The GameFAQs Message boards are one of the largest available on the Internet today. Since they opened on November 7, 1999, an active community of over 35,000 has been created on thousands of different boards, and it's growing more and more every day.

But how fast is it growing? More specifically, when will the 10 millionth message be posted?

Guess, calculate, and/or predict the date, if you think you can...

So, who was the closest? Colin MacKinnon picked 6/12/01 10:21:32 PM, just seven minutes off the mark.

The full winner list:

  • 1st - Colin MacKinnon - 7m12s
  • 2nd - Stephen Yu - 44m20s
  • 3rd - Ryan Scott - 55m18s
  • 4th - Dan Beadle - 1h2m59s
  • 5th - Juston Bennett - 1h38m5s
  • Random Winners - Steve Ward, Kevin Chen, Steven Ly, Ryan Kavanagh, Henry Olsen