How much do you pay attention to the way things are written, as opposed to what is written? How well are the styles of certain game titles embedded in your mind after seeing the titles on the boxes time and time again?

Let's find out.

On the next page, there are twenty-six letters, A through Z, taken from 26 the main titles on the front cover of 26 PlayStation2, GameCube, and Xbox games. All you have to do is identify the game.

With 2798 valid entries and an average score of 13.68, there were a total of 115 perfect scores, from people who managed to get all 26 answers correct. So, it all came down to the tiebreaker, and the 5 people who picked 14 as their tiebreaker got to settle things in a free-for-all bloodbath. Actually, it was settled by the order of their entries, as laid out in the contest rules.

The top five, in order, were: Ramsey Z, Robert Goode, Joe Negron, Jonathan Point-Du-Jour, and Geoff Johns. The three random winners were Whitney G, William Pilgrim, and Morgan Atkinson.

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Letter Game Title % Correct
A Halo 76.55%
B Blood Omen 2 68.97%
C Capcom vs. SNK 2 57.95%
D The Simpsons: Road Rage 56.99%
E Frogger: The Great Quest 47.41%
F Fatal Frame 57.10%
G Gitaroo Man 49.66%
H Home Run King 58.10%
I Pikmin 68.79%
J Jet Set Radio Future 61.39%
K Kessen II 23.17%
L Final Fantasy X 61.35%
M Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee 47.52%
N Luigi's Mansion 70.36%
O Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland 47.41%
P Vampire Night 32.68%
Q Frequency 49.98%
R Virtua Fighter 4 62.10%
S Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 41.90%
T SSX Tricky 35.07%
U Super Smash Bros. Melee 39.18%
V GunValkyrie 50.52%
W Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions 55.67%
X Jak and Daxter 43.80%
Y Super Monkey Ball 76.08%
Z NHL Hitz 20-02 29.00%
The Roll of Honor (Perfect Scores)
David Alexander
David Allison
Anneliese Aurand
Zhuen Auyeung
Daniel Avneri
Brian Babyak
Nicholas Baker
Scott Barrett
Brad Bittner
Matthew Bobola
Jeff Borke
Ben Bronfman
Casey Byler
Omar Cabrera
Terence Chan
Stephen Che
Kurtis Chinn
Andrew Chua
Vincent Chuang
Dante Conforti
Eusevio Cordoba
Cathy Coury
Ramsay Crawford
Daniel Crowe
John Daniels
Heather Dry
Matt Durshimer
Brandon Firfer
Timothy Fitzgerald
John Flynn
Dan Foster
Darrell Freeman
Matt Gabbert
Andrew Geaslen
Robert Goode
Jim Govoni
Dallas Gow
Charlie Green
James Greene
Ben Gunter
Jack Henderson
Eric Ilse
Michael Isbitski
Amit Jain
Dave Jesteadt
Geoff Johns
Brandon Johnson
Lucas Johnson
Eby Kalantar
Sean Keeton
Niroth Keo
Brian Kim
David Kollman
Gretchen Konkel
Sean Kornmann
Adria Kovaly
Will Kwasney
Joe Lease
Jawon Lee
Jerry Lee
Farrell Lenoble
Alvin Liang
James Light
Benny Lin
Ivy Ling Chan
Earl Louis
Kevin Low
Joe Luise
Michael Lukas
Ryan Mack
Jerome Mai
Jason Marler
Raymond Mercier
Chris Miller
Geoffrey Miller
Scott Miller
Justin Mirsky
Adam Naser
Michael Nazareno
Joe Negron
Kyle Nickerson
Derek Payne
Eric Pearson
Orlando Perdigon
Mike Plyley
Jonathan Point-Du-Jour
Richard Poirier
Jonathan Reinhold
Frank Anthony Rossi
Chris Ruggles
Joe Rybarczyk
Eduardo S Riedel
Thomas Sears
Paula Slinglend
Ryan Southwick
Justin Stemple
Traci Strickland
Rodrigo Tejedor
Aaron Teplitsky
Paul Tessmann
Harold Tessmann III
Greg Thaera
Brandon Usher
Dan Wallner
Ted Wang
Brad Wayne
Zach Whitfield
Jerry Wise
Daniel Woodfin
Adam Wright
Dillon Young
Sheridan Zalewski
Max Zeiberg
Ramsey Zeitoun
Peter Zsiga