You think it's tough gathering the world's best fighters together for a competition? Try getting them together for a photo.

Presented here, for your enjoyment, are 50 of the toughest fighters from the two companies who have specialized in it for years: Capcom and SNK. 25 from each side, presented to you in one glorious snapshot.

Your task: Identify them. To make things easier, each character's name on a side (Capcom or SNK) begins with a different letter.

Even if you can't figure out all 50, if you manage to identify at least 10 characters correctly, you'll be entered in the random drawing, so you've still got a shot.

Amazingly, 15 people managed to correctly identify all 50 characters, and the average score for the contest (21) was used to determine the top five finishers. The prize winners are:

  • 1st: David Kollman
  • 2nd: Dana Duffield
  • 3rd: Kevin Low
  • 4th: Eric Rosenzweig
  • 5th: James Chen
  • Random Winners: James Barry, Raffaele Saccucci, Perry Scoon, Bryant McClore, Oscar Mariscal
Honorable Mentions (No prize, but kudos for naming all 50):
Michael Meevasin, Christopher Casalme, Reynaldo Esteban, Oscar Alfonso Martinez Navarro, Nicole Trujillo, Cortes, Stephen Soo Hoo, Jeff Weaver, Gavin Jasper, Dante Conforti.

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Letter Capcom Character (in Red) SNK Character (in Black)
A Akira (Rival Schools) Athena (KOF)
B Blade (SF: The Movie) Big Bear (FF, maskless!)
C Captain Commando (VS) Carol (Savage Reign)
D Dan (SF Alpha) Duck King (FF)
E Edge (Rival Schools) Earthquake (SS)
F Felicia (DarkStalkers) Franco (FF)
G Gen (SF Alpha) Gato (Garou)
H Hayato (Star Gladiator) Haohmaru (SS)
I Ibuki (SF III) Iori (KOF)
J Juni (SF Alpha) Joker (Savage Reign)
K Ken (SF II) Kyo (KOF)
L Lee (SF I) Lucky (KOF)
M Mary (CyberBots) Maxima (KOF)
N Necro (SF III) Nakoruru (SS)
O Omega (Star Gladiator) Okina (Last Blade)
P Poison (Final Fight Revenge) Payak (Buriki One)
Q Q-Bee (DarkStalkers) None
R Ryu (SF II) Ryo (AOF)
S Sakura (SF Alpha) Sogetsu (SS)
T Tabasa/Tessa (Pocket Fighter/Warzard) Terry (FF)
U Urien (SF III) Ukyo (SS)
V Victor (DarkStalkers) Vice (KOF)
W Wang-Tang (Power Stone) Wang (AOF)
X None Xiangfei (FF)
Y Yurika (Project Justice) Yuri (AOF)
Z Zangief (SF II) Zantetsu (Last Blade)
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