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Game Shark Codes (JP) by ARemsen

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 10/09/99

Game Shark codes for Pokémon Yellow, Japanese version
10/09/99 v0.1
(c) 1999 F'mitga(Arend Remsen)   e-mail: mryay@hotmail.com

3-GameShark/Pokémon Notes
 a-Pokémon modifiers
 b-Item modifiers
 c-Cash code

This guide is copyright 1999, Arend Remsen.  All rights
reserved.  It may be reproduced electronically, but must be left 
unedited and intact, and may not be sold, or given away with 
merchandise of any kind.

I am in no way affiliated with Interact Accessories, The Game Shark 
Code Creators Club, Nintendo, Game Freaks, etc.
Pokémon is tm and (c) by Nintendo
Game Shark is tm and (c) by Interact Accessories
All other tm and (c) not specifically mentioned are properties
of their respective owners and are hearby acknowledged.

Ok, as the name implies these are Game Shark codes for the
Japanese version of Pokémon Yellow.  People have been
whining up and down the Internet for months now about some
codes for this game.  So, I had a free afternoon and decided
to apease the people.  These codes use the exact same ?? values
that the codes for Pokémon Red and Blue use, so that's one
less headache.  If you don't have them handy, they can be
found at The Game Shark Code Creators Club website, 
Just look under Item, Pokémon, and Skill Modifier Quantity
Digits for the values.

However, I can't garuntee that these codes'll do didly squat
for the US version of Pokémon Yellow.  I'll look into *that* 
when it arrives. ;)  Enjoy!

~~~GameShark/Pokémon Notes~~~
*A note about Pokémon and the Game Shark*
You probably already know this, but you can mess up your
saved game on Pokémon with a GS.  However, it's not as
bad as it's made out to be, and with a few simple
precautions you'll never have to worry about it.  I do not
take any responsibility for you messing up your save with
a GS, but here a some pointers to help you avoid such a

-NEVER, EVER enter a code that is not in the format of
01????D?.  If you do, you're writing to a memory address
outside of the basic RAM used by Pokémon.  You could
even be altering some of your actual save game data.
95% of all Pokémon save destructions I see people encounter
are due to this.  Pokémon checks it's saves when you try
to load, and if it sees *anything* it doesn't like it's 
probably going to tell you the save is hosed.

-Make sure the code effects button is turned *off* until
you've loaded your game.  Make sure you turn it back off
before you save.

-If you DO screw up your save, and when you try to load
your game you get a message along the lines of "Corrupt
data, cannot load" don't panic.  Go back to the code entry
screen and find the code that just caused the problem.
You must *know* which code caused the problem, or this
won't work.  Get ahold of that code, but change the values
in the 3rd and 4th spaces to "00".  This will nullify
whatever you just did and may allow you to load your game
as normal.  You'll need to make an exception and have the
GS on while you load.  If this doesn't work, don't worry
quite yet...you'll just have to run through every
combination of values you can put in until it works.  Or

Well, enough of that, on to the codes!

-Pokémon modifiers-

:1st Pokémon Slot Codes:
01??24D1=pokémon modifier
01??2CD1=Large HP mod
01??2DD1=Small HP mod
01??33D1=Skill 1 mod
01??34D1=Skill 2 mod
01??35D1=Skill 3 mod
01??36D1=Skill 4 mod

01??38D1=Trainer # mod

01??3AD1=Exp. mod

01634AD1=Infinite PP, all slots

01??4CD1=Level mod
01??4DD1=Large Max HP mod
01??4ED1=Small Max HP mod
01??4FD1=Large attack mod
01??50D1=Small attack mod
01??51D1=Large defense mod
01??52D1=Small defense mod
01??53D1=Large speed mod
01??54D1=Small speed mod
01??55D1=Large special mod
01??56D1=Small special mod

:2nd Pokémon Slot Codes:
01??25D1=pokémon modifier
01??58D1=Large HP mod
01??59D1=Small HP mod
01??5FD1=Skill 1 mod
01??60D1=Skill 2 mod
01??61D1=Skill 3 mod
01??62D1=Skill 4 mod

01??64D1=Trainer # mod

01??66D1=Exp. mod

016376D1=Infinite PP, all slots

01??78D1=Level mod
01??79D1=Large Max HP mod
01??7AD1=Small Max HP mod
01??7BD1=Large attack mod
01??7CD1=Small attack mod
01??7DD1=Large defense mod
01??7ED1=Small defense mod
01??7FD1=Large speed mod
01??80D1=Small speed mod
01??81D1=Large special mod
01??82D1=Small special mod

:3rd Pokémon Slot Codes:
01??26D1=pokémon modifier
01??84D1=Large HP mod
01??85D1=Small HP mod
01??8BD1=Skill 1 mod
01??8CD1=Skill 2 mod
01??8DD1=Skill 3 mod
01??8ED1=Skill 4 mod

01??90D1=Trainer # mod

01??92D1=Exp. mod

0163A2D1=Infinite PP, all slots

01??A4D1=Level mod
01??A5D1=Large Max HP mod
01??A6D1=Small Max HP mod
01??A7D1=Large attack mod
01??A8D1=Small attack mod
01??A9D1=Large defense mod
01??AAD1=Small defense mod
01??ABD1=Large speed mod
01??ACD1=Small speed mod
01??ADD1=Large special mod
01??AED1=Small special mod

:4th Pokémon Slot Codes:
01??27D1=pokémon modifier
01??B0D1=Large HP mod
01??B1D1=Small HP mod
01??B7D1=Skill 1 mod
01??B8D1=Skill 2 mod
01??B9D1=Skill 3 mod
01??BAD1=Skill 4 mod

01??BCD1=Trainer # mod

01??BED1=Exp. mod

0163CED1=Infinite PP, all slots

01??D0D1=Level mod
01??D1D1=Large Max HP mod
01??D2D1=Small Max HP mod
01??D3D1=Large attack mod
01??D4D1=Small attack mod
01??D5D1=Large defense mod
01??D6D1=Small defense mod
01??D7D1=Large speed mod
01??D8D1=Small speed mod
01??D9D1=Large special mod
01??DAD1=Small special mod

:5th Pokémon Slot Codes:
01??28D1=pokémon modifier
01??DCD1=Large HP mod
01??DDD1=Small HP mod
01??E3D1=Skill 1 mod
01??E4D1=Skill 2 mod
01??E5D1=Skill 3 mod
01??E6D1=Skill 4 mod

01??E8D1=Trainer # mod

01??EAD1=Exp. mod

0163FAD1=Infinite PP, all slots

01??FCD1=Level mod
01??FDD1=Large Max HP mod
01??FED1=Small Max HP mod
01??FFD1=Large attack mod
01??00D2=Small attack mod
01??01D2=Large defense mod
01??02D2=Small defense mod
01??03D2=Large speed mod
01??04D2=Small speed mod
01??05D2=Large special mod
01??06D2=Small special mod

:6th Pokémon Slot Codes:
01??29D1=pokémon modifier
01??08D2=Large HP mod
01??09D2=Small HP mod
01??0FD2=Skill 1 mod
01??10D2=Skill 2 mod
01??11D2=Skill 3 mod
01??12D2=Skill 4 mod

01??14D2=Trainer # mod

01??16D2=Exp. mod

016326D2=Infinite PP, all slots

01??28D2=Level mod
01??29D2=Large Max HP mod
01??2AD2=Small Max HP mod
01??2BD2=Large attack mod
01??2CD2=Small attack mod
01??2DD2=Large defense mod
01??2ED2=Small defense mod
01??2FD2=Large speed mod
01??30D2=Small speed mod
01??31D2=Large special mod
01??32D2=Small special mod

01??A1D2=Set the number of active item slots.  Use "14"
         for the ?? to activate all 20 slots.  If you
         give yourself more items than you have active
         slots, you won't be able to see/access the
         extra items.  Putting anything higher than "14"
         could well screw up your game, so don't do it!

01??A2D2=1st slot item modifier
01??A3D2=1st slot item quantity

01??A4D2=2nd slot item modifier
01??A5D2=2nd slot item quantity

01??A6D2=3rd slot item modifier
01??A7D2=3rd slot item quantity

01??A8D2=4th slot item modifier
01??A9D2=4th slot item quantity

01??AAD2=5th slot item modifier
01??ABD2=5th slot item quantity

01??ACD2=6th slot item modifier
01??ADD2=6th slot item quantity

01??AED2=7th slot item modifier
01??AFD2=7th slot item quantity

01??B0D2=8th slot item modifier
01??B1D2=8th slot item quantity

01??B2D2=9th slot item modifier
01??B3D2=9th slot item quantity

01??B4D2=10th slot item modifier
01??B5D2=10th slot item quantity

01??B6D2=11th slot item modifier
01??B7D2=11th slot item quantity

01??B8D2=12th slot item modifier
01??B9D2=12th slot item quantity

01??BAD2=13th slot item modifier
01??BBD2=13th slot item quantity

01??BCD2=14th slot item modifier
01??BDD2=14th slot item quantity

01??BED2=15th slot item modifier
01??BFD2=15th slot item quantity

01??C0D2=16th slot item modifier
01??C1D2=16th slot item quantity

01??C2D2=17th slot item modifier
01??C3D2=17th slot item quantity

01??C4D2=18th slot item modifier
01??C5D2=18th slot item quantity

01??C6D2=19th slot item modifier
01??C7D2=19th slot item quantity

01??C8D2=20th slot item modifier
01??C9D2=20th slot item quantity

0199CCD2=Infinite/$999,999 cash

Uhhh...Me!  For doing this.
Nintendo for making Pokémon.
Smoked salmon for giving me something to nibble on while doing this.

Well, as stated up above my e-mail address is mryay@hotmail.com
Don't send me mail asking for ROMs or emulators.  Go find them
yourself.  Code requests are kinda up in the air, I might do them.
However, don't ask for codes to get Pokégods or Pikablu or any of 
that other BS, it's a crock, it doesn't exist(until Gold/Silver come
out), get over it.

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