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You are Werdna, the evil wizard who once decided to conquer the entire world.
You were busy trying to unlock the secrets of the magical amulet you "acquired" from your nemesis Trebor when an unruly mob of adventurers burst into your inner sanctum and defeated you.
At first they thought you were dead. Foolish mortals. It is most difficult to kill a master of the arcane arts! When the authorites realized that your indestructible body lay in a deep trance, they adapted an ancient subterranean ruin into an escape proof prison. They surrounded your bier with patrols, traps, and guardians.
You awaken in a small room at the bottom of this prison maze, a room with no doors. You are as weak as a newborn babe, your magical powers drained from you.
Getting out of this room won't be easy; escaping from the rest of prison may prove near impossible. But you are undaunted. You want revenge and the amulet back!
Over 400 adventurers developed by Wizardry players form the cadre of Werdna's jailers. Your favorite character may have been selected for this honor. If you meet him, show no mercy...he surely won't!
- At least 10 levels of increasingly challenging Mazes, each with its own theme
- DOES NOT require characters from any other Wizardry Scenario
- The First Expert Level Scenario
- Unique Role-Reversal Plot
- Hair-raising Combat Sequences
- Allies you can't trust
- More graphics, more plot and more adventure than any previous Wizardry Scenario
- For ages 7 to adult

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