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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jr Pikachu

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/01/98

Pokemon FAQ

Version 1.0 (12/01/98)
Written By: Jr Pikachu

1.2 Finished up the evolutions, FAQ finished!

1.1 Added more evolutions and put up a section on the 3 rare birds, also
fixed some spelling errors	

1.0 First version of the faq, most things up, will add more evolutions in
the next revision


1. Pokemon List and Evolutions
2. TM and HM List and Locations
3. Item List
4. Walkthrough
5. 3 Rare Birds
6. Credits
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

1. Pokemon List and Evolutions

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

1. Bulbasaur (Evolves to Ivysaur at LV.16, Venusaur at LV.32)
2. Ivysaur (Evolves to Venusaur at LV.32)
3. Venusaur (No evolution)
4. Charmander (Evolves to Charmeleon at LV.16, Charizard at LV.36)
5. Charmeleon (Evolves to Charizard at LV.36)
6. Charizard (No evolution)
7. Squirtle (Evolves to Wartortle at LV.16, Blastoise at LV.36)
8. Wartortle (Evolves to Blastoise at LV.36)
9. Blastoise (No evolution)
10. Caterpie (Evolves to Metapod at LV.7, Butterfree at LV.10)
11. Metapod (Evolves to Butterfree at LV.10)
12. Butterfree (No evolution)
13. Weedle (Evolves to Kakuna at LV.7, Beedrill at LV.10)
14. Kakuna (Evolves to Beedrill at LV.10)
15. Beedrill (No evolution)
16. Pidgey (Evolves to Pidgeotto at LV.18, Pidgeot at LV.36)
17. Pidgeotto (Evolves to Pidgeot at LV.36)
18. Pidgeot (No evolution)
19. Rattata (Evolves to Raticate at LV.20)
20. Raticate (No evolution)
21. Spearow (Evolves to Fearow at LV.20)
22. Fearow (No evolution)
23. Ekans (Evolves to Arbok at LV.22)
24. Arbok (No evolution)
25. Pikachu (Evolves to Raichu with Thunder Stone)
26. Raichu (No evolution)
27. Sandshrew (Evolves to Sandslash at LV.22)
28. Sandslash (No evolution)
29. Nidoran(f) (Evolves to Nidorina at LV.16, Nidoqueen with Moon Stone)
30. Nidorina (Evolves to Nidoqueen with Moon Stone)
31. Nidoqueen (No evolution)
32. Nidoran(m) (Evolves to Nidorino at LV.16, Nidoking with Moon Stone)
33. Nidorino (Evolves to Nidoking with Moon Stone)
34. Nidoking (No evolution)
35. Clefairy (Evolves to Clefable with Moon Stone)
36. Clefable (No evolution)
37. Vulpix (Evolves to Ninetales with Fire Stone)
38. Ninetales (No evolution)
39. Jigglypuff (Evolves to Wigglytuff with Moon Stone)
40. Wigglytuff (No evolution)
41. Zubat (Evolves to Golbat at LV.22)
42. Golbat (No evolution)
43. Oddish (Evolves to Gloom at LV.21, Vileplume with Leaf Stone)
44. Gloom (Evolves to Vileplume with Leaf Stone)
45. Vileplume (No evolution)
46. Paras (Evolves to Parasect at LV.24)
47. Parasect (No evolution)
48. Venonat (Evolves to Venomoth at LV.31)
49. Venomoth (No evolution)
50. Diglett (Evolves to Dugtrio at LV.26)
51. Dugtrio (No evolution)
52. Meowth (Evolves to Persian at LV.28)
53. Persian (No evolution)
54. Psyduck (Evolves to Golduck at LV.33)
55. Golduck (No evolution)
56. Mankey (Evolves to Primeape at LV.28)
57. Primeape (No evolution)
58. Growlithe (Evolves to Arcanine with Fire Stone)
59. Arcanine (No evolution)
60. Poliwag (Evolves to Poliwhirl at LV.25, Poliwrath with Water Stone)
61. Poliwhirl (Evolves to Poliwrath with Water Stone)
62. Poliwrath (No evolution)
63. Abra (Evolves to Kadabra at LV.16, Alakazam with Trade)
64. Kadabra (Evolves to Alakazam with Trade)
65. Alakazam (No evolution)
66. Machop (Evolves to Machoke at Lv.28, Machamp with Trade) 
67. Machoke (Evolves to Machamp with Trade)
68. Machamp (No evolution)
69. Bellsprout (Evolves to Weepinbell at LV.21, Victreebel with Leaf Stone)
70. Weepinbell (Evolves to Victreebel with Leaf Stone)
71. Victreebel (No evolution)
72. Tentacool (Evolves to Tentacruel at LV.30)
73. Tentacruel (No evolution)
74. Geodude (Evolves to Graveler at LV.25, Golem with Trade)
75. Graveler (Evolves to Golem with Trade)
77. Golem (No evolution)
77. Ponyta (Evolves to Rapidash at LV. 40)
78. Rapidash (No evolution)
79. Slowpoke (Evolves to Slowbro at LV.37)
80. Slowbro (No evolution)
81. Magnemite (Evolves to Magneton at LV.30)
82. Magneton (No evolution)
83. Farfetch'd (No evolution)
84. Doduo (Evolves to Dodrio at LV.31)
85. Dodrio (No evolution)
86. Seel (Evolves to Dewgong at LV.34)
87. Dewgong (No evolution)
88. Grimer (Evolves to Muk at LV.38)
89. Muk (No evolution)
90. Shellder (Evolves to Cloyster with Water Stone)
91. Cloyster (No evolution)
92. Gastly (Evolves to Haunter at LV.25, Gengar with Trade)
93. Haunter (Evolves to Gengar with Trade)
94. Gengar (No evolution)
95. Onix (No evolution)
96. Drowzee (Evolves to Hypno at LV.26)
97. Hypno (No evolution)
98. Krabby (Evolves to Kingler at LV.28)
99. Kingler (No evolution)
100. Voltorb (Evolves to Electrode at LV.30)
101. Electrode (No evolution)
102. Exeggcute (Evolves to Exeggutor with Leaf Stone)
103. Exeggutor (No evolution)
104. Cubone (Evolves to Marowak at LV.28)
105. Marowak (No evolution)
106. Hitmonlee (No evolution)
107. Himonchan (No evolution)
108. Lickitung (No evolution)
109. Koffing (Evolves to Weezing at LV.35)
110. Weezing (No evolution)
111. Rhyhorn (Evolves to Rhydon at LV.42)
112. Rhydon (No evolution)
113. Chansey (No evolution)
114. Tangela (No evolution)
115. Kangaskhan (No evolution)
116. Horsea (Evolves to Seadrea at LV.32)
117. Seadrea (No evolution)
118. Goldeen (Evolves to Seaking at LV.33)
119. Seaking (No evolution)
120. Staryu (Evolves to Starmie with Water Stone)
121. Starmie (No evolution)
122. Mr. Mime (No evolution)
123. Scyther (No evolution)
124. Jynx (No evolution)
125. Electabuzz (No evolution)
126. Magmar (No evolution)
127. Pinsir (No evolution)
128. Tauros (No evolution)
129. Magikarp (Evolves to Gyarados at LV.20)
130. Gyarados (No evolution)
131. Lapras (No evolution)
132. Ditto (No evolution)
133. Eevee (Evolves to Vaporeon with Water Stone, Jolteon with Thunder
Stone, Flareon with Fire Stone
134. Vaporeon (No evolution)
135. Jolteon (No evolution)
136. Flareon (No evolution)
137. Porygon (No evolution)
138. Omanyte (Evolves to Omastar at LV.40)
139. Omastar (No evolution)
140. Kabuto (Evolves to kabutops at LV.40)
141. Kabutops (No evolution)
142. Aerodactyl (No evolution)
143. Snorlax (No evolution)
144. Articuno (No evolution)
145. Zapdos (No evolution)
146. Moltres (No evolution)
147. Dratini (Evolves to Dragonair at LV.30, Dragonite at LV.55)
148. Dragonair (Evolves to Dragonite at LV.55)
149. Dragonite (No evolution)
150. Mewtwo (No evolution)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2. TM and HM List and Locations

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

TM 01-Mega Punch-Mt. Moon, Celadon Dept. Store
TM02-Razor Wind-Celadon Dept. Store, Game Corner
TM03-Swords Dance-Silph Co.
TM04-Whirlwind-Route 4
TM05-Mega Kick-Victory Road, Celadon Dept. Store
TM06-Toxic-Fuchsia City Gym
TM07-Horn Drill-Celadon City, Game Corner
TM08-Body Slam-S.S. Anne
TM09-Take Down-Saffron City, Celadon Dept. Store
TM10-Double-Edge-Celadon City, Game Corner
TM11-Bubblebeam-Cerulean City Gym
TM12-Water Gun-Mt. Moon
TM13-Ice Beam-Celadon Dept. Store
TM14-Blizzard-Cinnabar Island
TM15-Hyper Beam-Celadon City
TM16-Pay Day-Route 12
TM 17-Submission-Victory Road, Celadon Dept. Store
TM18-Counter-Celadon Dept. Store
TM19-Seismic Toss-Route 25
TM20-Rage-Route 15
TM21-Mega Drain-Celadon City Gym
TM22-Solarbeam-Cinnabar Island
TM23-Dragon Rage-Celadon City
TM24-Thunderbolt-Vermillion City Gym
TM25-Thunder-Power Plant
TM26-Earthquake-Silph Co.
TM27-Fissure-Viridian City Gym
TM28-Dig-Cerulean City
TM29-Psychic-Saffron City
TM30-Teleport-Route 9
TM31-Mimic-Saffron City
TM32-Double Team-Fuchsia City, Celadon Dept. Store
TM33-Reflect-Power Plant, Celadon Dept. Store
TM34-Bide-Pewter City Gym
TM35-Metronome-Cinnabar Island Lab
TM36-Self Destruct-Silph Co.
TM37-Egg Bomb-Fuchsia City, Celadon Dept. Store
TM38-Fire Blast-Cinnabar Island Gym
TM39-Swift-Route 12 Look-Out Station
TM40-Skull Bash-Safari Zone
TM41-Softboiled-Celadon City
TM42-Dream Eater-Viridian City
TM43-Sky Attack-Victory Road
TM44-Rest-S.S. Anne
TM45-Thunder Wave-Route 24
TM46-Psywave-Saffron City Gym
TM47-Explosion-Victory Road
TM48-Rock Slide-Celadon Dept. Store
TM49-Tri Attack-Celadon Dept. Store
TM50-Substitute-Celadon City
HM01-Cut-S.S. Anne
HM02-Fly-Route 16
HM03-Surf-Safari Zone
HM04-Strength-Fuchsia City
HM05-Flash-Route 2

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Antidote-Cures Poison
Awakening-Cures Sleep
Bicycle-Makes you travle faster
Bike Voucher-Trade in for a free bike
Burn Heal-Heals Burns
Calcium-Increases Special rating
Carbos-Increases Speed rating
Card Key-Opens Silph Co. doors
Coin-Used to use the slot machines
Coin Case-Holds coins
Dire Hit-Increase the effect of attacks
Dome Fossil-Used to clone Kabuto
Elixer-Gives 10PP to all abilities
Escape Rope-Pulls you out of buildings and caves
Ether-Gives 10PP to one ability
Exp. All-Shares exp. with other Pokemon
Fire Stone-Triggers evolution
Fresh Water-Restores 50HP
Full Heal-Cures any condition
Full Restore-Cures, restores all HP
Gold Teeth-Give to Safari Zone Warden
Good Rod-Used to fish
Great Ball-Stronger than a Poke Ball
Guard Spec-Disable Special Attacks
Helix Fossil-Used to clone Omanyte
HP Up-Raises HP meter by one
Hyper Potion-Restores 200HP 
Ice Heal-Thaws frozen Pokemon
Iron-Increases Defense rating
Item Finder-Finds hidden items
Leaf Stone-Triggers evolution
Lemonade-Restores 80HP
Lift Key-Activates elevator
Master Ball-Foolproof Poke Ball
Max Elixer-Restores all PP
Max Ether-Restores all PP to one ability
Max Potion-Restores all HP
Max Repel-Stops random attacks
Max Revive-Revives, restores all HP
Moon Stone-Triggers evolution
Nugget-Useless, sell for 5,000
Oak's Parcel-Deliver to Prof. Oak
Old Amber-Used to clone Areodactyl
Old Rod-Used to fish
Paralyze Heal-Cures Paralyze
Poke Ball-Used to catch Pokemon
Poke Doll-Distracts opponent
Poke Flute-Wakes sleeping Pokemon
Pokedex-Used to store Pokemon data
Potion-Restores 20HP
PP Up-Raises PP meter by one
Protein-Increase Attack rating
Rare Candy-Raises Exp. Level by one
Repel-Stops random attacks
Revive-Revives fainted Pokemon
S.S. Ticket-Used to get on the S.S. Anne
Safari Ball-Used to catch Safari Zone Pokemon
Secret Key-OpensCinnabar Island Gym
Silph Scope-Let's you see ghost Pokemon
Soda Pop-Restores 60HP
Super Potion-Restores 50HP
Super Repel-Prevents random attacks
Super Rod-Used to fish
Thunder Stone-Triggers evolution
Town Map-Map of the game
Ultra Ball-Better than a Great Ball
Water Stone-Triggers evolution
X Accuracy-Raises Acuracy
X Attack-Raises Attack
X Defend-Raises Defense
X Special-Raises Special
X Speed-Raises Speed

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This is where you begin your game, in your room. Walk downstairs, and your
mom will tell you Prof. Oak is looking for you. Explore the town, and you
will find out that Prof. Oak isn't around. Go North to leave the town, and
Prof. Oak will run up to you and bring you to his lab. Here you can choose
your first Pokemon. Your rival, Gary, will choose one that is stronger than
yours. As you try to leave, Gary will challenge you. Defeat him to raise
your Pokemon to Level 6. Now go to your house and upstairs. Withdraw the
Potion from the PC, and leave town.

This is a pretty straightforward path. The only Pokemon here are Pidgey and
Rattata. You can't catch them yet, so just fight to gain experience. The
first guy you see here will give you a Potion. Build your Pokemon up to at
least Level 9 before going on.

Go to the Poke Center to heal your Pokemon, then go to the Poke Mart. You
will recieve a package for Prof. Oak. Return to Pallet Town to give it to
him, and you'll get a Pokedex. Go to Gary's house and get the Town Map,
before going back through Route 1. Build up your Pokemon to Level 10 before
returning to Viridian. Once back at Viridian, go to the Poke Mart to stock
up on Poke Balls and Antidotes. Head back to Route 1 to get Pidgey and

Just follow the path to the forest, don't bother catching anything here.

There are 5 new Pokemon to get here, but only get 3 of them. Get Pikachu,
Caterpie and Weedle. Metapod and Kakuna break out of Poke Balls a lot, so
just evolve them. There are 3 trainers in the forest, all easy Bug
Catchers. There are 3 items here: a Poke Ball, an Antidote and a Potion.
Before going on to Pewter City, make sure you starting Pokemon is at Level

Heal your Pokemon. Head to the gym to face Brock. If you don't have
Squirtle or Bulbasaur, you're screwed. If you have Squirtle, have him at
Level 15, but a Level 13 Bulbasaur will also be effective. Just use their
fourth move to kill his Pokemon in one hit. He has a Level 12 Geodude, and
a Level 14 Onix. If you win, you'll get the Boulder Badge and TM34. Heal
your Pokemon, and move on. 

There are about 8 trainers here, use Pikachu if you have him, and build him
up. You don't have to catch a Spearow now, but definitely catch a
Jigglypuff. One you get to the end of the path, heal your Pokemon. Before
going into Mt. Moon, I suggest building up a few Pokemon and use these
Your starting one-Level 18
Pikachu-Level 16
Butterfree-Level 16
Pidgey-Level 14
Jigglypuff-Level 14
One of your choice-Level 12
I will do this throughout the guide to help you along. No enter Mt. Moon.

There are 4 good Pokemon here. Zubat, Geodude, Paras and Clefairy. Clefairy
is hard to find here, so try to get one. If you want to explore, go ahead,
but I'm just going to tell you how to get out. When you enter, turn right
and go up. Go right again and go around the corner. Go down, and pass the
ladder. Go left, and up until you find a trainer. Fight him to gain
experience. In the corner is the first piece of the Moon Stone. Take the
ladder. Follow the new path until you get to the other ladder. Go down the
stairs, fight the Rocket member, and go up the stairs. Follow the path to
the next Rocket member. Beat him, then go fight the Super Nerd trainer. If
you beat him, he will give you either the Dome or the Helix fossil. Take
the ladder, and then take the next one to exit the mountain.

There are no trainers here and only 1 new Pokemon to collect. If you have
the Red version, get Ekans, if you have the Blue, get Sandshrew. Move onto
Cerulean City.

Before challenging Misty, build Pikachu and your  starting Pokemon up to
Level 25. Now go face Misty. She has a Level 18 Staryu and a Level 21
Starmie. Pikachu can easily make short work of them. If you beat her,
you'll get the Cascade Badge and TM11. Heal your Pokemon. Go north up to
Route 24.

As soon as you step on the bridge, Gary will challenge you. He now has 4
Pokemon. He has his starting Pokemon, a Pidgey, a Rattata or Raticate (I
don't remeber) and an Abra. He shouldn't be too hard. Now move onto the
bridge, and beat the 5 trainers, going back to heal when necessary. At the
end is a Rocket member, beat him. Before you face him, he will give you a
Nugget. Take it back to Cerulean and sell it for 5,000. Stock up on
supplies, and take Route 24 towards Bill's house, fighting the trainers
along the way. Go inside Bill's house, and talk to the Pokemon. Do what he
says, and he will turn into Bill. Talk to him to get the S.S. ticket. Leave
his house, and go back in to check the PC for info on Eevee. Collect Abra
and the plant Pokemon for your version. (Red/Oddish Blue/Bellsprout) Return
to Cerulean, and the house the police officer was guarding is now
acessible. Go out the back door, and fight the Rocket member to get TM28.

Go South from Cerulean to Route 5. If you have the Red version, get Mankey,
if you have the Blue, catch a Meowth. The road is closed, so you have to
take the Underground Path. 

When you come out, you'll be on Route 6. Defeat all the trainers here to
gain experience. Move on to Vermilion City.

Heal your Pokemon, and find the house where the kid will trade a Spearow
for a Farfetch'd. Trade, and keep Farfetch'd (or Dux) in your group. Go
into the house next to the Poke Center to get the Old Rod. Head to the
docks, and catch a Magikarp with your new rod. He is useless for now, so
take him to the Pokemon Daycare on Route 5 to build him up. Now head onto
the S.S. Anne. Also, get a Bike Voucher from the Fan Club President.

Just go in all the rooms and fight everyone until you get all the items and
find Gary. He's harder this time, but if you're raising your Pokemon, he
should be fairly easy. This is a good chance to build Dux up. Once you beat
him, take the stairs behind him. Talk to the Captain, and get HM01. Now get
off the ship, and it will leave.

 Now teach Cut to Dux. It will allow you to acess the Vermilion Gym. Beat
the 3 other trainers here, and find the two switches that open the gate.
Face Lt. Surge. He has a Level 21 Voltorb, a Level 18 Pikachu and a Level
24 Raichu. It's a good idea to head East into Diglett's cave to get a
Diglett or a Dugtrio before facing this guy. If you have Dugtrio, use Dig,
and you should kill each of his Pokemon in one hit. Now go East to Route

The way to Route 12 is closed, so all you have to do is fight the trainers
and get the Psychic Pokemon called Drowzee.

Just follow the path and get Diglett and Dugtrio if you haven't already. 

Go into a house and get HM05. There is another house where a guy will trade
you an Abra for a Mr. Mime, if you've built up your Abra, don't bother, get
another weaker one for the trade. Now go up to Pewter City and cut down the
bush blocking the Museums add-on to get the Old Amber. Work your way back
to Cerulean City, and go East to Route 9. 

Before heading here, buy 3 Poke Balls for the trip through Rock Tunnel.
Beat the trainers. Don't bother searching for a Voltorb here because
they're more common in the Power Plant (later in the game). Heal at the
Poke Center, and head into Rock Tunnel.

Use the Flash HM now, to light your way. It's pretty simple to get out.
Collect Onix and Machop here. 

Go South to Lavender Town after beating the 2 trainers.

Just heal your Pokemon, buy supplies and go West to Route 8.

Beat all the trainers here, ad collect Growlithe if you have Red, or Vulpix
if you have Blue. Growlithe is hard to catch unless you put him to sleep,
because he uses Roar, so watch out! The path to Saffron City is blocked, so
take the next Undeground Path to get to Celadon City.

When you come out of the path, just head into Celadon.

First, heal your Pokemon. Then go to the Mansion, the big building that
doesn't have 2 doors. Instead of going in the front, go in a hidden back
entrance, and go up all the stairs. You will get Eevee here. Now go to the
Celadon Dept. Store and stock up on supplies. Use either a Thunder Stone, a
Water Stone or a Fire Stone to evolve Eevee into Jolteon, Vaporeon or
Flareon. I suggest Vaporeon. Now head into the restaurant, and talk to the
guy in the corner to get a Coin Case. Go to the Game Corner and play the
Slot Machines to get coins. You can trade them in for Pokemon or items.
Here are the prizes you can recieve:

Abra  180 Coins
Clefairy  500 Coins
Nidorina 1,200 Coins
Dratini  2,800 Coins
Scyther  5,500 Coins
Porygon  9,999 Coins

Abra 120 Coins
Clefairy 750 Coins
Nidorino 1,200 Coins
Pinsir  2,500 Coins
Dratini  4,600 Coins
Porygon  6,500 Coins


TM23  3,300 Coins
TM15  5,500 Coins
TM50  7,700 Coins

Now fight the guy at the back of Game Corner to acess the basement. Work
your way around until you find Giovanni. He uses a Level 25 Onix, a Level
24 Rhyhorn and a Level 25 Kangaskhan. Use Water or Grass. Beat him to get
the Silph Scope. Now head over to the gym to fight Erika. Again, I will
suggest what Pokemon you should use and what Level they should be at.

Your starting Pokemon: Level 38
Growlithe: Level 26
Vaporeon: Level 35
Dux: Level 35
Butterfree: Level 30
Pikachu: Level 36

Use Growlithe against Erika, for she uses Grass type Pokemon. Use Ember on
her Pokemon. She uses a Level 29 Victreebel, a Level 24 Tangela and a Level
29 Vileplume. Beat her to get the Rainbow Badge and TM21. Buy a Fresh Water
for the guard at the road block, and he'll share it with the rest of them.
Now go back to Lavender Town, and enter Pokemon Tower. 

Here is where you get Ghost Pokemon. You'll also fight Gary here. He'll use
a Level 25 Pidgeotto, a Level 23 Gyarados, a Level 22 Growlithe, a Level 20
Kadabra and his starting Pokemon. 3 new Pokemon to get, Gastly, Haunter and
Cubone. When you get Haunter, replace Butterfree for him. At the end of the
Tower, you'll gight a Marowak. Kill her to go up to the last floor. Fight 3
Rocket members to free Mr. Fuji. He will give you a Poke Flute in return.
Go back to Saffron now that the gates are open. 

Heal your Pokemon, and buy supplies, then go into Silph Co. You'll find
Gary again. Beat him, and talk to the other guy in the room to get a
Lapras. Now go find Giovanni. Beat his Nidorino, Rhyhorn, Kangaskhan and
Nidoqueen to get a Master Ball from the President of Silph Co. Now go to
the Fighting Gym, and beat all the trainers here. When you beat thelast
one, he'll let you have either a Hitmonlee or a Hitmonchan. (I chose
Hitmonlee) Now go to the regular gym to fight Sabrina. She uses Psychic
Pokemon so build up Gastly or Haunter to at least Level 36. She has a Level
38 Kadabra, a Level 37 Mr. Mime, a Level 38 Venomoth and a Level 43
Alakazam. Beat her to get the Marsh Badge and TM46. Now go back to Lavender
Town and head South to Route 12.

Beat the trainers here, they're easy if you use Pikachu (or Raichu if you
used a Thunder Stone on him). The guy in the house near the bottom will
give you a Super Rod, so use that to catch better fish Pokemon. You also
find a Snorlax here, save before trying to catch it. Use the Poke Flute to
wake him. Move on to Route 13.

Beat the trainers here, and get a Venonat, a Ditto and a Gloom if you have
Red or a Weepinbell if you have Blue. 

ROUTES 14 & 15
Get a Pidgeotto here if you don't have one, and fight all the trainers
here, there are a lot of them. Use Pikachu here. Move on to Fuchsia City.

Heal your Pokemon, and get the Old Rod somewhere here, I don't remember,
but the guy has a pond in his backyard to fish in. Now go up to the gym to
face Koga. Switch to Kadabra if you have him for this one. He uses a Level
37 Koffing, a Level 39 Muk, a Level 37 Koffing again, and then a Level 43
Weezing. Beat him to the Soul Badge and TM06. Now go into the Safari Zone.

Here are a list of the Pokemon you'll find here:
The secret house is in Area 3, as are the Gold Teeth. Fish here to get a
Dratini, a Slowpoke, a Psyduck and a Krabby. Give the Teeth to the Warden
and get HM04. If you find the secret house you get HM03. Now you can Surf.
Go West from Fuchsia.

ROUTES 16, 17 & 18
The only new Pokemon here are Raticate and Fearow. Catch them and head back
up to Celadon through this path. Cut down the bush before going into the
city and head into the house in the corner to HM04. Now fly to Cerulean
City with your new HM. Go East, and dive into the water where you went into
Rock Tunnel. Swim South and then go up into the Power Plant.

You can get Voltorbs, Magnemites, Magnetons, Pikachus, Raichus and
Electabuzz's here. There is also one Electrode disguised as a Poke Ball. At
the exit of the Plant, Zapdos, one of the legendary birds, is waiting. Use
a Pokemon with sleep attacks to put him asleep, then wear him down. Next
throw Ultra Balls when he is weak and asleep to get him. SAVE BEFORE FACING
more trouble with Zapdos then with the other 2 rare birds. Fly back to
Fuchsia after putting Zapdos in your group, and go South into the water.
Swim down to Routes 19 and 20.

ROUTES 19 & 20
You can only fight Tentacools here in the water while you swim. Swim down
to Seafoam Islands.

You can catch all kinds of Pokemon here, as well as Articuno, the second
rare bird. You can get Seel, Slowpoke, Psyduck, Golduck, Horsea, Krabby,
Zubat, Golbat, Shellder, Staryu, Kingler, Dewgong, Seadrea, Slowbro. When
you find Articuno by rolling the loose boulder into the holes with
strength, use the same strategy as with Zapdos. Articuno was the easiest to
catch, it only took one Ultra Ball. Exit the cave, and swim on.

Heal, then buy supplies. Head into the Mansion to get the Key for the gym,
and collect a Koffing, Grimer, Weezing, Muk and Ponyta. Now go into the
Pokemon Lab and give the scientist your fossil. He will clone a Pokemon for
you. Then give him your Old Aber, and he will clone Aerodactyl. Now, go
into the gym to face Blaine. He has a Level 42 Growlithe, a Level 40
Ponyta, a Level 42 Rapidash and a Level 47 Arcanine. It's time for me to
make suggestions again:

Your starting Pokemon: Level 55
Pikachu: Level 50
Articuno: Level 52
Zapdos: Level 52
Vaporeon: Level 48
Dux: Level 55

Use Vaporeon to take Blaine out. You'll get the Volcano Badge and TM38 as a
reward. Now time to head off the island.

In the water you'll face Tentacool, but on land just collect Tangela. Now
fly to Viridian City.

The gym is now open, and Giovanni is the leader! He has a Level 45 Rhyhorn,
a Level 42 Dugtrio, a Level 43 Nidoqueen, a Level 45 Nidoking and a Level
50 Rhyhorn. Beat him to get the Earth Badge and TM27. Now go to Route 22.

You'll face Gary again. Beat him and move on. Collect Arbok if you have Red
or Sandslash if you have Blue if you don't already have them.

There all kinds of Pokemon to get here, too. You get Machop, Machoke,
Geodude, Graveler, Zubat, Golbat, Onix, Marowak and Venomoth. You also get
the third rare bird, Moltres. Get the new Pokemon, and Moltres using the
same startegy as the other ones, save before you fight him, and move on.

This is it, time to face the Elite Four!!! Here is a good team:

Your starting Pokemon: Level 70
Pikachu: Level 66
Articuno: Level 68
Moltres: Level 56
Vaporeon: Level 62
Gengar: Level 74

The first member is Lorelei, she uses Ice Pokemon, and she has Dewgong,
Cloyster, Slowbro, Jynx and Lapras. Use Moltres for the first four, then
use Pikachu for Lapras.

Next up is Bruno, who uses Rock and Fighting type. He has 2 Onixes,
Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Machamp. Use Vaporeon for the Onixes and Zapdos
on the other 3 with Drill Peck. 
is Agatha. She has 2 Gengars, Golbat, Haunter and Arbok. This is a good
place to use your starting Pokemon as long as it's not Charizard, if it is,
use Vaporeon on Gengar and Haunter, and Charizard on the rest. 

Finally you face Lance. He's got 2 Dragonairs, Gyarados, Aerodactyl and
Dragonite. Use Articuno here. 

You are now the Pokemon League Champ...after you beat Gary that is! He uses
6 Pokemon. His first 3 are Pidgeot, Alakazam and Rhydon. The next 3 depend
on which Pokemon he picked. Here is something to help:

If he chose Bulbasaur:
Gyarados-Use Pikachu
Arcanine-Use Vaporeon
Venusaur-Use Moltres

If he chose Charmander:
Exeggutor-Use Moltres
Gyarados-Use Pikachu
Charizard-Use Vaporeon

If he chose Squirtle:
Arcanine-Use Vaporeon
Exeggutor-Use Moltres
Blastoise-Use Pikachu

For his first 3:
Pidgeot-Use Pikachu
Alakazam-Use Gengar or Haunter, depending on if you traded to evolve him
Rhydon-Use Vaporeon

Congrats! You've beaten Pokemon, NOT. You still have one thing to do.
Capture Mewtwo. Head to Cerulean City, and go up the ridge. Dive into the
water, and swim down to the cave. 

There are a lot of new Pokemon here. They are: Dodrio, Venomoth, Kadabra,
Rhydon, Marowak, Electrode, Chansey, Wigglytuff, Ditto, Parasect,
Arbok/RED, Sandslash/BLUE, Raichu, Golbat, Hypno and Magneton. When you
find Mewtwo, just use the Master Ball right away to capture him. Otherwise,
you're in for a long fight.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3 Rare Birds

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

I will describe the 3 rare birds here, and give some good tips on how to
get them.

Moltres: The legendary Fire bird. He's the last one you find. All you need
are a few Ultra Balls and a Pokemon with Sing, Sleep Powder or Dream Eater.
Put him to sleep, then use 1 or 2 high damage moves to wear him down, and
then use weak attacks until he has a little bit of energy left. Put him to
sleep again if he wakes up. Throw the Ultra Balls until you catch him.
Moltres is located on Victory Road, right before you face the Elite Four.

Articuno: He is the best Ice Pokemon in the game, and one of my personnal
faves. Put him to sleep, wear him down until he has a tiny amount of life
left, then throw Ultra Balls until you catch him. He is the easiest one to
catch, just put him to sleep before he can use his Ice Beam on you. He is
found at Seafoam Islands.

Zapdos: He is the legendary Electric bird, and is the hardest to catch. Use
the same strategy as above, and bring extra Ultra Balls for this guy, he's
hard to get. It took me 9 Balls to catch, where it took 1 to get Articuno
and 3 to get Moltres. He's found in the exit of the Power Plant.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I got most of my info from the Pokemon Player Guide, written by Nintendo
Power. I'd also like to thank Nintendo for making such a great game. 
Don't take anything from this FAQ, it is copyright by me, Jr. Pikachu, and
took a while to write. 
I hope to add the rest of the evolutions soon, as well as put up a Battle

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