How do I get the FLASH and FLY HMs?

  1. I know how to get STRENGTH and SURF (although I'm stuck looking for the secret house-can't find it) and I already have CUT. But how do I get FLY and FLASH?

    User Info: MewBaura

    MewBaura - 11 years ago
  2. omg thanks so much!!! I've been stuck in safari for weeks and i couldnt figure out where to get the other HMS omg ur so helpful thankyou!!!

    User Info: MewBaura

    MewBaura - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Fly is on Route 16. Leaving Celadon City to the west, before you reach that guard house that had (or has) a Snorlax blocking it, there's a cuttable tree above you. Cut that tree and follow the path, going through the top half of the guard house, and then reaching a secluded house. The girl inside gives you the HM.

    Flash is on Route 2. On the east side of the route (accessable via Cut or Diglett's Cave), there's that lookout station that has one of Professor Oak's aides in it. If you have at least 10 Pokemon registered as "Owned" on your Pokedex, he'll give you the HM.

    Here are my directions for getting Surf & Strength via the Safari Zone:

    From the entrance after you enter, go to the east side of the screen and go through the transition into the next area. On this screen (Area 1), go right, then up onto the rock plateau, then go to the staircase immediately to your left to leave the rock plateau. Go up through the grass and to another rock plateau, using both its staircases to bypass that tree there. Now circle around behind this rock plateau and keep going west and you'll reach the entrance to the next area (Area 2). In this area, move left into the grass and head up the stairs on the second rock plateau, and go down its other staircase on the left. Now move all the way north & east past a few lakes, west past that one little house there, and once you've gone all the way west, go all the way south again to reach a special entrance into the final area (Area 3). Once there, you'll have a choice of left or straight ahead. Go straight ahead first to find the Gold Teeth, then go back up and head left to reach the Secret House with the Surf HM in it. Use the Gold Teeth on the Warden back in the main city to get Strength.

    Hopefully it's not too confusing. If you need a little help following these instructions, check out pictures of the Safari Zone taken from the game here:

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 11 years ago 8   1

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