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Tame Your Need For Speed With A WhirlWind World Tour
Get a grip on World Circuit Series and speed through the spectacle of international Grand Prix racing. You'll span the globe in a full throttle quest for the championship trophy.
- Haul asphalt on 25 world famous Formula 1 race courses.
- Challenging top-down view keeps you on your toes, whether you're skidding through hairy hairpins or screaming down straightaways.
- Choose from three uniquely engineered Grand Prix style cars. Select from pre-tuned settings, or use raw racing instinct to customize your car with different engine, transmission, wing and tire grade options.
- Cruise through a test run on any course. Race the clock in qualifying laps. Then peel out in a single race or test your endurance in a series circuit.
- Hit the pit where the realistic animated sequence lets you make any repairs you want.
- Four Player Adapter allows up to four speed demons to race each other and a field of pros.

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