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Guide and Walkthrough by Deranged

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 12/24/1999

Donkey Kong Land 2 FAQ 
Author : Deranged
E@mail : deranged85@hotmail.com. 
Last updated : 12/11/1999

1)Table Of Contents

1)Table Of Contents
2)Version History
9)Bonus Stage Descriptions*
10)Enemy List
12)Contact Information

* - Section has not been completed

2)Version History

24/16/99 - Verison 1.5 completed. Cheery Christmas, Smashing 
Solstice, Kick-ass Kwanzaa, Happy Hannukah, whatever holiday you 
celebrate, hope it was a good one. Huge update today, finished the 
Walkthrough, completed the Characters list and completed the Enemy 
List, thanks to the ending of DKL2, and all the vague enemy 
descriptions in the walkthrough has been changed.
16/12/99 - Version 1.3 completed. Just noticed a horrible mistake : 
All these dates are pointed towards November! *Slaps forehead* 
Anyway, World 4 walkthrough is completed, as well as an item I forgot 
to add(again) and an addition the Contact Information.
14/12/99 - Version 1.2 completed. World 3 added to the Walkthrough, 
some more items I missed added, typos fixed.
13/12/99 - Version 1.1 completed. Added in a new section and added 
more to the Walkthrough.
12/12/99 - Version 1.0 started and completed


Well, I won't lie : This FAQ was written practically out of boredom.
However, this is possibly still one of the best platform games for 
the Game Boy, and can be incredibly infuriating for those who MUST 
get 100%. This isn't actually a walkthrough itself, as most of the 
levels are pretty simple by themselves. For the most part, I'll only 
give the locations of DK Coins and Bonus Barrels in the stages, which 
can range from the obvious to the self-kicking. I'll still give a 
detailed guide for boss stages, and stages which are particularly 
infuriating as well. Anyway, don't let me waste any more of your time 
with this fairly long-winded introduction, lets get started!


A - Your jump button, many enemies can be killed pretty easily just 
by jumping on them. These can be rather hard to time though, so it's 
usually best to stick with the B attack. This will still be one of 
your more used buttons though, it's a PLATFORMING game, right?

B - This activates the characters sideways attack, usually used for 
beating enemies. This is also used to pick up barrels, crates, eggs, 
cannonballs, you name it.

Control Pad - Moves your character left and right, on occasionally up 
and down ropes/ladders. Note that while holding B, you'll run and 
climb ladders/ropes much faster.

Start - Pauses the game.

Select - Switches between Diddy and Dixie. You won't have the option 
of switching if you don't see the picture of your partner in the 
bottom right though.


Diddy Kong - One of the protagonists of the whole game, and 
(apparently) DK's nephew. You'll be controlling either him or Dixie 
during the game, so you better get used to him. On a mission to save 
DK himself.
(Special Notes : Diddy's attack is a Cartwheel, which is infinitely 
easier to use than Dixies Hair Spin. He also somewhat makes up the 
inability of flying by being able to cartwheel off a ledge, then 
press A to execute something of a double jump)

Dixie Kong - Diddy Kong's girlfriend, I've no idea why she tags along 
with Diddy to rescue DK, she seems to have no relation to him 
whatsoever. I prefer using her to Diddy for some reason.
(Special Notes : Dixie's attack is a Hair Spin, but it doesn't seem 
to be able to hit enemies low to the ground. She also can hover by 
holding B in mid-air, which you have to master in order to get 
through the game. Unlike Diddy, she can't use her Hair Spin as a 
double jump)

Donkey Kong - The famous ape has somehow managed to get himself 
captured, and you see him maybe 3 times in the whole game. I think he 
ought to sue, considering the game is named after him.... and he 
steals the whole show at the end of the game.

Funky Kong - The owner of Funky's Flights, who hangs around all the 
worlds. If you're in an unwanted land, you can pay him two Banana 
coins to get out of there, although it's free the first time you 
visit. He also seems to talk in that ever-annoying "Surfer Speak". I 
like his bandana, though. Renting a plane is free the first time, but 
costs two banana coins after that.

Wrinkly Kong - This lady runs the Kong Kollege, and is possibly the 
most important character in the game besides Diddy and Dixie, as 
she's the only one who can save your game. Saving your game is free 
the first time, but costs two banana coins after that.

Rambi - A rhino, and has the distinct ability to be totally 
invincible. He can't be hurt at all, for some reason. Press B to 
execute a horn attack, and hold Select for a second or two to execute 
a dashing charge.

Rattly - A rattlesnake. Has no attacks, but has an AMAZING jumping 
ability, and can jump on pretty much everything without a scratch. 
Holding Select for a second while allow Rattly to jump EXTREMELY 

Enguarde - A swordfish, this animal is very useful as the only one 
who can defeat enemies underwater, and is pretty quick as well. Press 
B to perform a charge attack, and hold Select to perform it's dash 

Squawks - A parrot, he's the only member who can actually fly, so get 
used to using him. pressing A will make him flap his wings, gaining 
height, and pressing B will shoot nuts.

Squitter - A spider. He's very versatile, with web projectiles and 
the ability to make platforms. He can't jump on anything, though. 
Press B to shoot a web projectile, and hold up or down at the same 
time to make the web fly at an angle. Press Select while a web is 
still visible to make a platform. It'll disappear after a few seconds 

K.Rool - The big guy, he's big, he's bad, he's mean, and he has 
peanuts for brains. Why would someoone constantly shoot barrels at 
you anyway?... Anyway, he's the big cheese, and once you kill him, 
the game is over....maybe..


The layout of Donkey Kong Country is this : You start in a world. At 
the end of the world, which is consisted of 5 or so levels, you get a 
boss stage. Once you beat the boss, you can access the next world. 
Simple, no? Anyway, as said before, I'll only detail the locations of 
the Bonus Barrels and the DK coins, as this FAQ will get boring VERY 
quickly if all it says is "Jump right...then jump left...then grab 
barrel left...the kill this enemy...then kill that enemy..." Get my 
drift? Anyway, here it is...

World 1 - Gangplank Galleon

1.1 - Pirate Panic

Bonus Barrel 1 - Pretty soon in the level, you'll encounter two 
bananas in the air, the one on the right slightly lower than the 
other. This is your clue to use Dixie's Hair Hover to grab both 
bananas and keep on moving to the right, and you'll enter this hidden 
Bonus Barrel, which leads you to a stage with 15 bananas. Note that 
this will dump you at the end of the stage, which makes for a great 
shortcut. Note that this isn't actually counted as a Bonus Stage.

Bonus Barrel 2 - Around the middle of the level, you'll encounter a 
Bonus Barrel JUST out of reach, even if you use the barrel there as a 
stepping stone. The answer is to backtrack a bit, where you can find 
3 barrels, one of is stacked on another. Use Dixie to hover to the 
bonus barrel or Diddy to double jump into it. Inside lies a pretty 
simple game of "Find The Token".

DK Coin - Somewhere around the middle of the level, you'll find 4 
barrels stacked in a 2x2 position. Use this to jump to the barrel 
pointing to the upper-right, which will shoot you to a barrel 
pointing to the right, which will shoot you into the DK Coin.

Special Note - When you reach the end(Signified by a spring which 
looks like a bullseye), go past the bulls-eye to reach a secret stash 
of two Banana coins, 10 bananas and an extra life.

1.2 - Mainbrace Mayhem

DK Coin - After climbing the second rope ladder and running up the 
sloping platform, you get a choice between going upwards or 
downwards. Head downwards and use the rope ladder there to travel 
towards the right, where you'll find the DK Coin.

Bonus Barrel - At the sloping platform before choosing whether to go 
upwards or downwards, if you head upwards, you can see a Bonus Barrel 
a fair distance away from the platform. You can wait until you get 
further up and use a rope ladder to climb downwards to it, but you 
can get there directly from that platform with Dixie's hover.

1.3 - Gangplank Galley

Bonus Barrel 1 - Head left as soon as the stage begins and climb up 
the barrel formation there. Use the hooks, as well as Dixie's Hover, 
to reach this shortcut simply by hovering right as much as possible. 
As with Bonus Barrel 1 in 1.1, this isn't counted as a Bonus Stage, 
and dumps you right in front of the bulls-eye spring.

Bonus Barrel 2 - In the last formation of hooks in the stage(The only 
one with 4 hooks over a bottomless hole), drop downwards from the 
first hook to find this Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - Similarly, drop off the third hook to find the DK Coin.

(World Note : Be sure to save at Kong Kollege before you continue. 
Hey, it's free after all.)

1.4 - Lockjaw's Locker

Bonus Barrel - As soon as you take a dip, head for the bottom, then 
head right, the second crate form bottom is fake. Follow it to the 
Bonus Barrel. Basically another shortcut.

DK Coin - When you reach the first of the banana arrows pointing 
upwards, hear towards the upper-left and you can find a single crate 
in the way of a path. Obviously, the crate is fake, so go ahead and 
grab the DK Coin beyond.

Special Note : There's TONS of secret passageways in this level, and 
I'm too lazy to list them all, but just check for single crates 
blocking a path, as those are the most likely candidate for fakes.

1.5 - Topsail Trouble

Bonus Barrel 1 - Jump into the Snake barrel, then jump onto the first 
ledge towards the left. Stand on the right part of the platform, then 
hold Select to charge up and let loose a super jump. This'll land you 
in this Bonus Barrel, another shortcut.

Bonus Barrel 2 - About midway through the level, you can find two 
hooks, one above the other. You can use these to jump onto the 
highest platform, then from there you can jump directly into the 
Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - On the ledge above and to the left of the ledge with the 
Treasure Chest on it, there's a DK Coin and a bunch of bananas 
towards the left. Use Dixie's Hover to get them and return to the 
platform safely.

1.6 - Krow's Nest

Your first boss, and he's pretty easy. First, he'll grab an egg, then 
fly in a U shape formation to the other side of the screen(Jump over 
him, preferably with Dixie's Hover) and let go of the egg. Grab the 
egg then jump into him to break the egg on him easily. Do this twice, 
and he changes his tactics. Eggs will come falling from the top of 
the stage, just avoid them until one of them stays on the platform. 
Once again, hold it, then jump into the crow to break the barrel on 
him. The eggs seem to fall where you last were, so moving constantly 
will help you avoid them. Hit him two more times with eggs to kill 

World 2 - Krem Cauldron

2.1 - Hothead Hop

Bonus Barrel 1 - When you reach the mountain with two Klampons on it, 
one above and one below, you might have noticed the Bonus Barrel to 
the upper left that was JUST out of reach for both the Kongs. Travel 
further on, and you'll find a Squitter barrel. Head back, and use the 
webs to get to the Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - Almost right after you get your new Spider powers, you can 
test them out by going for the DK Coin to the upper-right of the 
Squitter barrel.

Bonus Barrel 2 - Near the end, you'll find a cannonball. Carry it 
until you reach the Cannon, then load the cannon and jump it to reach 
a Bonus Stage. Note that if you lose the cannonball for whatever 
reason, it'll reappear on the platform it was on before.

2.2 - Kannon's Klaim

Bonus Barrel - Once you reach the Save Barrel, you'll see a hook. Use 
it to climb onto the ledge on the upper right. From here, use Dixie 
to jump and hover to the platform on the upper-left. Somewhere there 
lies a hidden Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - When you use the only barrel which you can activate 
yourself, it'll eventually throw you onto a platform. Head right, 
then grab onto the hook at the upper-right. Use this to drop down the 
hole in between the edge of the screen and the barrel to land on the 
platform with the DK Coin on it.

2.3 - Lava Lagoon

(Level Note : This stage is a real pain in the butt, you have to jump 
on each Seal to make it spit ice cubes into the water to make it 
swimmable. However, the water will turn into lava after a short 
while, making searching for Bonus Barrels and the DK Coin VERY HARD. 
Fortunately, this guide should make it somewhat easier...)

Bonus Barrel 1 - At the third pool of water(The one with the 
pufffishes), just before you surface, explore the cubbyhole in the 
left. You'll find a Bonus Barrel there.

DK Coin - At one point in the game, you'll find a cluster of 9 
bananas forming an arrow shape pointing upwards. Don't follow them, 
rather head right, then upwards to find the DK Coin. This almost 
guarantees that you lose a life, though.

Bonus Barrel 2 - Right after jumping out of the water holding the DK 
coin, jump left instead of right. You can find the Bonus Barrel 

2.4 - Redhot Ride

(Level Note : By pressing B repeatedly to do your attack while 
guiding the balloon, you actually seem to go slightly faster. Not 
enough to make too much of a difference, just an oddity.)

Bonus Barrel - After crossing the gap right after the Save Barrel, 
jump towards the upper left and use that balloon to guide you further 
left to the Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - At the third gap from the Save Barrel, while using the 
second balloon, you should see a single banana. Go straight downwards 
to find the DK Coin.

2.5 - Squawk's Shaft

Bonus Barrel 1 - When you find your second barrel, when it shoots you 
straight upwards, head left instead of right to find another barrel 
which will shoot you straight into the Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - From the platform you land on after completing the first 
Bonus Stage, use the barrel to shoot you towards the upper-left onto 
the platform, then drop down from the left. You should fall onto a 
"hidden" platform. Continue going left until you reach the DK Coin.

Bonus Barrel 2 - It's in plain sight when you're the parrot. Just 
search around. To make things easier though, it's on the right side.

2.6 - Barrel Bayou

Bonus Barrel 1 - Immediately when you start, head left and jump into 
the barrel there, then aim up-left to reach this Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - After the Save Barrel, shoot yourself in this order - Up-
right, Down, Right, Right. This only works if you've already 
transformed into Rambi though, since there's a Zinger in the way.

Bonus Barrel 2 - Somewhere around the middle of the stage, you'll 
find another cannonball. You should know what to do with it.

2.7 - Glimmer's Galleon

(Level Note : This level is almost as annoying as Lava Lagoon, you 
have to activate certain "Glimmer" barrels which will light up the 
screen for several seconds. If you don't, you're basically swimming 
blind. Try to follow the trail of bananas to safety.)

Bonus Barrel 1 - Follow the trail of bananas and activate the glimmer 
barrel. Form here though, keep on heading right, activating more 
Glimmer barrels which will eventually lead to a Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - It's not easy to describe this place. Basically, if you're 
heading right and can see a small cubbyhole in the upper-right part, 
try exploring it. The DK Coin is beyond one of those fake crates.

Bonus Barrel 2 - Just before the end, you'll see a row of three 
crates on the wall on the right. They're all fakes, pass right 
through them, then surface to find this Bonus Barrel.

2.8 - Krockhead Klamber

Bonus Barrel - At the last pole in the first gap, you'll see a 
Flitter. Jump off it to reach the Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - About 3/4ths of the way, you'll find a succession of 4 
Flitters. Jump off all of them in succession to be able to reach the 
DK Coin. If you miss though, you can use the pole just to the right 
of the DK Coin to jump to it.

2.9 - Rattle Battle

Bonus Barrel - Around halfway into the stage, you'll see an 
arrangement of 3 barrels at the bottom at two at the top. On the top 
left barrel, either jump off the Zinger on the left to reach the 
Bonus Barrel or use your Super Jump.

DK Coin - On a barrel, you can see a cluster of bananas pointing 
upwards. Charge up a super jump and head straight upwards to grab the 
DK Coin.

2.10 - Slime Climb

(Level Note : There's a layer of slime which is constantly rising as 
you move, and will kill you if you touch it. This makes it pretty 
hard to find the secrets, but this guide should help a little.)

DK Coin - Right after the Save Barrel, climb up to the highest point 
of the rope ladder and you should be able to see a Flitter. Use it as 
a stepping stone to reach the DK Coin.

Bonus Barrel - Once you hit the Invincibility Barrel, head straight 
downwards and dive into the slime. You should be able to see the 
Bonus Barrel from there.

2.11 - Kleaver's Kiln(Whassat?)

This boss kinda looks like a knight's sword. Anyway, it'll first 
shoot two or three fireballs at you, then a barrel. Jump on the 
barrel to release a cannonball. Try to hit the sword with the 
cannonball, but it'll be fairly hard, since the sword will still be 
shooting fireballs at you. Hold the cannonball so that it protects 
you from the fireballs long enough to get a clean shot. Once you hit 
the sword, quickly jump to the other side, the sword will chase you 
if you don't hurry. Repeat the same method and he'll switch tactics 
after you run across the stage again. He'll dash straight at you(jump 
over him) then up the slope, during which a cannon will appear. Hit 
the cannon with your B attack and time it such that the sword is 
above the cannon so that the cannonball shot out of the cannon will 
hit the sword, then quickly jump across the stage again. Repeat this 
one more time and he's a goner.

World 3 - Krazy Kremland

3.1 - Hornet Hole

Bonus Barrel - After climbing your first honeyed wall, you should be 
able to see a Barrel to the upper-left, just out of reach. When you 
transform into Squitter, you can just make a string of platforms 
following the barrel's path. Alternatively, you can use the 
invincibility barrel just ahead and track back, jump onto the 
Zinger's head to reach the barrel, which will shoot you into a 
honeyed wall. From there, climb up to reach the Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - Shortly after the (\) sign, you can see a hole with honeyed 
walls. Just drop straight down it to get the DK Coin.

3.2 - Target Terror

(Level Note - This is a rollercoaster level with walls. To make the 
wall rise, break the barrels with a tick on them. Barrels with a 
cross on them will lower the walls(and cost you a life), so beware.)

Bonus Barrel 1 - The first time you see a Flitter, you might be 
tempted to use it as a stepping stone. Don't, instead go downwards to 
run into a Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - At one point, you have to jump onto a flying Flitter to 
reach a target barrel. Directly after that section, there's another 
flying beetle. Jump on it to reach the DK Coin.

Bonus Barrel 2 - Near the end, you have to choose whether to go on 
the high road or the low road. Take the low road by jumping early to 
run into a bonus barrel.

3.3 - Bramble Blast

Bonus Barrel 1 - The first time you see a Flitter, jump off it and 
land on the rope. Follow it up, and left, into a Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - After blasting up the hole after the Save Barrel, there's a 
hole in the lower left containing the DK Coin. You can use the 
barrels to get there, or just use Dixie's Hover to get as close as 

Bonus Barrel 2 - Near the end, you get to choose between shooting 
towards the banana or the barrel. Choose the barrel and use the ropes 
to reach this Bonus Barrel.

3.4 - Rickety Race

DK Coin - Finish the race in first place and when you reach the end, 
your vehicle will transform into a DK Coin.

3.5 - Bramble Scramble

Bonus Barrel 1 - After the first (\) sign, use the fourth rope to 
reach the 4th, highest rope. from there, head right to find this 
Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - When you transform into Squawks, you get a choice of going 
up-left or up-right. Head up-right and follow the path to eventually 
reach the DK Coin.

3.6 - Mudhole Marsh

Bonus Barrel 1 - About 1/3rds through the stage, you'll find a 
cluster of bananas forming an arrow pointing upwards. Use the Neckys 
as a stepping stone to reach the Bonus Barrel above.

Bonus Barrel 2 - Around midway through the stage, you'll find a 
cannonball. Nuff said.

DK Coin - And as soon as you pop out of Bonus Barrel 2, you'll 
collect the DK Coin.

3.7 - Rambi Rumble

Bonus Barrel 1 - About 1/4ths through the level, you'll find a barrel 
above a Flitter. Jump into the barrel with the aid of the beetle and 
it'll launch you into a series of barrels which ends up at a Bonus 

Bonus Barrel 2 - When you've transformed into Rambi, in the last 
section before the (\) sign, jump off the two Zinger's heads to reach 
this Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - After the (\) sign, stay to the left when falling down the 
hole, the DK Coin is in a tunnel at the left.

3.8 - King Zing Sting

This boss seems pretty hard, but gets easy when you know how. 
Hopefully you've learned how to aim the Parrot's nuts by now, as 
that's what you're gonna use as weapons. He first starts at the 
upper-left, then heads all the way right and down half the length of 
the wall, then heads straight left, down the wall on the left, then 
right along the wall, then, again, moves up half the length of the 
wall and heads left again, then heads up, then repeats. At the 
beginning, all you have to do is hit him from behind with a nut. 
After you do so successfully, he'll start to blink and start chasing 
you, just stay away from him. Eventually, he'll stop blinking and 
head for the upper-left part of the stage, and starts the pattern 
again. Hit him once and after you avoid him, he starts to drop normal 
Zingers. Hit him three more times after that and you've won. Be 
careful though, as the more times you hit him, the faster he gets and 
the harder it is to time the firing of your nuts.

World 4 - Gloomy Gulch

4.1 - Ghostly Grove

(Level Note : This level throws something new your way : Ropes that 
appear and disappear at a pattern. Using Dixie will definitely make 
this stage easier to deal with.)

Bonus Barrel - Around 3/4ths through the stage, you'll find a ghost 
rope as usual, but also a trail of bananas leading dowanwards. Follow 
the banana trail to a Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - This is painfully obvious. Just beyond the bulls-eye target 
at the end of the stage is a ghost rope, use it to get the DK Coin. 
Alternatively, just jump straight upwards to get it.

4.2 - Krazy Koaster

Bonus Barrel 1 - After jumping your first Zinger, make sure you slow 
down before jumping the second bee. You have to jump IMMEDIATELY 
after landing to reach the upper path, which leads to a Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - Shortly after collecting the "N" token, you can find 
anotehr upper path. Jump onto it to find the DK Coin.

4.3 - Gusty Glade

Secret Barrel - Near the very start of the stage, you can find an 
invisible hook in the air. Use it to clinb the wall to the left and 
find an Animal Barrel which'll transform you into the Rattly.

Bonus Barrel 1 - When you encounter your first hook, simply fall down 
off it instead of jumping upwards. You'll land right onto a hidden 
Bonus Barrel.

Bonus Barrel 2 - You can find another cannonball about 3/4ths through 
the stage. Guess what you're supposed to do with it...

DK Coin - It's on the beaten path, for once. Just go through the 
stage normally and you'll find it.

4.4 - Parrot Chute Panic

(Level Note : For some reason, you've lost your ability to fly 
upwards and shoot nuts in this level. Wacky gravity stunts, I guess.)

Bonus Barrel 1 - Right after the first (\) sign, you can find a 
hidden hook above the hole. Use it to reach the Bonus Barrel. 

DK Coin - Similarly, after going down the aforementioned hole at 
Bonus Barrel 1, head right and you'll find another hole with a 
Flitter above it. Jump onto the flying beetle to reach a barrel, 
which will launch you into the DK Coin.

Bonus Barrel 2 - Just before using the 4th Squawks Barrel, jump onto 
the first ledge above and to the left of it, then take a good long 
jump and hover off it to the right. You should land on an invisible 
hook, which you can use to get onto another invisible hook inside the 
tunnel, which will in turn lead to the 3rd and 4th invisible hooks 
and finally, the Bonus Barrel.

4.5 - Web Woods

DK Coin - About 3/4ths through the stage, you can find a cluster of 
arrows pointing down. Follow it, hugging the edge of the platform, to 
the DK Coin.

Bonus Barrel - At the last BIG gap of the stage, near the bottom lies 
a Bonus Barrel.

4.6 - Kreepy Krow

The Krow is back, and he's still as easy as ever. First, he'll send 4 
Neckys at you(No need to kill them : just avoid them), then an egg 
falls at the left. Grab it and bean him over the head with it. Repeat 
once, then climb up using the hooks, the rope ladder and the 
barrel(Watch out : Eggs will be falling from above while you're 
climbing the rope ladder). Now, he'll do almost the exact same thing 
except the Neckys seem to go at you faster(Especially after you hit 
him once there) and the egg that drops on the left now bounces(Just 
jump on it once). After you bean him two more times, it's over.

(World Note : You can access two Worlds from here, K.Rool's Keep and 
Klubba's Kiosk. Head for K.Rool's Keep for now, you need 47 Kremlin 
Coins to go through the Kiosk.)

World 5 - K.Rool's Keep

5.1 - Arctic Abyss

DK Coin - When you surface for the first time, you'll see small pools 
of water as you head right. Ignore them for now and continue heading 
right and you can find a platform which is JUST barely reachable with 
Dixie's Hover. Get there, and you'll find the DK Coin after a short 

Bonus Barrel 1 - After collecting the DK Coin, take a dip and hug the 
wall at the extreme left. It'll eventually lead to a tunnel, which 
hides an invinsible Bonus Barrel.

Bonus Barrel 2 - Just before you finish the stage, you can find 
another tunnel at a wall to the left underwater. The Bonus Barrel 
lies within.

5.2 - Windy Well

Bonus Barrel 1 - On the third Wind section, instead of landing on the 
platform to the left, explore towards the right instead. Yet another 
invisible Bonus Barrel lurks.

DK Coin - After the first windy section after the Save Barrel, you'll 
find a succession of 4 platforms. On the left side of the third 
platform lies the DK Coin.

5.3 - Dungeon Danger

DK Coin - At the 4th level, you may find the top of a barrel sticking 
out in one of the gaps. Go through it to break an invincibiltiy 
barrel and find the DK Coin.

Bonus Barrel 1 - Somewhere about halfway throughout the game, you can 
find a LOT of platforms of the same size. At the upper-right, you can 
find a cannonball. The cannon is all the way at the bottom, load it 
and launch off.

Bonus Barrel 2 - At one point, from left to right, you can see three 
different ropes. Take the rightmost one then search the area to the 
left for the Bonus Barrel.

5.4 - Clapper's Cavern

DK Coin - Simply jump towards the left, hugging the wall, to find an 
invisible hook. This'll lead you to a succession of barrels which 
will eventually launch you into the DK Coin.

Bonus Barrel - After the Save Barrel, you'll find a Flitter. Guess 
what you're supposed to use it for..

5.5 - Chain Link Chamber

Bonus Barrel 1 - Around halfway through the stage, you'll encounter 
Krooks that throw hooks at you while you climb a chain. At the second 
one, go inside the tunnel he's in, then climb the chain there to 
reach ths Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - After encountering your first Krook after the Save Barrel, 
go through the tunnel he is, then ehad downwards to nab the DK Coin.

Bonus Barrel 2 - Shortly after nabbing the DK Coin and continuing 
upwards, you'll find a huge room of chains. Stick to the upper right 
part, and you can find another single chain that'll lead you to a 
Bonus Barrel.

5.6 - Toxic Tower

(Level Note - This is yet another slime level, with the slime rising 
constantly. Possibly the most difficult level in the game.)

Bonus Barrel - After you've finished jumping towards the right as 
Rattly, when you have the option of jumping on a Zinger to continue, 
don't and head left instead to find a Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - Again as Rattly, shortly after the Bonus Barrel, you'll 
find a series of platforms. It's hard to describe, but the DK Coin is 
somewhere on an alcove in the left part of the stage.

5.7 - Stronghold Showdown

The easiest stage ever. Just wait for a few seconds and poof, the 
stage is over.

World 6 - The Flying Krock

6.1 - Screech's Sprint

Bonus Barrel 1 - On the first rope you have to take to go downwards, 
at the very bottom of the rope lies a Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin - Somewhere during the race, you can find a banana path 
towards that leads downwards. Follow it, and ignore the banana arrow 
telling you to head right, and head upwards isntead for the DK Coin.

5.2 - K.Rool Duel

The final battle......first, he'll dash at you(simply jump over him), 
then he'll fire off a cannonball, then a barrel. Jump on the barrel 
to release a cannonball. When the shotgun tries to suck you near 
K.Rool, throw the cannonball inside the gun. He'll shoot off one more 
cannonball, then dash at you twice this time. After that, he'll fire 
off 2 cannonballs and a barrel, Repeat the method used above. He'll 
shoot off another cannonball, then dash at you two times again, but 
considerably faster this time. This time he shoots 4 cannonballs 
EXTREMELY quickly(Dixie's Hover is nearly a msut here), then he'll 
shoot of the barrel again. You know what to do with it. After jumping 
the following cannonball, a DK Barrel will appear, make use of it if 
you need to. He'll dash at you two times as usual, but now starts to 
shoot cannonball at low and high heights(Jump the former, duck or 
jump the latter). After about 7 or so shots, he'll eventually shoot 
another barrel, repeat as usual. After shooting off his last 
cannonball, he'll fash at you quickly once, pause for a short while, 
then dash again VERY fast. Next, he shoots spiked cannonballs which 
bounce at different heights(Duck the high ones and jump the low and 
medium ones). After 5 of these, he shoots off yet ANOTHER barrel. Do 
that thing you do with it, then he'll be stunned for awhile, and DK 
finally makes some use of himself and punches K.Rool into next year. 
Congratulations! You've completed the game!

.....Or have you?

World 7 - Klubba's Kiosk

(World Note - To get to this World, you should've gotten the last 
Kremling Coin needed from K.Rool himself. Now pay Klubba those 
Kremling coins to access this secret World.)

(World Note 2 - You don't have to collect Kremling Coins anymore, so 
DK Coins take their place as rewards for Bonus Barrels. Thus, you 
don't have to look for DK Coins in the open anymore. There's also now 
only 1 Bonus Barrel per level.)

7.1 - Jungle Jinx

Bonus Barrel - Near the start of the stage, there's a trail of 
bananas below a hook. Drop off and head right to find the K token and 
a Bonus Barrel. Alternatively, at the next gap you find, just fall 
down it to find the Barrel.

7.2 - Black Ice Battle

Bonus Barrel - About the second type you encounter a slope heading 
downwards and to the left, you can find a hook after the first 
Zinger. Use it to reach the high platform, which leads to the Bonus 

7.3 - Fiery Furnace

Bonus Barrel - After being shot downwards by the last barrel in the 
game, head left and make a small jump over the Zinger, then continue 
left to find the Bonus Barrel.

7.4 - Klobber Karnage 

Bonus Barrel - It's in plain sight about 3/4ths through the level, 
SHoot yourself into it.

7.5 - Animal Antics 

Before the Save Barrel, use Squitter to head downwards under the 
wall, and you can find the Bonus Barrel there.

7.6 - Krocodile Kore

Finally, the LAST battle. K.Rool'll start as he did before, dashing 
at you twice. However, this time he doesn't shoot barrels. Just avoid 
his cannonballs for now, then move against the wind. After he dashes 
you twice again, he'll shoot cannonballs at different heights. Avoid 
them again, then outlast the wind again, and a DK Barrel pops up, you 
shouldn't need it yet. Now he dashes you three times, then reverts to 
the bouncing spiked cannonballs. Avoid them again, then outlast the 
wind. Now, he starts to shoot both high-bouncing spiked cannonballs 
and normal cannonballs at low heights. Try to find a place where the 
spiked ball is at it's lowest, then jump over both cannonballs at the 
same time. Finally after two barrages, he'll shoot a barrel. Jump on 
it and it'll release a cannonball. Hit K.Roll with it, and you've 
finally completed the game, and gotten the last DK Coin!

Congratulations, you are now the biggest hero ever, with 40 DK Coins!


-If you've found all the Bonus Stages in a certain level, you'll see 
an exclamation mark by the name of the level. A DK symbol can also be 
seen if you've collected the DK Coin from that level. This applies to 
Worlds as well.

-Dixie seems to be better to use throughout the game. Her attack 
isn't as good, but her Hover makes up for it, and her way of carrying 
Crates/Barrels is strangely as effective as Diddy's, since it seems 
to hit enemies if she runs straight at them, even if the crate is 
held above her head.

-Don't ever use Funky's Flights more than once. The boss fight is 
usually easy anyway. Save your banana coins for admittance into Kong 

-Pressing Select while the game is paused allows you to exit a level, 
if you've already beaten that level before.

-To delete your saved games, press Select once. Now choose the game 
to delete and press Start.

More coming soon! Well, maybe.


Animal Barrels - These transforms you into a certain animal, be it a 
Rambi the Rhino, Rattly the Snake, Squitter the Spider, Enguarde the 
Swordfish or a Squawks the Parrot. The animal you will transform into 
has it's face on the barrel.

Banana - Your standard monkey fare, you can find these practically 
everywhere. Getting 100 of these grants you an extra life.

Banana Bunch - Rarer than normal bananas, but still pretty common all 
the same. Acts as 10 bananas.

Banana Tokens - These are pretty important, as you must have these to 
save your game more than once in each world. You can usually find 
these as a reward for doing something like opening a treasure chest.

Barrel - Your standard barrel. Some of them can be grabbed and 
thrown, while some of them are hanging in mid-air and will shoot you 
in the direction they're facing. The mid-air versions may also be AI 
rotating versions(Where you press the A button to decide when the 
barrel shoots you out. Be careful, it'll spit you out after awhile if 
you don't make a decision), or Human-rotating versions(Use the joypad 
to swirl the barrel around). Note that when carrying a Barrel, your 
jumping and running abilities are somewhat limited.

Bonus Barrel - these things are usually well hidden, and launch you 
into a Bonus Stage.

Crate - Well, a crate. used mainly for hitting enemies with.

Diddy Balloon - These are few and far between. It grants you an extra 
life, but is always floating upwards all the time, so if you want to 
grab this, be quick.

DK Barrels - Very useful, if you don't have a partner, this barrel 
will hold your partner. If you already have both characters 
available, then you can't break this barrel open.

DK Coins - These are basically filler, they rate you on where you 
belong with the other Nintendo characters at the end of the game.

Glimmer Barrels - In one stage(Glimmer's Galleon) only, these barrels 
light up the whole place temporarily. Imagine going through the stage 
without them...

Invincibility Barrel - Barrels with an "!" on them. These grant you, 
believe it or not, temporary invincibility.

Kremlin Coins - These are your reward for beating the Bonus Stages. 
Their importance is revealed later in the game...

K,O,N,G Tokens : These are spread out throughout the level, and are 
my markers for how far in the stage you are(K is 1/4th through, O is 
about 2/5th through, N is about 3/4th through and G is near the end). 
Getting all of them in a single stage gives you an extra life.

Save Barrel - A barrel with stars all over it, should you lose a life 
after breaking this barrel, you'll reappear near it.

Target Barrel - On one stage(Target Terror) only. When ticked ones 
are broken, the walls rise, and when crossed ones are broken, the 
walls fall, losing you a life.

TNT Barrel - Barrels that explode upon impact when thrown. Powerful 

Treasure Chests - You usually have to kill either 1 or 3 enemies to 
break this open. Can contain anything from a bunch of bananas to a 
Diddy Balloon.

9)Bonus Stage Descriptions

This space for rent. Well, not really, I just haven't got to starting 
on it yet. Give me a break! ;P

10)Enemy List

Click-Clack - These bugs walk around, and can be killed fairly easily 
by cartwheeling on hairspinning them. You can also jump on them once, 
then either jump on it again to kill it, or you can treat it as a 
barrel while it's upside-down.

Flitter - These things look like dragonflies, and usually only prove 
as stepping stones to secrets. One jump kills them.

Flotsam - Enguarde fodder. They swim around slowly, and basically do 
absolutely nothing. They'll still hurt you if you're not careful, 

Kaboing - These jumping fools aren't hard to beat if they're standing 
at the same place, but if not, they can be a real pain. As with 
Klomps, one attack takes him out.

Kannon - These guys look like amateur K.Rools. They shoot cannonballs 
at VERY low reload rates, and are killed rather easily with anything.

Klampon - These crocodile looking things can only be defeated by 
jumping on them, thanks to their big mouths. Often, these are paired 
up with Spinys to confuse you.

Klinger - These things hang on ropes, climbing up then sliding down 
them. They can be killed either by jumping on them(not easy) or 
crossing over to their rope, although this won't work if you hold 
onto the horizontal ropes to cross in-between.

Klobber - These kremlings hide inside barrels, and run at you when 
you get near. They can't damage you directly, but if they hit you, 
you will boucne back a fair way, sometimes enough to hit you right 
off a cliff. Jump on it when it's running around, then throw it's 
barrel to kill it.

Klomp - The kremling which looks more like a drunkard. An easy 
cartwheel, hairspin or jump takes him out quickly.

Krook - These guys walk around, and if they see you, will shoot a 
boomerang at you, which can hurt you on it's way back as well. Jump 
over the boomerang, then jump on them.

Kruncha - These are the BIG guys, with muscles all over 'em. They can 
only be defeated by throwing something at them. Trying to kill them 
otherwise will only make them angrier.

Lockjaw - These are tougher, but still easy to kill. When they see 
you, they'll chomp a little, then charge at you. Just swim quickly 
past them or kill them with Enguarde.

Necky - These don't appear too often. If you get near, they'll fly at 
you. One jump kills them as well.

Neek - This rat is your general fodder, even more so than Klomps. A 
single attack kills them.

Puftup - These things don't actually react to you at all, they just 
puff up and rise, or return to normal size and sink. Touching them 
still hurts you though.

Shuri - These things spin on the spot, until you get close, then they 
launch themselves at you VERY fast. Avoiding them is the easiest 

Spiny - These hedgehogs are annoying, they can only be killed by a 
Cartwheel or Hairspin on their front. These are often miced with 
Klampons to confuse you.

Zinger - These bees are a real pain, they're either stationary, or 
move in some sort of pattern, and are often placed in difficult-to-
make jumps, and serve only to make you even more frustrated than 
usual. They can only be killed by a barrel.


Companies/Sites/Anything else

Nintendo - Oh, I don't know, I just felt like thanking them. 

Rareware - They developed the game.

GameFAQs - For posting this FAQ.


Me - Well, for obvious reasons.

12)Contact Information

Comments? Compliments? Complaints? Death Threats? E@mail Bombs? 
Wedding Proposals? Send them to deranged85@hotmail.com. I'm pretty 
up-to-date, so if you don't get a reply within a few days, it'll 
be pretty obvious that you didn't want one. You can also contact 
me via AOL IM at Llnk85(Two Ls) but be warned, I have no qualms 
about putting you on ignore should you act like an idiot towards 
me. Also, I'm probably online at strange(Well, strange to most at 
least) times, so e@mail might be a better option.

13) Disclaimer

This FAQ is for private use only. This FAQ may not be used on any 
website unless I give them permission. It may not be sold or used 
in any way to make a quick buck. I have no association or 
affiliation with Nintendo or Rareware. All trademarks are 

© 1999, Deranged

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