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MissingNo FAQ by TheaN

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 02/18/09

          PPPP      k                        Y   Y     l l           
          P   P     k k                       Y Y      l l           
          PPPP  ooo kk   eee mmmm  ooo nnn     Y   eee l l ooo w   w 
          P     o o k k  e e m m m o o n  n    Y   e e l l o o w w w 
          P     ooo k  k ee  m m m ooo n  n    Y   ee  l l ooo  w w  
                _   _                                  _     _      
                /  /|    ,             ,               /|   /       
            ---/| /-|-------__---__--------__----__---/-| -/-----__-
              / |/  |  /   (_ ` (_ ` /   /   ) /   ) /  | /    /   )
                                             (_ /   
         ##              #        #     #           ### #           ### 
        #   ### ###  ## ### ### ###     ### # #      #  ### ###  ## # # 
        #   #   ##  # #  #  ##  # #     # # ###      #  # # ##  # # # # 
        #   #   ### ###  ## ### ###     ###   #      #  # # ### ### # # 
         ##                                 ###      #              # # 

0.0                               Version

Version 1.00:   - The submitted "Pokemon Yellow MissingNo" FAQ.

Version 1.10:   - Had to correct critical parts; the special is not only 184,
09-05-2008        but also 182 and 183, or so I have been told, by someone who
                  got lost in the emailbox. If you are this person, please
                  email me again, and you'll be named! PokemonLab, however, is
                  responsible for these special values, so don't blame me or
                  the contributor :).

                - If you get to use a 182 or 183 Missingno, please email me if 
                  it does, or does not work. I would like to know the results
                  as I haven't tested them myself.

                - The predetermined 'getting the special parameter' Pokemon are
                  incorrect! This is a very important point I've been getting
                  complaints about, and I now know why.

Version 1.20:   - Changed some small bits and pieces: mainly for viewing
02-18-2009        pleasure.

                - Please, do not email me with the regular Missingno glitch and
                  how flawed my FAQ is. Read it first, then try to email
                  something like that.

                - Added something about the Key Items duplication. Credits to


1.0                     -----------=-=-=-----------
1.1                               FAQ Info

My FAQ number:          14.
Version:                1.2.
Last update:            02-18-2009.
Lay-out type(*):        1.

*: The 2nd type also has In-Depth sections, besides general sections,
sub-sections and sub-sub-sections.

1.2                             Introduction

This is a FAQ of (]=-The@N-=[), known as TheaN on Gamefaqs messageboards.
My real name is Arno Middelkoop and I'm from the Netherlands. Look in the
Credits section on how to contact me for additional info, questions or
corrections, but DON'T mail me for flaming or insulting, because you'll and up
on my black list. That was my introduction, on to the subject of this FAQ:

1.3                        SUbject Introduction

MissingNo, Pokemon #666 (no, that I just made up) that will duplicate the 6th
item 128 times. That's the general explantion for this black block being glitch
Pokemon that's overused in Pokemon Red and Blue. In Yellow, the general
MissingNo glitch has been removed. MissingNo also? Nope, not by a longshot.

Why this FAQ now? Just because it's probably the only thing asked on the Yellow
board at this time. I'd like to see that no longer. So I hope it's going to
be accepted and used a lot overtime.

1.4                             Copyright

This FAQ is created by me: Arno Middelkoop, aka TheaN. 

Feel free to modify for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This includes, and is pretty much
limited to, saving only sections you need onto your computer, copying/pasting
sections to print out for personal use. Once you are distributing it to sites,
magazines or selling it for profit, even without claiming it's your work, you
are breaking my Copyright.

You cannot copy this FAQ/Guide to your site without my permission:
- do without permission, and you're plagiarizing.
- do with permission, but change a character, and you're plagiarizing.
- do both, and you're a real bad copy person.
Email me to grant permission on your site. Although I'll keep an eye out for
plagiarizing or changing the format. In most cases, I'll reject the offer,
unless I have proof of a good format.

Linking to any of the allowed three however, is allowed. GameFAQs and Neoseeker
both have connections to other sites, and it would be unfair to not grant them
that connection. I am not aware of any connections to supercheats, but if it
a connection, once again, don't mail me.

Until now, these sites have permission to post:
www.gamefaqs.com        (main host)
www.neoseeker.com       (second host)
www.supercheats.com     (third host)

These sites got their permission revoked:
www.dlh.net             (and connections)       
www.cheatbook.de        (and connections)

Email me if this FAQ is on one of the above sites or another one. BUT DON'T
2.0                          Table of Contents

Introduction                                            1.0
FAQ Info                                                1.1
Introduction                                            1.2
Subject Introduction                                    1.3
Copyright                                               1.4
Table of Contents                                       2.0
MissingNo in general                                    3.0
How is he encountered in Red and Blue?                  3.1
Why not in Yellow?                                      3.2
Can I recreate the MissingNo glitch?                    3.3
How can I encounter MissingNo in Yellow?                3.4
HOW???                                                  3.5
So why only these three?                                3.6
MissingNo encouter guide                                4.0
Step 1: determining the long-ranged trainer             4.1
Step 2: getting the special parameter                   4.2
Step 3: the long-ranged and random trainer              4.3
Step 4: how to keep battling a trainer                  4.4
Step 5: using the Transform Trick                       4.5
Step 6: 6th item, and the encounter                     4.6
Step 7: and repeat... what?                             4.7
Credits                                                 5.0
3.0                        MisssingNo is general

About MissingNo, there's not much to explain. This not to be Pokemon was part
of a game code error in Pokemon Red and Blue. As a positive glitch, the 6th
item got duplicated upon the encounter, but the negative glitches were more
frequent: corrupted save files, messed up Hall of Fames, too uber Pokemon and
more corrupted save files. These are avoidable if you don't capture the Pokemon
however, and the glitch was much used to duplicate limited and extremely
expensive items.

3.1                 How is he encountered in Red and Blue?

Go to the Viridian How To Capture A Pokemon guy, with fly and surf capable
Pokemon. Say you'll listen. After his tutorial, Fly to Cinnabar Island, and
go Surfing off the island coast. I'm not aware of the precise location and it
is irrelevant for Yellow.
 You'll encounter a lot of uber level Pokemon, and
occasionally a MissingNo. If not, it depends on the name choosen. 'Ash' WILL
generate one, FAFAIK.

3.2                          Why not in Yellow?

Removed out of the game code, I guess. It was too obvious, and they wanted the
'perfect' GB RPG to have no glitches. Up until 5 years after the Yellow
release, Yellow players were banned from the use of glitches.

3.3                 Can I recreate the MissingNo glitch?

Probably, with all the knowledge about the Gameboy (and) game code hacking.
Unlikely for a regular player and, there are other methods. That's what this is
about. If you want to encounter level >200 Pokemon as well, you should try it.
As that is NOT what the Yellow method can create.

3.4               How can I encounter MissingNo in Yellow?

Use the Mew Glitch with the Ditto Glitch with a special of 182, 183 or 184. 
If this doesn't recall anything, go to 3.5. Otherwise, go to the guide.

3.5                               HOW???

The Mew Glitch was discovered 5 years after the release of Blue and Red. AS the
name applies, this is, what the MissingNo glitch was unable to do, the only way
to encounter and capture Pokemon #151, the legendary (and ingame overpowered)
Mew. I will not go in-depth in the Glitch itself. TheScythe (Red/Blue) and
IMAKUNI (Yellow), have anything you need in their FAQs. It would plagiarize
them if I were to put something in about it. Any practical uses of the glitch
WILL be explained with proper credit, as any specific findings were done by me.

3.5                       So why only these three?

'Only' is not the right word. 'Maybe' there are more, but 182-184 should be
enough to get what you need. You'll encounter fossil-like (182 and 183) or
Ghost-like (184) Pokemon as in the Pokemon Lab and Pokemon Tower, however, it
is called MissingNo. The differences with a 'regular' MissingNo are impressive.
Please look at Step 5 of the guide for more info on the actual differences.

4.0                      MissingNo encounter guide

So be it. At this point, I require you to have sufficient knowledge about the 
(Mew) Glitch (from now on, any reference will be the Glitch). I gave you the
direct criteria at 3.5: generate a Glitch encounter with a special of 182-184.
This can only be done with the Ditto Glitch, with only few possibilities of
own Pokemon to be used. That's what the guide is for.

You will ALWAYS need a long-ranged trainer to perform the Glitch. Make sure
you keep one available. See the first step to see which I use.
3.1             Step 1: determining the long-ranged trainer

Not that easy. There are a lot, but not too many. I guess it's a matter of
preference, but the easiest to encounter and to initiate the glitch battle is
the one west of Lavender, west of the entrance house of the Road to Celadon.

The pros for this trainer are that if you use Lavender as drop point after the
Ditto Glitch event, the glitch battle will take place right upon exiting
Lavender, which is only a few steps from the Pokemon Center. Also, the Trainer
itself is not too far off Lavender. One con as well, however, the Trainer
is usually fought early on; thus maybe already beaten if you read this FAQ.
That pretty much it for the long-ranged trainer.

4.2                Step 2: getting the special parameter

182-184 is our goal.

As you might have read in my version update, this is not as a solid section as
it was before. Both in my own research Articuno, and the base/max stats FAQ
have ignored the existence of Pokemon DV: 

DV's or diversity values are what sets a Pokemon apart from another. Like when
you catch two Pikachus, even though they are at the same level, one might have
a higher Special Attack, while the other is a bit faster. Each Pokemon has 5
DVs and they are used to determine the Pokemon's stats all the way up to Level
100. DV's range from 0-15 with 15 being the best and 0 being the worst (credits
to PokeZam.com).

This ought to explain enough. The same Pokemon of the same level, in Yellow
(and Blue and Red), have five DVs. With 16 different numbers of all stats,
16^5 = 1/1048576 Pokemon is identical to one you had earlier. For the special,
this is obviously only 1/16, but that is still WAY too low to create solid
examples. Hints, however, I can give.

Try to use, as my own Pokemon was (I no longer have the savefile), legendary
birds. These can come close from their starting level on with eight to twelve
levels to these specials. The second thing I can say is that if you can find
yourself a Pokemon that will have either of the specials on complete max stats,
use it.

4.3              Step 3: the long-ranged and random trainer

On to the glitch. This should be known. Still, very summarized.

Initiate the long-ranged trainer battle and Fly off to a place with a random
trainer. Fly is a necessity, as well is Surf, and Dig preferably. The legendary
Pokemon are good candidates, as Fly is a great ability.

Battle the trainer with a vision of two or more (it will freeze if you
encounter a trainer next to you). Defeat him, and fly off to Cerulean and use
the transform trick.

Only if you're out of random trainers, go to step 4. Otherwise go to step 5.
4.4                Step 4: how to keep battling a trainer

WAAAAAAH I'm out of trainers! No problemo. The League can be used. I have my
own usage for the league, although this is a known method.

Initiate the long-ranged trainer battle and Fly off to the Plateau. Get on the
computer, Bill's computer and switch boxes. Take note that this is possible,
even in long-ranged trainer mode. Quit the game and load. Defeat the league or
be defeated: at least beat Lorelei, getting defeated will be costly though.
Fly from Pallet/Plateau to Cerulean and use the transform trick.

4.5                  Step 5: using the Transform Trick

Now get those Pokemon with at least Surf, you have to get to the Indigo Cave
and to the Ditto's lair, Fly, you have this already but you need to get back in
case you deposited the Pokemon with whom you activated the glitch, and Dig, you
want to escape from the Cave the moment Ditto copied the special.

Once you're in Cerulean, go past the Nugget Bridge. To the west in the water.
Go on shore next to a cave entrance and enter it, you'll know this place
if you are aware of Mewtwo. Go in the water in the cave and go west until you
can't go any further.  Go on the ladder to the north. Here, move up and down
with the Pokemon with special 182, 183 or 184 on the top of your list. Escape
all battles EXCEPT Ditto. When you encounter one, use the Poke Flute; at least
don't escape or kill him, and escape the battle after he transforms. Now Dig 
your way out and Fly to Lavender. You don't want to walk out, as you risk to
encounter another Pokemon that will crush the correct value. Although this
step takes quite some time, there are no alternatives. It's just not possible.

DO NOT SAVE AND QUIT NOW. You will have to encounter Ditto again, as a quit
will reset the Special counter to no value. No value, is no encounter. And no
encounter means you have to repeat step 3, and if necessary 4, which is even

4.6                 Step 6: 6th item and the encounter

Well. Least but not last. Other way around. You know what I mean.

Once you're in Lavender, you should decide which item you want to duplicate.
For some recommendations, look at Step 7. Put the item in the 6th slot, BE
EXTREMELY SURE OF THIS, DON'T COUNT WRONG! Move west of Lavender. Your menu,
as stated in the FAQs, should get up. Cancel and be encountered. You'll 
encounter a Lv7 MissingNo.

I'll point out, in table form, what are the differences between special
MissingNos and a 'regular' MissingNo. These differences are usually YELLOW
specific. That's the reason why Blue/Red were able to use MissingNo regularly.

|        'Regular' MissingNo            |          Special MissingNo**        |
|  A black-block-like glitchy being     |  A special Missingno, not glitchy   |
|  Will corrupt or turn off sound       |  Will NOT corrupt or turn off sound |
|  Will slow down the game              |  Will NOT slow down the game        |
|  Will save the game                   |  Will NOT save the game             |
|  Will corrupt the Hall of Fame        |  Will NOT corrupt the Hall of Fame  |
|  Can freeze the game                  |  Has NEVER frozen the game          |
|  Can completely turn off the game     |  Has NEVER turned off the game      |
|  Can completely CORRUPT THE SAVE*     |  CANNOT completely corrupt the save*|
|  Will usually NOT duplicate items     |  Has ALWAYS duplicated the 6th item |

The chances of an error that will occur from a regular MissingNo increases with
each encounter. Although they are easier to encounter, specials around 30 are
already sufficient, they can really mess up your game and not be able to
duplicate the item. The Special Missingnos always will, at least up until now
which is about twenty clones

* The first happened to me in my research for a good MissingNo. The latter has
  not occured yet, but seeing that it does not save your game and does not
  freeze, this is extremely unlikely.

** PokemonLab takes credits for 182 and 183 specials. Also 184 but that was the
   basis of my FAQ and I found it from scratch myself. If the 182 and 183 do or
   do not work, please email me when you get to use such Missingnos. This I
   have also adressed in the version update.

Escape from the battle, verify the #9 amount at the 6th item. Congratulations!



I've not tried it, and I will not. Although I do know they are not as harmful
as I initially thought, they will not be like regular Pokemon. The intention
for this FAQ, at least from my point of few, is to duplicate items, not to
capture glitch Pokemon.

4.7                     Step 7: and repeat... what?

In this section I'll give an overview of items that are worth duplicating. You
can completely repeat any step, as the limited amount of trainers is not a
problem and you can use the long-ranged trainer unlimited.

Potential item list, probably from best to worst, although it depends:
- TMs: perfect move sets.
- Elixirs: PP restoring for the win.
- PP Ups: maxing out a Pokemon completely with +50%PP for every move.
- Other ups: as they're the most expensive items in the game.
- Nuggets: unlimited money.
- Rare Candy: take note it has side-effects when levelling like this.
- Other limited items... however, do take a look at the note.

Don't use Key Items, items without a count. I've never tried it, but someone
else did that for me. User DarkestPhoenix3 emailed me and I'll summarize what
he told me: he put a Key Item there by pure accident and noticed that it
actually got duplicated, but not by the #9 count that usually shows behind a
duplicated item, it was empty as in only one item. He noticed that it DID
duplicate once he tried to remove the item from his inventory. He needed to
deposit it as much as 129 times in the PC to get rid of it, as he couldn't
select amounts... my advice, do NOT duplicate Key Items to avoid that.



5.0                               Credits

This is it folks. Another FAQ finished. I hope you need it, and more important,
use it.

- I thank Game Freak for creating this classic masterpiece.
- And then I thank Nintendo for publishing it, of course.

- Of course I credit IMAKUNI and TheScythe for their trouble on the Glitch, but
  I only used my own strategies for this FAQ. Anything else used is fact.

- I thank GF greatly for their trouble to approve this FAQ, seeing it has
  distinct info.

- I concur that PokemonLab has found all three specials earlier then I did.
  Still, the FAQ, originally based around special 184, is an original work of
  myself (as PokemonLab is not into writing the stuff in FAQs). Due to it, a
  lot of people were able to encounter a normal Missingno, so enough credit to 
  myself, I presume :). I have not used PokemonLab's information in any way to
  write my own FAQ, so leave the insults.

- I thank DarkestPhoenix3 for his support on the Key Items part.

If there are any questions, improvements, additional info or info I forgot, get
in this list my mailing me at:


Yours truly,
Arno "TheaN" Middelkoop

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