You'll also 
get TM 06, which is Toxic, a very good (the only good) Poison-typed attack that 
can be taught to a good Poison or Bug-typed Pokemon (preferably Koffing, 
Weezing, or Muk).  It's not very effective, since many of us don't even use 
Poison-typed Pokemon.

Gym Leader 7: Blaine
Location: Cinnabar Island
- Level 42 Growlithe (Fire)
- Level 40 Ponyta (Fire)
- Level 42 Rapidash (Fire)
- Level 47 Arcanine (Fire)
Badge: Volcano Badge - Increases all Pokemon's Special Attack a little.
Items: TM 38 - Fire Blast
Recommended Level: 40-48

With Blaine, who uses Fire-typed Pokemon, you have your obvious advantages and 
disadvantages.  He can be easy, or he can be hard.  If you chose Charmeleon (who 
really should be Charizard by now), you won't get anywhere with Flamethrower or 
Ember, but you can do a little damage with Slash.  With Wartortle (should be 
Blastoise now), heh heh.  You have an incredibly huge advantage.  Can you say 
"one-hit K.O."?  Use Hydro Pump and Water Gun to put every one of your 
opponents' fire out.  Easy.  With Ivysaur (should be Venusaur now), I suggest 
you avoid using him; he'll be roasted and toasted by Blaine's Pokemon, and will 
probably die in a hit or two.  Raichu has no advantage or disadvantage, but 
nonetheless, can hurt and probably kill Blaine's Pokemon with Thunderbolt and 
Thunder respectively, if its Level is high enough.  Alakazam can kill just about 
anything in one hit; use Psychic and you probably have a one-hit knock out.  For 
winning, you get the Volcano Badge, which increases all your Pokemon's Special 
Attack a little.  You also get TM 38, which is Fire Blast, THE strongest Fire-
typed attack in the game.  Teach it to Charizard if you chose him; if not, teach 
it to Flareon if that's the Eevee transformation you got.  If neither of those, 
then teach it to your best, most often-used Fire-typed Pokemon.

Gym Leader 8: Giovanni
Location: Viridian City
- Level 45 Rhyhorn (Ground - Rock)
- Level 42 Dugtrio (Ground)
- Level 43 Nidoqueen (Poison - Ground)
- Level 45 Nidoking (Poison - Ground)
- Level 50 Rhydon (Ground - Rock)
Badge: Earth Badge - All Pokemon obey you!!
Items: TM 27 - Fissure
Recommended Level: 42-51

Giovanni really isn't that hard, if you have an Alakazam or a Water-typed 
Pokemon.  If you have an Alakazam, use it to Psychic all five of Giovanni's 
Pokemon to death (you'll probably get one-hit knock outs, especially on Rhyhorn 
and Rhydon).  If you don't have one (you really, really should), then you'll 
have to resort to any Water-typed Pokemon.  If you chose Charizard, you can use 
it to burn Dugtrio up and do a lot of damage to Nidoking and Nidoqueen, but it 
won't be horribly effective.  If you chose Blastoise, then you're in for a 
treat; you can use Hydro Pump to knock them all out, one by one, as all of them 
are weak to Water-typed attacks.  If you chose Venusaur, you don't really have 
an advantage or disadvantage either way; just use Razor Leaf and Solar Beam.  
Use your Raichu if things start looking grim.  If you win, you'll get the Earth 
Badge, which makes ALL Pokemon obey you, and TM 27, which is Fissure, a low-
accuracy instant-death Ground-typed attack.  Okay, I guess.  Teach it to your 
best Ground/Rock Pokemon, if you even use them.


- The Elite Four -

The Elite Four are the world's best Pokemon Trainers, and only the truest of 
Pokemon Masters will beat them.  To have a chance against the Elite Four, one 
thing is absolutely necessary: a diverse Pokemon Team.  You need to compile a 
team of six Pokemon that have an advantage over most or every other Pokemon 
type.  Use my ending team as an example (I'm getting them all up to L100 for 
fun, they're at L90 now, but they don't need to be that high to beat the Elite 

- Level 90 Charizard (can beat Ice, Grass, Ground, Bug)
- Level 90 Raichu (can beat Water, Ice, Flying)
- Level 90 Alakazam (can beat just about anything, especially Fighting, Ghost, 
Poison, and Rock)
- Level 90 Vaporeon (can beat Fire, Rock, Ground, Grass, and Dragon because I 
taught it Blizzard)
- Level 90 Mewtwo (can beat just about anything, including Water, Ground, and 
Rock because I taught it Solar Beam)
- Level 90 Dragonite (can beat just about anything, since it's Dragon-type)

.. so you see, that is the most important thing in beating the Elite Four: a 
diverse Pokemon Team.  All my Pokemon were Level 55-60 when I challenged the 
Elite Four, and I did not lose.  Remember, you CANNOT GO BACK AND HEAL YOUR 
Anyway, here are the strategies for the Elite Four.  GOOD LUCK!

Elite #1: Lorelei
Location: Indigo Plateau - Pokemon League HQ
- Level 54 Dewgong (Water - Ice)
- Level 53 Cloyster (Water - Ice)
- Level 54 Slowbro (Water - Psychic)
- Level 56 Jynx (Ice - Psychic)
- Level 56 Lapras (Water - Ice)
Badge: N/A
Item: N/A
Recommended Level: 53 or anything above!  The higher the better!

Lorelei is the Mistress of Icy Pokemon, so naturally, she uses Ice and Water-
typed Pokemon.  Fortunately, she's a cinch for a strong Electric-typed Pokemon.  
Bring out a Raichu, Jolteon, or Electabuzz and use Thunderbolt and/or Thunder to 
bring all of her Pokemon down.  For Dewgong, use Thunderbolt; for Cloyster, use 
Thunderbolt; for Slowbro, use Thunderbolt; for Jynx, use Thunder; and for 
Lapras, use Thunder.  Alternately, you can bring out a Charizard, Flareon, 
Magmar, or other strong Fire-typed Pokemon to bring Dewgong, Cloyster, Jynx, and 
Lapras, but you'll have to use something else for Slowbro, as he's Water, not 
Ice.  Remember to bring a few Ice Heals to this battle, as you don't want to 
start your challenge with Frozen Pokemon.  Charizard and Venusaur can be 
effective here; Blastoise is no help in this battle...

Elite #2: Bruno
Location: Indigo Plateau - Pokemon League HQ
- Level 53 Onix (Rock - Ground)
- Level 55 Hitmonchan (Fighting)
- Level 55 Hitmonlee (Fighting)
- Level 56 Onix (Rock - Ground)
- Level 58 Machamp (Fighting)
Badge: N/A
Item: N/A
Recommended Level: 53 or anything above!  The higher the better!

... but he is in this battle!  Charizard and Venusaur aren't incredibly 
effective in this battle, but if you chose Blastoise or have any other strong 
Water-typed Pokemon, then Bruno's a cinch, since you should already have an 
Alakazam.  First, Bruno sends out a Level 53 Onix.  Simple - use Hydro Pump to 
wash him away!  Now, bring out your Alakazam (do know that any other Psychic 
type is okay too, but Alakazam's the best in my opinion) and use Psychic and/or 
Psybeam to blow Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee away in one hit.  Next, Bruno sends out 
a stronger Onix.  No problem - another Hydro Pump from your Water-typed Pokemon 
and he's gone!  Finally, Bruno brings out a Level 58 Machamp... who falls victim 
to your Alakzam's Psychic attack.  Veni, vidi, vici.  Heh heh heh.

Elite #3: Agatha
Location: Indigo Plateau - Pokemon League HQ
- Level 56 Gengar (Ghost - Poison)
- Level 56 Golbat (Poison - Flying)
- Level 55 Haunter (Ghost - Poison)
- Level 58 Arbok (Poison)
- Level 60 Gengar (Ghost - Poison)
Badge: N/A
Item: N/A
Recommended Level: 53 or anything above!  The higher the better!

Keep your Alakazam on the front line, because he can blow away every one of 
Agatha's Ghost-typed Pokemon and Golbat with one hit, and can probably take out 
Arbok as well.  Use Psybeam or Psychic on Agatha's first Gengar, and do the same 
for the Golbat and Haunter she throws at you after that, respectively.  For 
Arbok, use Psychic, and depending on your Alakazam's Level, it'll die in one hit 
too (it should).  If it doesn't, then you need to Level up you Alakazam, but for 
right now, just take care of it with Confusion or Psybeam (it should be near 
death).  Finally, use Psychic on the Level 60 (!) Gengar.  You think 60 is high?  
Well, you'll face higher, so get ready.  None of the starting Pokemon have a 
distinct advantage in this battle, but any of them can do damage to Agatha's 
Pokemon with their Fire, Water, and Grass-typed attacks.  Charizard and 
Blastoise will probably fare better than Venusaur will, though.

Elite #4: Lance
Location: Indigo Plateau - Pokemon League HQ
- Level 58 Gyarados (Water - Flying)
- Level 56 Dragonair (Dragon)
- Level 56 Dragonair (Dragon) 
- Level 60 Aerodactyl (Rock - Flying)
- Level 62 Dragonite (Dragon - Flying)
Badge: N/A
Item: N/A
Recommended Level: 53 or anything above!  The higher the better!

If you don't have any Ice-typed Pokemon or attacks, this is gonna be a damn hard 
battle.  Lance, the Dragon Trainer, has a full line-up of the nearly-
indestructible Dragon-typed Pokemon, and only Ice-typed attacks are super 
effective against them.  Earlier in the game, on Cinnabar Island, you should've 
picked up TM 14, which contains Blizzard.  If you have't used it on your best 
Water-typed Pokemon yet, do it now.  It's essential to your victory.  Anyway, 
Lance sends out an incredibly strong Level 58 Gyarados.  You can either use a 
strong Ice-typed attack or a strong Fire-typed attack on it, since it's part 
Ice.  Just kill it quick, because it will use the lethal Hyper Beam (possibly 
one hit KO on you) on you if you don't.  Next, Lance will send out the first of 
his two kinda weak Pokemon, a Level 56 Dragonair.  A few Normal-typed attacks 
like Slash can take it out, or one Blizzard will down it.  Your choice.  Same 
thing with the next Level 56 Dragonair.  Now, he'll bring out a Level 60 
Aerodactyl, which must be dispatched quickly; it can use Bite, Agility, Dragon 
Rage, and Hyper Beam, the latter two being very damaging.  Use Blizzard on it 
and hope it hits.  If it doesn't, just try again until it does.  If you run out 
of PP for Blizzard, you can either use an Ether to refill the PP or resort to 
strong Water-typed attacks like Hydro Pump - they work okay, just not as good as 
Ice.  Finally, Lance will send out his majestic Level 62 Dragonite, the king of 
all Dragons.  One or two Blizzards will kill it... but on the flip side, one or 
two Hyper Beams will down one of your guys, too.  As for the starting Pokemon, 
none of them really make a difference, but Blastoise is at a slight advantage 
while Charizard is at a slight disadvantage, with Venusaur somewhere in the 
middle.  If you manage to defeat Dragonite, you will beat Lance and become the 
World's Greatest Pokemon Master... or will you?


- Gary -

You didn't think your rival, Gary, had just given up, did you?  Oh, no.  He has 
aleady beaten the Elite Four; in fact, he had beaten them before you even set 
foot on Victory Road.  And now, you will have to defeat him if you want to be 
the World's Greatest Pokemon Master.  You will need a diverse Pokemon Team for 
this battle, like I suggested, because that's exactly what Gary has - a Team 
that can beat almost any kind of Pokemon!  The first half of his Team is always 
the same, but the second half of his Team differs from game to game, depending 
on whether he chose Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur at the beginning of the 
game.  Make sure all of your Pokemon are at tip-top strength and are completely 
rejuvenated for this battle!  If you lose, not only will you be humiliated, but 
you'll have to endure the Elite Four's punishment all over again.  Good luck!  
If you've come this far, you can win this final battle!

Final Boss: Gary
Location: Indigo Plateau - Pokemon League HQ
- Level 61 Pidgeot (Normal - Flying)
- Level 59 Alakzam (Psychic)
- Level 61 Rhydon (Ground - Rock)
If he chose Charmander...
- Level 61 Exeggutor (Grass - Psychic)
- Level 63 Gyarados (Water - Flying))
- Level 65 Charizard (Fire - Flying)
If he chose Squirtle...
- Level 61 Arcanine (Fire)
- Level 63 Exeggutor (Grass - Psychic)
- Level 65 Blastoise (Water)
If he chose Bulbasaur...
- Level 61 Gyarados (Water - Flying)
- Level 63 Arcanine (Fire)
- Level 65 Venusaur (Grass - Poison)
Badge: N/A
Item: N/A
Recommended Level: 53 or anything above!  The higher the better!

Start this battle with Raichu (or any strong Electric-type) at your command.  
Use Thunderbolt or Thunder on Gary's Level 61 Pidgeot, and it should go down in 
one or two hits.  Pidgeot is nothing to worry about; it really only uses 
Whirlwind (no effect in this battle) and Wing Attack.  Next, Gary will send out 
a Level 59 Alakazam.. and we all know how hard Psychics are to beat.  If you 
don't have a good Bug Pokemon with you (which you probably don't), just use your 
strongest Fire, Water, Grass, or Electric attack on it and it will probably go 
down in one to three hits.  More than likely, it will use Psybeam and/or Psychic 
on your Pokemon... if this becomes much of a problem, use a Hyper Potion (which 
you should have many of).  Chances are it will use Recover to recover most or 
all of its HP; if this happens, just keep pummeling it with Fire Blast, Hydro 
Pump, Solar Beam, or Thunder to down it.  If you manage to beat Alakazam, Gary 
will send out a Level 61 Rhydon; a joke when compared to your team.  Use Hydro 
Pump (you really should have a strong Water-type) and it will probably go down 
in one hit, maybe two.  If you don't have a strong Water-type, go with Solar 
Beam, and the same one-hit KO will probably result.  Otherwise, Rock-typed 
Pokemon have really good Defense Power, so you'll have a hard time whittling it 
down.  It might use Horn Drill on you to instantly kill one of your Pokemon... 
if this happens (it doesn't often), and it's an important Pokemon, use a Revive 
or (preferably) a Max Revive.  All right!  You're half way done.  Now, if Gary 
chose Charmander at the beginning of the game, Gary will send out a Level 61 
Exeggutor, the perfect target for your Fire-typed Pokemon.  It'll take one or 
two hits with Fire Blast, a couple more with Flamethrower.  Exeggutor can use 
Barrage (really weak) and Psychic.. so watch out!  Next, he'll toss a Level 63 
Gyarados at you.  Bring back Dragon-fighting memories?  Use Solar Beam, 
Blizzard, Thunder or Fire Blast and it'll go down after a few hits.. otherwise, 
watch out for Hyper Beam!  If you can get the Dragon down, Gary will finally 
confront you with his Level 65 Charizard.  You obviously can't use your Venusaur 
here, so use your best Water-typed Pokemon, or if you don't have one, your 
Alakazam (remember, Alakazam can down just about anything with one or two 
Psychics).  Charizard will use Flamethrower and Fire Spin on you, so be wary.  
If Gary chose Squirtle (he did for me), he'll throw at you a Level 61 Arcanine 
first.  Use your Water-type or Psychic-type to take it down.  Arcanine will use 
Take Down and Fire Spin on you if you wait too long to kill it.  Once it's gone, 
he'll use his Level 63 Exeggutor; a *perfect* target for your Charizard (you 
obviously have it if Gary chose Squirtle).  Use Fire Blast (preferably) or 
Flamethrower to burn it up.  Finally, you will face his Level 65 Blastoise.  Put 
away your Charizard and take out your Raichu or other Electric-type; one or two 
Thunders is all it takes!  Blastoise can and probably will use Hydro Pump and/or 
Blizzard on you, and he occasionally uses Withdraw to raise his Defense Power.  
Overall, not too much of a problem.  Finally, if Gary chose Bulbasaur, he'll 
send out a Level 61 Gyarados (groan) at you first.  Take it out with Solar Beam 
from a strong Grass-type, or use Blizzard (you should have taught it to your 
Blastoise).  You can also use Thunder or Fire Blast.  Once again, watch out for 
Dragon Rage and especially Hyper Beam.  Next, you'll face a Level 63 Arcanine, 
which can easily be taken out with Hydro Pump from your Blastoise.  Finally, 
you'll face the huge Level 65 Venusaur, and it easily falls victim to a Blizzard 
or two.  If you don't have it, Fire Blast or Flamethrower will work just as 
well.  Whatever Pokemon you chose at the beginning of the game, if you can 
overcome Charizard, Blastoise, or Venusaur, Gary will give up the title of 
World's Greatest Pokemon Master to you!  Congrats, you did it!  Now watch the 
short, but kinda entertaining, ending!


IV.  Conclusion

And this is the end of yet another one of my FAQs.  I took a lot of time to plan 
out  and write out the strategy that you'd want to use for the Bosses in 
Pokemon, so I hope they help you.  This is how I beat the game, personally, and 
I had no trouble; I died once in the game, against Misty's Starmie.  Basically, 
if you can memorize the weaknesses and strengths of the 15 different Pokemon 
Types, and know which one to use in each and every situation, you will have no 
problem against the Elite Four, Gary, and your own friends.  I've gone 
undefeated so far against all my friends... ::grin:: Well, later!  Look for my 
Smash Bros. FAQ soon (no, really!)!


V.  Thanks

First off, I'd like to thank the Official Nintendo Pokemon Player's Guide once 
again; this FAQ would have been possible without it, but the guide sure helped!

Also, I want to thank Donnie Wells, one of the coolest Pokemon Masters around 
(trust me, he IS a Pokemon Master!!). 

Finally, I want to thank me, for FINALLY finishing this thing!  Ciao!


Copyright 1999 

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