The Character Battle is back. Again. For the tenth time. Let's do this.

Starting on October 19, 136 characters will battle it out for supremacy. 128 characters will go head-to-head in eight divisions, and the winners of each of those divisions will face off with eight legendary characters (Cloud, Crono, Link, Mario, Mega Man, Samus, Snake, and Sonic) in a double-elimination tournament to find, once again, which is the most popular character on GameFAQs.

Aside from the new final round, there are a few other changes to this year's battle you might be interested in:

  • Registered user votes count double. That's specifically for users who register before the first battle of the contest on October 19. While off-site rallies for certain characters can definitely happen, this gives GameFAQs users a slightly bigger say in the outcome.
  • Battles will begin daily at midnight UTC, instead of midnight Pacific time. That's 5PM Pacific before November 4, and 4PM after.
  • There will be four battles a day through November 15, and two battles through November 19, then a six day break for Thanksgiving. During the break, anybody can enter the Second Chance Bracket Contest for the final sixteen characters before the battles start back up.

Your job, as always, is to determine the winner of each of the 150 battles that make up the tournament bracket. Each correct pick earns points, and the point value of each battle in each round goes up through the tournament.

Remember, it's all a big Internet popularity contest. Outside forces can influence the results, and have done so in the past. We take many steps to prevent vote-stuffing by individuals, but the power of the masses is unstoppable.

View the final contest bracket and standings.