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FAQ/Walkthrough by Skye7707

Version: Final | Updated: 08/29/04

        _______  _______ _________ _______  _______ _________         
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       | (   ) || (    \/   ) (   | (    \/| (    )|   ) (   ( \   / )
       | (___) || (_____    | |   | (__    | (____)|   | |    \ (_) / 
       |  ___  |(_____  )   | |   |  __)   |     __)   | |     ) _ (  
       | (   ) |      ) |   | |   | (      | (\ (      | |    / ( ) \ 
       | )   ( |/\____) |   | |   | (____/\| ) \ \_____) (___( /   \ )
       |/     \|\_______)   )_(   (_______/|/   \__/\_______/|/     \|

                             T h e   G a u l

                     For Nintendo Entertainement System (NES)
                     Version Final (Last updated 8/29/2004)
                     By Devon Kerkhove (skydragonlord7707(at)hotmail.com
          This file is Copyright (c)2004 Devon Kerkhove. All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Whats New
3. Frequently Asked Questions
4. Characters
5. Walkthrough
6. Credits
7. Copyright Notice
8. About the Author
9. Contact Information

|                              1. Introduction                               |

Welcome to my second Nes guide! I always liked Asterix in the comics and on TV
I also played the games on GameBoy (Color). This one is also very fun to play
so if you really don't know where to go or you're stuck get help with this 

|                                2. Whats New                                |

Version Final (8/29/2004) : Fixed some typos.

Version 1.0 (8/29/2004) : Finished the guide!

Version 0.3 (8/28/2004) : Walkthrough up to Act 3-2.

Version 0.2 (8/27/2004) : Started the guide

|                       3. Frequently Asked Questions                        |

Q: What are stars and vases for?
A: If you have collected enough of them you'll get an extra level.

|                                4. Characters                               |

Asterix                 The hero of these adventures. A shrewd, cunning little
                        warrior; all perilous missions are immediately 
                        entrusted to him. Asterix gets his superhuman strength
                        from the magic potion brewed by the druid Getafix.

Obelix                  Asterix's inseparable friend. A menhir delivery-man by
                        trade; addicted to wild boar. Obelix is always ready 
                        to drop everything and go off on a new adventure with
                        Asterix - so long as there's wild boar to eat, and 
                        plenty of fighting. In this adventure the Romans have
                        captured him.

Getafix                 The venerable village druid. Gathers mistletoe and 
                        brews magic potions. His specialty is the potion which
                        gives the drinker superhuman strength. But Getafix 
                        also has other recipes up his sleeve.

Vitalstitistix          The chief of the tribe. Majestic, brave and 
                        hot-tempered, the old warrior is respected by his men
                        and feared by his enemies. Vitalstatistix himself has
                        only one fear; he is afraid the sky may fall on his 
                        head tomorrow. But as he always says, 
                        'Tomorrow never comes.'

Cacofonix               Cacofonix, the bard. Opinion is divided as to his 
                        musical gifts. Cacofonix thinks he's a genius. 
                        Everyone else thinks he's unspeakable. But so long as
                        he doesn't speak, let alone sing, everybody likes him.

Fulliautomatix          Fulliautomatix has been around since the first 
                        book - sort of. His name appeared in Asterix the Gaul,
                        but the man attributed to that name looked nothing 
                        like his later reincarnation. His name appeared again
                        in Asterix the Banquet. It wasn't until Asterix and 
                        the Normans that we saw the real Fulliautomatix 

Geriatrix               Geriatrix is the only character in Asterix that we 
                        know their age. He is 93 years young, I say "young" 
                        because although he looks very old, he doesn't feel 
                        very old. He is always ready to fight, even without 
                        the magic potion, like at the battle of Alesia which 
                        the Gauls incidentally lost. He takes an active 
                        interest in politics, dancing, drinking and the LADIES

|                                5. Walkthrough                              |
Note that game play may be slightly different if you choose other levels.

The game starts with a letter from Vitalstatistix.

Obelix has vanished!

The Romans have confirmed his capture and taken him to an unknown destination.
Track them down and find Obelix before Cesar throws him to the lions...
Poor thing!

|                                   Act 1-1                                   |
|                                    Gaul                                     |

You'll start in a forest with Asterix, as you could read, you need to rescue
Asterix' poor fat friend Obelix. All levels have a time limit but you have
more than enough time to complete the levels. Now, we begin.

Hit the swine to heal so you have full health. Jump on the tree and take the
stars and hit the A from Asterix. When you go further you'll see two A's in a
tree but a log will start shooting seeds so you need to kill it first.
Take the A's and the star on the right. Jump over the ravine and beat the Roman
Go on the trees and take the letters. When you got the one before the pins a
key will appear.

Take it and you'll be in a bonus level. Take the stars and the vase and if you
want to leave take the other key. Go right again and jump on the little piece
of ground in the middle of the pins, take the pot with magical soup so you'll
be immortal for a few seconds. Jump to the right and hit the tree-trunk, take
the stars and the A. To get across the pins, jump on the branches and on the
piece ground. Take the two A's. Jump the wild boar hog to cross the pins
without being hit by the pins. Jump the ravine and do the same. Take the star
and the A, another key a little bit further will appear. Hurry because it will
disappear after a few seconds. If you made it you'll be in another bonus area.

Take the stars and the vase, to exit take the other key. Back in the real
level, again jump on the boar hog and on the branches to take the feather and
regain health if you have been hit. Jump to the other one and take the star,
now you have to defeat the Roman. Next jump on the bounce and you'll be flying
towards the exit of the level.

|                                   Act 1-2                                   |
|                                    Gaul                                     |

You'll be finding yourself in an area with stone hedges. The first thing is 
beating the Roman. Jump over the ravine and take the stars. Go on and take the
feather to regain health. Take the star and hop onto the platforms taking the 
vases. Don't stand on them too long because they'll fall into the abyss.

Hop on the little platforms and hit the A, on top of the stone hedge will
appear the key to a bonus level. Back take the two A's, one of them has the
magical potion so you'll be immortal again for some time. Kill the Roman and
hop on the little not-moving platform. Now on the stone hedges. Take the A and
the stars. Take a little ride on the moving platform and jump again on the
stones to the right, don't fall off! If you think it's too risky to take the
star at the bottom just don't take it and hop onto the platform. When you hit
the A, you'll be in another bonus area. When you're back hit the Roman.

Hop onto the platforms and watch out for the acorns. Kill the tree-trunk.
Take the stars and the A, kill the Roman and jump on the bounce to finish.

|                                   Act 1-3                                   |
|                                    Gaul                                     |

You'll be in the camp of the Romans now. Destroy the A and jump over the
ravine and kill the soldier. Jump on and be careful with the white thing
because it will hit you. Hop over the pins and on the higher piece of ground.
Take out the soldier and hop onto the wooden platform, duck to evade the
fireball, destroy the A and hop onto the wooden platforms to the left. To take
the others. Now go back to the right and avoid the fire cannon. A bird statue
will be jumping down, hit it away and go on, there will be another magical
potion, take it. Hop to the other platform and avoid the slicer thing. Jump
on the wooden platforms and hi the A so you can land on the other one.

Go right avoiding the slicer and hop over the ravine. Jump over the fireball
throwing cannon and beat up the roman. Take the A and you'll get another key
to a bonus level. Continue and hop over the pins. Avoid the bird statue and
hit the roman. Hop over the slicer and on the bounce, you've cleared the level!

|                                Barrel Bonus Level                          |

You need to get to the black guy at the top. This one is easy, the barrels
can't make you lose health. The only thing you need to be careful for are the
ravines. Just jump on a barrel when you're standing on the second platform and
jump on the other barrel, when it bounces up you can make enough height to
reach the guy. Hit him and you finish.

|                                   Act 2-1                                   |
|                                   Helvetia                                  |

You'll be in a winterland now called Helvetia. Watch out for the snowman
throwing snowballs at you o_0. Beat it and take the feather. Take the A's and
watch out for the other snowman. This one will walk around throwing to the
left and right. When he's at the right on the platform jump on it and punch
the snowy character. Hop on the ice elevator and take the A's. Hop on and jump
down and take the vase. Hop on the ice mountains and take the A for a feather.

Destroy the other A and you'll have access to another bonus area with the key.
Jump to the other ice pillar and punch the snowman. There are another two
A-cubes. Hop on the moving platforms and beat the snowman. Go up and beat the
A-cubes so you'll be in bonus room. Back again in the icy world of Helvetia
jump over the ravine and wait until the snowman shows his back to you.
Hop over the other ravine and onto the bounce to continue to the next level.

|                                   Act 2-2                                   |
|                                   Helvetia                                  |

You'll see some pillars of ice with tars on, you have to jump on them. Hop
onto the ice elevator and take the right moment to hit the crow. Now quickly
jump down to avoid the snowballs of the snowman. Hit the A-cube and push the
snowman. Continue and punch the other snowman. The next A-cube contains a
feather. Another two cubes are on the platform above you but watch out for the
snowballs. Hop onto the moving ice platform and keep punching so you'll hit
the crow. Take the medal on the pillar and continue. While you're immortal
just jump and don't mind the crow, punch the snowman instead. Hop onto the
ice pillar and take the cube for a vase. Go up take the A's and hop onto the
moving platform.

When you hop on the pillar you need to jump on the A cubes, don't destroy them
else you can't go any further. When you're on the new platform you can destroy
the second cube for a Health feather. Jump towards the snowman and punch him.
Go up and take the two stars. Jump onto the pillars and you'll see the bounce
hop onto it and you have cleared this level.

|                                   Act 2-3                                   |
|                                    Spain                                    |

Whoohoo you won't be in the north pole anymore! You're in the warm Spain,
palm trees, beautiful sea, white beaches and so much more :).
Too bad our little friend Asterix can't swim so when you hit the water you'll
be game over. If you want an extra level you can jump on the little platforms
and take the A-cube but be careful you don't fall into the water. When you're
on the platforms you can destroy the cubes, in the second one is a vase.
The third one contains a feather. Now to jump back on the land make sure you
don't hit the fish. Pretty easy now to take out the soldier, take the immortal
medallion and hop onto the platform the spears of the roman can't hit you so
punch him and wave him goodbye, mhuahuahua =p.

Hop onto the little platform with two stars, make your way over the fishes
and take the vase, the two stars and beat the roman, when it turns his back
to you is your chance! Now you have to get a good timing, first destroy the 
A cube and you'll be in a bonus room with some stars and two vases for you.
Jump onto the platform. When the fish is almost back into the water
you need to jump. Actually if you don't have one feather remaining it's not
that bad if the fish hits you because thee is a feather on the platform.
When you hop onto the second platform make sure you won't be hit by the spear
of the roman, wait until it passes you. Beat the stupid guy! A crow will
appear when you land on the platform so keep hitting. Again you'll need to 
have some timing to make it. Hop onto the little platform when the moving one
is at its highest point. And jump on it. Get the cubes and jump back on the 
moving one.

From here you can jump over the fish but watch out for the crow.
Another roman will throw spears to the left and right so again when the
spear passes jump onto the platform and let the guy fly. Get the A and you
can get a key to the bonus room. Again some fish with some A cubes.
The first one contains a vase and the second one just a regular star.
Yay, you can see the bounce so you know you finished the level!

|                                Barrel Bonus Level                          |

Again a barrel level, just the same as the other one but the platforms are
smaller and there are 2 extra levels in the room (the white things).
Phew that was a little bit harder than the other one, it's ok if you fall down
you'll just skip it and continue to the next act. 

|                                   Act 3-1                                   |
|                                    Egypt                                    |

Wow, from Spain to Egypt, that's a little trip, this time no roman guys but
some Arabic peeps that throw spears and stuff.

You start in an area with a palm tree, see the pyramids in the background? =p
Anyway, jump onto the A's and punch the Arabic guy. The best way to do is hop
onto the stone wall, duck and when he threw his spear do a surprise attack.
There is a little ravine but on the other side is a snake so like always jump
when the snake shows her back at you. When you beat it another spear throwing
guy will walk down, you can attack him in the back. Now jump on the stone wall
and take the A cub for a vase. Another 3 A cubes are waiting for you. When
you reach the moving platform watch out for spears, hop on it and take the 
star and the feather. Jump off and when you almost reach the ground do a punch
and the Arabic one will fly. Break the cube and a key will appear two 
platforms from here, wait on the middle one until the spear is gone and take
the key.

Now back you have to take care of mister "I am so smart I can throw spears".
Jump to the star and hop to the other one too. When you jump down watch out
for another spear guy. Here are some good things, some A cubes, a vase and
a feather. Take the others near the palm tree and a key will appear for the
bonus area. Now you need to hop over the pins and don't be hit by the crow.
When it's at the right side of the cube jump and punch. You can either use
the cubes for safety if you want to make sure you don't want to fall into the
ravines or you can break them and take some stars. Further you need to jump
over the pins by using the moving platform.

There is another crow at a palm tree, beat it and hop and punch the snake.
Now you found a pyramid, or something that looks like it, there is another
Arabic guy, beat the weirdo and take an Life-up! Enter the room and finish!

|                                Barrel Bonus Level                          |

This is one complete other bonus game, you need to hop onto the barrels before
they will go into the sea. There will be several items falling down from the
sky, such as feathers, stars and life-ups.

|                                   Act 3-2                                   |
|                                    Egypt                                    |

Another act in Egypt, this time in the pyramid you've entered.
This is a special level, you'll be riding some kind of mine cart.
First, watch out for the cubes because if you don't break them fast enough
they'll push you from your cart. The first one contains a vase. If you take
the second one a key will appear. When you're back a spider will hit you.
It's not that bad because there are some cubes and one of them has a feather.

Now comes the tricky part, you need to switch carts. When you're at the same 
level of the other cart jump and try to land on the other one. Do the same
thing switching for the second time. Now you'll go down with your cart and
there will be flames, jump and break the A, you'll need to land back on the 
cart of course. This part went to quickly to explain but there are some other
flames where you need to jump over and duck for some spiders, at the end your
cart will go into the ravine and you'll land on the bounce finishing the level

|                                   Act 3-3                                   |
|                                    Egypt                                    |

Still in some pyramid, walk on and watch out for the slicer. Hop onto the block
in the wall and go left to take an extra life. Now go right and in the second
cube will be a vase. Now you have to jump down avoiding the pins and the snake
Jump when it starts going right. When you've reached ground keep punching 
until the snake is gone. Further are some cubes but also another 
spear throwing maniac. A key will also appear. Continue and you'll find a
slicer and a cube with a feather. Next are some pins, in the middle a jumping
fire, watch carefully and jump on the right moment (when it goes up).
Quickly jump to the next platform. Another two cubes and one feather.

A snake will slide on the ground either jump over it or give it a little punch
Go on but watch out for spears. If you took the cubes a key will be next to
guard. Back, break the four cubes and watch out for the slicer. Also another
guy will throw some spears. Continue and take the blocks.

Deja vu? Nope, again you'll need to jump over the pins when the fire is 
jumping. There is a snake next so punch it and take the A. It contains the
magical potion. Hop onto the little stone but quickly jump on because it will
fall down and you'll be stuck because you can't reach the platform anymore.

When you're on the platform hurry left, don't stand still because stones
will fall down from the ceiling. This part is pretty hard, you'll need to
avoid the spiders, and another fire will be jumping where you need to jump
over but the stones will keep falling. Phew that took some time, don't be
disappointed if you can't make it the first 5 times, I didn't make it too.
At the end will be the door.

|                                Barrel Bonus Level                          |

Ahh the regular barrel bonus level is back! Now with three life-ups. Remember
what you need to do? No? Then scroll some lines back =p.

|                                   Act 4-1                                   |
|                                     Rome                                    |

Finally reached Rome! Time to kick some Roman ass. The first thing you see is
a roman guard throwing spears at you, punch it and take the cubes.
Go a bit right and punch the fly away, take the A and hop onto the stones.
Beat the other Roman, break the A and punch the fly. A jumping bird statue
will hop down, punch it and jump over the pins. You can now go onto the roofs
of the houses to the left and take a life-up and a feather. Back to the right
are those little platforms that will fall down, quickly jump further breaking
the cubes so you won't fall into the pins. You can also hop onto the cubes but
then you won't have the vase. At the end of this is a bee that needs to be
taken care off. Also a roman soldier will throw spears. Again go on the stones
and punch the soldier away. Hop onto the platform and destroy the A's.

When you hop onto the roof watch out for the bee. Keep jumping from roof to
roof, a cube contains a feather, the second one a vase. Now you need to jump
down but wait until the Romans don't throw spears at your direction.
Strangely enough they can walk into the pins without being hurt. Continue
and you'll find another bird statue hopping around, take care of it, hehe.

Let the bee fly and break the cube so you can go to a bonus level. After that
kick the roman and hop onto the bounce.

|                                   Act 4-2                                   |
|                                     Rome                                    |

Again mine cart racing for our little fellow Asterix. Destroy the blocks and
take the feather, jump back on the cart. When you reach the flames jump and
you'll avoid the flames. Continue and break the A. Watch out for the spear
and beat the roman, jump down and break the cubes for a bonus area.
Now jump up on the fire blocks and onto the new cart (take the feather in the
mean time too). Jump over the crow and break the cube. Again a roman will
throw spears, first jump onto the cart to activate it and hop onto the other
platforms, over the crow and back onto the platform. There will be another key

You'll be back on the cart, ignore the cubes if you want and continue riding
the cart. Yay, finished the level!

|                                   Act 4-3                                   |
|                                     Rome                                    |

Back into the city, again water will be one of your enemies.
Take the cube. Again there are two small platforms with jumping fire.
When you're over them watch out for the slicer and spears from the roman guy.
Now go up and hop onto the first platform. For the second time you have to jump
over a fire block, quickly jump to the right because the next block will fall
into the water and Asterix can't swim! Again 2 blocks with fire, when you jump
onto the pillar do a punch so the A cube won't be in your way. Also look out
for some spears. Hop onto the second pillar and jump down when the slicer 
can't hit you. There is another roman that will walk down and throw some
spears, break the cube and take the key for a bonus round. When you're back
hop onto the little platform quickly jump up because it'll fall into the water
now watch out for the spears, take the blocks with a feather and an immortal
magical potion. Go on and watch out for the slicer, also for the soldier.

Further again some fires, also a life-up but why would you spend a life to get
one and start back in the beginning of the act? So hop on the pillars and
watch out for some roman soldiers that will throw spears. Take the first
cube and a key will appear. This time no bounce, just walk to the right
out of the screen and you finished act 4-3.

|                           Operation Rescue Obelix                          |

This time no act, no barrel game but a boss, you need to beat this guy before
you can free Obelix.

When he walks to you, jump over him and attack in the back, hop over him again
and wait until he throws his ninja stars. He'll charge again and repeat the
first step. After a few times (around 5 to 7 punches) He'll be defeated and
a block will disappear allowing you to reach Obelix. He'll wake up and the
whole town will celebrate.

Yup, didn't know that? It was the final boss! Congratulations on beating this
nice game, my final score is 185880, send me yours :)

If you like the Asterix games you should try the GameBoy version
too, good bye and ... game on!

|                                  6. Credits                                |

CJayC : For adding this & copyright text

|                             7. Copyright Notice                            |

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.
Copyright (c) 2004 Devon Kerkhove
All rights reserved.

This guide may only be hosted on these websites :

- GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
- NeoSeeker (www.neoseeker.com)
- IGN (http://faqs.ign.com)

|                             8. About the Author                            |

Hi, my name is Devon Kerkhove and I'm 14 years old (8/26/2004). I wrote some
guides already, some in english, others in dutch because I live in Belgium.
I also made a pretty popular site on GameFAQs rankings and writing tips.
If you liked this guide please rate it :). Thank you.

|                           9. Contact Information                           |

If you want to contribute to this guide, please email me at 
skydragonlord7707 (at) hotmail.com. I'll give you full credit when I posted it
Thanks for reading and if you have some time why don't you take a look at my
other guides.

=-= End Of File =-=

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