Do you feel lucky?

For the seventh anniversary of GameFAQs, we've got seven questions. Only a couple of them could be answered with knowledge; the rest require luck. It's open season.

For each question, enter your answer in the space provided. For each answer, you'll be ranked based on how far away from the "real" answer you are. If you get the answer right, you're ranked #1. If one other person gets it right and you have the next closest entry for that question, you're ranked #2. Ties increase the rank number, so if two other people get it right (or are the closest to the answer) and you're behind them, you're ranked number #3, not #2.

The overall winners of the contest, in order of placement, were: marsman57 (Score: 2535), Serge16 (2806), EvilChild (3585), damn posting limit (4611), and Kyle K (5142).

Each question's answer and individual winners:

  1. How many servers currently run the GameFAQs site as a whole?

  2. 6 (as of 11/5, 4 CGI servers, 1 HTML server, 1 database server)
    513 correct answers, Bubba26 wins the random draw
  3. How many different game systems does GameFAQs currently cover?

  4. 69 (73 total categories, 4 aren't for individual systems)
    72 correct answers, SPENCERNAMAN wins the random draw
  5. Counting the first contest entry as number 1, which contest entry number will yours be?

  6. BlkHwk075 correctly guessed his entry number, #3573
  7. How many total entries will there be for this contest?

  8. 17667
    Immo39 picked 17653
  9. How many total users had registered for the message boards by the end of November 7th, 2002?

  10. 543992
    Notre Game was one of 5 to pick 544000
  11. How many total hits did GameFAQs record on November 5th, 2001?

  12. 2567863
    SePhiRoTh126 picked 2567746
  13. How many total hits did GameFAQs record on November 5th, 2002?

  14. 7121430
    whiz kid picked 7110923