Six years. What were you doing in November 1995?

No, that's not the contest question. Sorry, it's not that easy.

On the next page, 10 characters from various video games will be displayed. Your job: Identify them. But remember, there's a method to this madness, and if you don't follow the method, you'll experience some madness (as your answers will be counted incorrect).

Here's a big hint: Every word of every correct answer for each question follows a pattern. If any word of an answer does not follow the pattern, it's incorrect.

If you manage to provide the correct answers for at least 5 of the characters correctly, you'll be entered in the random drawing, so you've still got a shot.

Only three people managed to correctly identify all 10 characters, as two of the characters have never appeared in video games in the US and one of them was so obscure it fooled almost everybody. Thanks to the inclusion of one dead giveaway, many of the 738 entrants only got one correct, bringing the average score down to 2.96, which was used as the tiebreaker question.

So, a big round of applause is due to the contest's winners, and even to the random winners who had to figure out at least five of them:

First Place: Allen Tyner (10/10)
Second Place: Oryanna Corsey (10/10)
Third Place: Shirley Liou (10/10)
Fourth Place: Anthony J. Comberiate (9/10)
Fifth Place: Jerome Mai (9/10)
Random Winners: Jeff Chan, Michael Jensen, Huijie Chen, Jonathan Decker, Robert Collier

Oh, and in case you couldn't figure out the magic pattern, all of the character names start with "VI", which in Roman numerals is, of course, six.

(Image Required to Enter!)
Number Answer Game % Correct
1 Victreebel Pokemon Series 30.14%
2 Vivian Slap Happy Rhythm Busters (PSX JP) 2.81%
3 Victor DarkStalkers (Vampire) Series 43.68%
4 Vice King of Fighters Series 38.70%
5 Vikemon Digimon Series 2.43%
6 Vibri vib-ribbon (PSX JP&EU) 15.07%
7 Violet Tekken 4 28.22%
8 Vic Viper Gradius/Parodius Series 15.96%
9 Viola Zone of the Enders 30.65%
10 Vivi Final Fantasy IX 88.89%