GameFAQs keeps extensive server logs detailing every single web hit the site has received since October of 1998. In other words, it's possible to tell exactly how many times a given page is hit over the course of a day, week, month, or year. In fact, that's where the daily Top 50 Games list comes from, as well as the Top 10 list on the home page. Each game with one or more FAQs or Codes has its own "FAQ/Code" page, and it is these pages that are added up to represent the top games on the site.

So, when you tally up all of the hits over the course of the entire year of 2000, what were the most popular games of the year? And could you guess them?

Yes, it's a complete repeat of last year's contest. But, to make things a little easier this year, you now have a list of games to choose from. The Top 25 games of 2000 (as of December 2nd) have been listed for you, as well as 5 red herrings designed specifically to throw you off.

Remember, the contest isn't to pick the most popular games that came out this year, nor to choose your 10 favorite games, but to select the 10 FAQ/Code pages that received the most hits throughout the entire year of 2000.

The winners of the contest are as follows:
- First Place: Dylan Headly - (20)
- Second Place: James Boone - (21)
- Third Place: Dallas Scott - (23, closest to tie-breaker)
- Fourth Place: Charlie Chan - (23)
- Fifth Place: Danny Duong - (23, furthest tie-breaker)
- Random Winners: Raymond Liedtke, Jonathan Nguyen, Adam Hudes, Brendon Johnson, Jennifer McMyler

The tie-breaker answer (How many hits did the Final Fantasy VIII page get in 2000?) was 1,319,696. An honorable mention (but no prize, sadly) goes to Dale Hancock for coming within 304 hits of the actual answer.

1PlayStationFinal Fantasy VIII
2PlayStationChrono Cross
3GameBoy ColorPokemon Gold/Silver
4PlayStationFinal Fantasy VII
5PlayStationFinal Fantasy IX
6PlayStationResident Evil 3: Nemesis
7PlayStationWWF SmackDown
8PlayStationLegend of Dragoon, The
9Nintendo 64Perfect Dark
10Nintendo 64Zelda: Ocarina of Time
12Nintendo 64Zelda: Majora's Mask
13DreamcastResident Evil: Code Veronica
14DreamcastMarvel vs. Capcom 2
15PlayStationVagrant Story
16PlayStationTony Hawk's Pro Skater
17GameBoyPokemon Yellow
18PlayStationGran Turismo 2
19PlayStationLegend of Mana
20PlayStationTony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
21Nintendo 64WWF Wrestlemania 2000
22DOS/WindowsDiablo II
23Nintendo 64Donkey Kong 64
24PlayStationWild Arms 2
25PlayStationDigimon World
26Super NintendoChrono Trigger
27PlayStationParasite Eve II
28DreamcastDead or Alive 2
29Nintendo 64WWF No Mercy
30PlayStationStar Ocean: The Second Story
31GameBoy ColorLegend of Zelda DX
32PlayStationWWF SmackDown 2
33PlayStationSyphon Filter 2
34PlayStationFinal Fantasy Tactics
35PlayStationSuikoden II
36Super NintendoFinal Fantasy III
37DOS/WindowsBaldur's Gate II
39DOS/WindowsSims, The
40Nintendo 64Goldeneye
41Super NintendoDragon Ball Z RPG - Legend of the Super Saiyajin
43Nintendo 64Pokemon Stadium
44PlayStationMetal Gear Solid
45PlayStationSilent Hill
46PlayStationLegend of Legaia
47ArcadeMarvel vs. Capcom 2
48DreamcastCapcom vs. SNK
49Super NintendoLegend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
50Nintendo 64Jet Force Gemini
51PlayStationFinal Fantasy Anthology
52PlayStationSyphon Filter
53PlayStationBreath of Fire III
54PlayStationFront Mission 3
55Nintendo 64Super Smash Brothers
56Super NintendoSeiken Densetsu 3
57PlayStationValkyrie Profile
58PlayStationDriver 2
59PlayStationDino Crisis
60GameBoy ColorPokemon Trading Card Game
61PlayStationBreath of Fire IV
62Nintendo 64Harvest Moon 64
63PlayStationMonster Rancher 2
64Super NintendoDragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension
65PlayStationDragon Ball Final Bout
66PlayStationFear Effect
67DreamcastSkies of Arcadia
68PlayStationTenchu 2
69PlayStationSaga Frontier II
70Nintendo 64Ogre Battle 64
71PlayStationDino Crisis 2
72Nintendo 64Banjo-Tooie
73PlayStationJedi Power Battles
74PlayStationTomb Raider: The Last Revelation
75DOS/WindowsCommand & Conquer: Red Alert 2
77Nintendo 64World Is Not Enough, The
79DreamcastJet Grind Radio
80PlayStationSoul Reaver
81DreamcastPower Stone 2
82DreamcastSonic Adventure
83PlayStationMegaMan Legends 2
84DreamcastVirtua Tennis
85DreamcastCrazy Taxi
86GameBoy ColorDragon Warrior Monsters
87PlayStation2Tekken Tag Tournament
88PlayStationMedal of Honor
89DreamcastTony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
90PlayStationParasite Eve
91PlayStationGran Turismo
92PlayStationLunar: Silver Star Story
93Super NintendoSuper Mario RPG
94DOS/WindowsHitman: Codename 47
96PlayStationHarvest Moon
97PlayStationAlundra 2
98PlayStationMegaMan X5
100DOS/WindowsFinal Fantasy VIII