The Rule of Fives states that all things happen in fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of five, or are somehow directly or indirectly related to five. The Rule of Fives is never wrong.
- Ancient Discordian Quote

Five years. Five long years. And what better way to celebrate than giving away a PlayStation2, a Dreamcast, and some other prizes?

Five questions. Five answers. Five prizes.

Naturally, with five questions, there are going to be a lot of people who manage to get all five correct. So, instead of the standard tie-breaker question, the winners will be decided by a giant game of RoShamBo (also known as "Janken" or "Rock/Paper/Scissors").

And the winners are...
First Prize:: Harry Wardhana
Second Prize: Chris Pepin
Third Prize: Brandon K. Jones
Fourth Prize: Jonathan Jungman
Fifth Prize: Greg Janson

Congratulations to all prize winners, and to all contestants who made the Honor Roll!

The Five Questions
Question Answer Details
1: On the day GameFAQs opened, which console had not yet been released? 3DO (2%)
Jaguar (3%)
*Nintendo 64* (84%)
PlayStation (8%)
Saturn (3%)
GameFAQs opened to the public on November 5, 1995, and the Nintendo 64 wasn't released in Japan until June 1996, making it the last of its generation to debut. And, as everbody knows, 6+4 = 10, once again proving the Rule.
2: Which of these RPGs was never released in the United States? *Dragon Warrior V* (54%)
Final Fantasy V (26%)
Might and Magic V (4%)
Ultima V (5%)
Wizardry V (11%)
Final Fantasy V was released as part of 1999's Final Fantasy Anthology and the other three games were actually released first in the US, leaving the 20th most popular Japanese game of all time unreleased abroad.
3: Which of these titles is not the fifth game in the series? King's Quest V (6%)
*Leisure Suit Larry 5* (40%)
Police Quest: SWAT (39%)
Quest for Glory V (7%)
Space Quest V (9%)
Legend has it that after Leisure Suit Larry 3, Al Lowe swore in an interview that there would never be a Leisure Suit Larry 4. True to his word, he skipped it and went straight to 5, making it the fourth game in the series.
4: When was created? November 4, 1995 (19%)
November 5, 1995 (70%)
*September 11, 1996* (8%)
October 30, 1998 (2%)
November 7, 1999 (1%)
GameFAQs was indeed first created on November 4 and then launched to the public on November 5 of 1995 as the "Video Game FAQ Archive", but it then changed URLs twice, and it wasn't until a full 10 months later that it actually got its own domain name, where it's been easily found ever since. What about the Rule of Fives? Easy: September 11th was the 255th day of the year.
5: What's 2,309,366,477,135 divided by 461,873,295,427? *5* (91%)
15 (2%)
25 (2%)
55 (3%)
555 (2%)
Even if your calculator couldn't handle that, it should have been able to at least get you 2309 / 461 = 4.989, which is a pretty close estimate.
The Honor Roll (All 5 Answers Correct)
Aaron Cloutier, Adam Blaiss, Adam Rech, Adam Ward, Ahmed Atia, Alex Taylor, Andrew Chou, Andrew Leonard, Andrew Loyola, Andrew Phillips, Ben Stuelke, Berj Akopyan, Bo Seung Allen Jung, Brandon K. Jones, Brian Liu, Cheyne Hurt, Chris Pepin, Christopher Frazee, Cody Kestigian, Crystal Lee, Dallas Scott, Dan Carter, Daniel Elder, Daniel Turner, Dave Byers, Dave Williams, David Blake, David Dietrich, David K Sonnenberg, David K Stanfield, Derrick Springer, Eric Richardson, Erik Novales, Ethan Thompson-Lee, Garrett Baumgartner, George Wang, Greg Janson, Harry Wardhana, Jaison Kane Koss, James Chow, James Howard, James Jett, James MacKenzie, Jason Alley, Jason Leonas, Jason Strickland, Jay Taylor, Jeff Bato, Jeremy Jung, Jesse Chen, Jin Ge, John P. Murphy, John Peasley, John R. Alaimo, John Townsend, Jonathan Jungman, Joshua Harring, Justin Lee, Kaijam Jeffers, Kelvin Tang, Kenneth Miller, Kevin Doherty, Kevin Low, Lane Hammond, Larry Conyers, Lee Estrella, Logan Sharp, Marc Oliphant, Matt Kahlor, Matt Lindvig, Matt Przybysz, Matt R. Berti, Matthew Murphy, Michael Carns, Michael LaRue Jr, Michael Santora, Mike Smith, Mike Vogts, Nicholas Halupnik, Niq Walker, Omesh Chowdhury, Patrick McCarthy, Phillip L Yee, Raf Salazar, Randy Kidd, Rebecca Hathaway, Robert Collier, Ryan Nieb, Ryan Stone, Scott Tucker, Steve Bergstrom, Steve Bird, Todd Turner, Tom Oates, Tyler Fox, Winston Frantz, Zack Adgie