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Reviewed: 02/17/15

Pacing kills.

Hey, did you know that Enix used to make hentai games? Oh yeah, they were all over that! They came out with Mari-chan Kikki Ippatsu, Lolita syndrome and… El Dorado Denki, the game that we’re looking at in this review! So, why do you think Enix stopped making games full of naked women? My best guess is that their H-games were really bad. El Dorado Denki is a little bit better than most of Enix’s other stuff, but not by much.

Story- El Dorado Denki is about piecing together a magic idol in an ancient city of cat girls. They’re amusingly called Amazonekos. You get to explore their city, learn their culture, watch them cavort around in bikinis, watch them take off their bikinis, and maybe even save the day.

This is good and all, except the story is horribly paced. No, you’ll start in the big city where your friend was murdered. You’ll need to solve an annoying puzzle about fixing his computer. You’ll have to make your way all the way to El Dorado and even then the story doesn’t quite pick up until you’ve at least gotten to know the Amazonekos a little bit better.

El Dorado Denki’s problem is that it has quite possibly the worst sense of pacing I’ve seen in a long time. It takes way longer than it should for you to get to El Dorado and even then, you have to go through a lot before the plot really develops. While the concept of catgirls solving a mystery and going to a land of amazon catgirls may seem cool, El Dorado Denki makes it a huge chore.

Presentation- El Dorado Denki is supposed to look sexy. It is about amazon women who are also cat girls. One of the goals of the game is to get them to take off their clothes and see their ugly tattoos. The problem is that the art just isn’t good. I know hardware limitations are a thing, but the cat girls in this game are just ugly. Some of them resemble chunky hobbit-like creatures and others just look like crudely drawn women in MS Paint.

The general style beyond that is really cutesy and cartoony. There are even super deformed versions of characters in some of the pictures. The whole thing looks like a really bad anime designed for kids, but then people get naked and the crude MS Paint gore starts flying. Did I mention that this game has a few bloody scenes? It does. It’s more violent than one would think, anyway.

Gameplay- El Dorado Denki is a text adventure with a text parser. Type in commands and watch the story progress! Can you see all the catgirls ugly tattoos? You’ll have to in order to win! How about piecing together their golden idol? That’s also tedious and will require you to know which commands to type in. You don’t know the right command? Oh well! Start guessing! Maybe you’ll figure it out an hour later. This game will have you guessing what it has in mind a lot and it even has puzzles too. Some of them are obtuse, but most of them are pretty simple.

Oh, and you know about those sliding puzzles? I hate those things. You need to do that in order to complete the game. I hate sliding puzzles. They are frustrating and they take forever to complete. It is unskippable too and comes pretty early in the game. That left a bad taste in my mouth through the whole story.

El Dorado Denki is pretty linear. There isn’t a lot to explore and puzzles are fairly simple. The main problem is when you need to type in a verb and don’t know what the hell it’s supposed to be. That’s when this game is at its worst. There’s also a password save system, so if you want to stop, you’ll have to resume at the beginning of the “chapter”. I can’t really fault that on Enix’s part because of hardware limitations, but that’s still pretty annoying. While El Dorado Denki isn’t the worst game ever, it’s still pretty bad. I like to think that Enix stopped making porn games because they really sucked at it. I don’t know if that’s the real reason, but I really like to think that.

Cool Fact- This was done by the same guy behind Mari-chan Kikki Ippatsu. You can tell because of the bloody scenes with MS Paint gore.

Also Try- Square made a porn game too. It was called Alpha and it’s just barely better than Enix’s stuff. Koei had a dark past too. They made a game called My Lolita and it is nearly unplayable. That’s the thing about exploring the history of gaming; you can find interesting stuff and fun overlooked games, but you can also find skeletons in older companies’ closets.

Rating: 4

Product Release: El Dorado Denki (JP, 01/31/85)

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