you think about some of the most famous video game characters of all time, what keeps coming back to you again and again?

Their good looks? Their charm? They way they always seem to come back to life after dying time and time again?

Nah... We all know it's their hair.

Contest Winners The top six finishers (and their tiebreaker guesses), all with perfect scores:

  1. Tim Reilly (8)
  2. Mike Buckley (9)
  3. Corey Jolley (11.25)
  4. Mike Ondrus (12)
  5. Eric Rosenzweig (13, entered first)
  6. Michael Powell (13, Bonus $25 Honorable Mention Prize)
The five Random Drawing winners:
  • Andrew Ramirez
  • Chris Eliopoulos
  • Chris Reid
  • Mike Matulevich
  • Alan Towery

(Image Required to Enter!)
Hairstyle Character Name (Game) % Correct
1 Mr. Do!5.11%
2 Iori (King of Fighters Series)32.07%
3 Lammy (UmJammer Lammy)37.26%
4 Goemon (Mystical Ninja Series)40.40%
5 Akira (Virtua Fighter Series)30.42%
6 WonderBoy4.70%
7 Terra (Final Fantasy III/VI)63.81%
8 Konoko (Oni)10.14%
9 Paul Phoenix (Tekken Series)55.23%
10 Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)87.22%
11 Ulala (Space Channel 5)34.30%
12 Guile (Street Fighter II)79.47%
13 Mario/Jumpman (Donkey Kong)48.47%
14 Sonic the Hedgehog97.53%
15 Sindel (Mortal Kombat III)13.77%
What will the average score of all valid and non-zero entries be for this contest (out of 15)?