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Reviewed: 08/04/04 | Updated: 08/24/04

Fun for five minutes

I bet you’ve looked through Gamefaqs numerous times thinking there’s just something missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on what. Luckily for you, that general wondering is now a thing of the past as I present to you the first review of Atomic Punk. What do you mean “What’s the hell’s Atomic Punk”? Well, as if there are any of you unaware of this fantastically famous title, remember that game Atomic Bomberman, from the Bomberman series? Hudson Soft certainly do. With Atomic Punk they’ve managed to completely rip it off with everything from the gameplay, down to the power-up symbols and even the name. Well done Hudson. Only problem is, this is a lot worse....

A large part of the ingenuity of Bomberman comes from the pace of the game. You whizz around planting bombs and making split second decisions only to find yourself trapped between your best mate’s bomb and your own. So it’s a shame that perhaps because of the limitations of the gameboy, Atomic Punk is actually a really slow game, taking away a lot of the fun. Basic power-ups such as longer range bomb distance and roller-skates have been faithfully copied, but a lot of the more fun and wacky ones are nowhere to be seen. This game only has a maximum of two players too, instead of the crazy four player fun to be had in Bomberman games. I haven’t had the pleasure of a two player game as I haven’t found any of the other three people who own a copy, but if the pace is the same as the single player mode, I won’t lose too much sleep.

You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s a decent single player mode at first glance. It looks sort of like an RPG with lots of worlds to go to and a shop to buy new power-ups with money you’ve earned. It’s a good attempt to add something different, but what it boils down to is a load of ‘rounds’ in which you have to destroy all the monsters and head to the door. They’ve tried to implement a tactical edge by letting you choose which of your power-ups you’ll take into battle before each round, but anticipating which ones you’ll need is impossible since you don’t know what you’ll be up against.

The game’s technical achievement is poor especially when you consider that it’s all just a copy of a better game. The graphics are below par with their dull, boring environments and the sound is cute, but nothing special. If you love Bomberman and don’t have a version to play on the train, you might get some enjoyment from this game, but if you’re after a truly decent portable game which keeps your attention on the screen instead of the strange green mark on your A button, you’ll be disappointed. Stick with Bomberman, not this punk.

In a nutshell:

Graphics: 4 - Okay except for the boring environments.

Sound: 6 - An overdose of cute tunes which is weird since he’s supposed to be a punk.

Gameplay: 4 - All its fun is stolen from Bomberman.

Lifespan: 3 - It’s too repetitive and shallow to keep you interested.

Overall: 4/10 - If you’re looking for a half decent portable version of Bomberman, get Bomberman. This is just a weak copy.

Rating: 4

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