The second monthly contest was much smaller, simpler, and easier than the first. That is, if you were paying attention to the rules. About 50% of the entrants realized the hidden contest theme, which shouldn't have been too hard once you noticed that this was the Third Anniversary Contest! Every correct entry's title included the number "3" and was the third in the series of games!

This month's winners were Fritz Fraundorf, Desman Bailey, and Lee Saito, who along with Matt Blevins, all tied with 19 points! The winners were decided by the tiebreaker question, and then a random draw as both Fritz and Desman picked the same tiebreaker!

TOP 30 ENTRIES: (Points/Tiebreaker)

  1. Fritz Fraundorf (19/9)
  2. Desman Bailey (19/9)
  3. Lee Saito (19/12)
  4. Matt Blevins (19/14)
  5. Michael Fortunka (18/8.68)
  6. Nathan Withrow (18/8)
  7. Kenneth Miller (18/10)
  8. Ari Rosenbach (18/10)
  9. Rob Craven (18/1)
  10. Kent Keltner (18/12)
  11. Kris Jensen (18/12)
  12. Lee Saito (18/12)
  13. Benjamin Stein (18/15)
  14. Joel Wu (18/15)
  15. Gary Loyola (18/15.5)
  16. Anton Yulo (18/16)
  17. Mike McElroy (17/11)
  18. Shin S Wu (17/12)
  19. Jesper Pettersson (17/12.2)
  20. Joel Mathis (17/13.93)
  21. Casey Clayton (17/14)
  22. Ponny Chen (17/15)
  23. Aaron Chung-Hin Chow (17/17)
  24. Andrew Farrell (17/18)
  25. Kendrick Wong (16/9.5)
  26. Jonas Lee (15/8)
  27. Michael Bishop (15/13)
  28. RPG Advocate (15/14.66)
  29. Chris MacDonald (15/16)
  30. Dave Williams (14/9)
  • Total Number of Submissions: 316
  • Duplicates/Blanks: 113
  • Rule-Breakers: 0
  • Housepet Entries: 2
  • Total Valid Entries: 201
  • Average Score: 6.12

Number Description Game % Right
1. Welcome aboard the TCS Victory, Commander Blair! Wing Commander III 43%
2. Utilizing the Precursor Warp Bubble Transport system, transport 11 races across the galaxy, and then find them! Star Control 3 31%
3. A new generation of street fighters battle alongside two old rivals. Street Fighter III 61%
4. Rescue the Two Guys from Andromeda from the evil clutches of the ScumSoft Corporation! Space Quest 3 35%
5. Bub and Bob and friends hang out and pop some more bubbles as they slowly advance down the screen. Puzzle Bobble 3/Bust-A-Move 3 13%
6. China is fragmented by many warring lords, until a single leader unifies them all. Romance of the Three Kingdoms III 15%
7. You are Malcolm, and you must journey to the Isle of Cats, the Ends of the Earth, and Limbo to complete your quest. Legend of Kyrandia, Book III: Malcom's Revenge 30%
8. The God of Fighting has been awakened, and yet another fighting tournament must be held to lure him. Tekken 3 55%
9. Terra, a mysterious young woman, must uncover the secrets of her past and save the world from ruin. Final Fantasy III 72%
10. Blast through a hyperspace gate to Vorticon IV to battle the evil Vorticons on their home turf! Commander Keen Episode III: Keen Must Die! 24%
11. This baseball game's claim to fame? Al Michaels. Hardball III 21%
12. After recovering the Salamander Stone, a brave group adventurers arrive in the seaside town of Riva, unaware of what fate has in store for them... Realms of Arkania III: Shadows over Riva 25%
13. The giant computer Exodus must be destroyed by a team of warriors. Ultima III: Exodus 34%
14. Synbios, a young swordsman, leads a group of warriors on a quest for peace between the Republic and the Empire. Shining Force III 31%
15. Are you are smooth, suave, single guy on the make, or maybe you fancy yourself the sleek sexy femme fatale? You're BOTH! Leisure Suit Larry 3 27%
16. Battle green slimes, blue monsters, subatomic particles, dragons, and aliens, and then go for a car ride! Namco Museum Volume 3 3%
17. Keaton, Mao Mao, and a dolphin named Spanky battle in the skies. Aero Fighters 3/Sonic Wings 3 13%
18. Raul asks the questions, you supply the answers. Get it wrong, get insulted. You Don't Know Jack Volume 3 17%
19. Twelve samurai and swordsmen seek one goal: the death of Zankuro Minazuki. Samurai Shodown III 43%
20. You are a dauntless treasure hunter, exploring underground ruins in preparation for your confrontation with the Dungeon Master Zork III: The Dungeon Master 18%