It's tscnteo time again! Oops, I mean "contest". It looks like I've been mixing things up igana, er again.

This time, I've taken 25 different PlayStation covers and mixed them up in a big muddle, and it's up to you to identify all 25 games! Sounds lpimes, um, simple, doesn't it?

Twenty-four people managed to get all 25 games correct, so the winner was determined by tiebreaker. The average score for the contest was 9.63, so the perfect entrants (and their guesses) were:
1st (tied): Kylene Walker (10)
1st (tied): Jeremy Burke (10)
3rd: Michael Fortunka (9.11)

The full list of perfect scores is as follows:

  1. Kylene Walker (10)
  2. Jeremy Burke (10)
  3. Michael Fortunka (9.11)
  4. Kenneth Miller (9)
  5. Nich Maragos (12)
  6. Aaron Bean (12)
  7. Jeff Mears (12)
  8. Ben Courtemanche (13)
  9. Carol Chan (13)
  10. Dallas Gow (13)
  11. Mark Neaves (15.5)
  12. Martin Richard (16)
  13. Zane Townsend (16)
  14. James Baughan (17)
  15. BJ Blick (18)
  16. David Wocks (18)
  17. Federico Laclau (18)
  18. Jason E. Jenkins (19.7)
  19. Ed Asano (20)
  20. Audel Ross Almazan (21)
  21. Benny Lin (22)
  23. Yan Robillard (22)
  24. Eric W. Yu (23)

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Position Game % Correct How was I supposed to figure that one out?
A1 Spyro 2 37.9% Only Spyro 2 has the silver "2" behind it.
A2 You Don't Know Jack 8.5% You just had to recognize the background.
A3 Wipeout3 35.3% The "W" should have been your clue.
A4 Animaniacs Ten Pin Alley 3.9% It's a bowling pin. How many bowling games are there on the PSX?
A5 Ogre Battle 4.1% "SLUS-00467" is the ID code for Ogre Battle.
B1 Dino Crisis 73.3% How could you miss that red hair?
B2 Xena: Warrior Princess 33.2% Lucy Lawless's Lips.
B3 Hot Shots Golf 59.7% A Super-Deformed Golfer?
B4 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 70.0% AltaVista search: "+muska +reynolds"
B5 Grand Theft Auto 13.9% The "Warning Label"
C1 Madden NFL 2000 70.5% Most people recoginzed Mr. Madden.
C2 Nitrous Oxide: N2O 34.7% The "alien" from the game.
C3 Intelligent Qube 53.2% The guy about to be crushed by the cube.
C4 Vs. 11.2% The promo-language and/or chainlink fence.
C5 Legend of Legaia 58.7% That blue haired-hero.
D1 UmJammer Lammy 82.9% "____mmer ___my" Hmmm...
D2 ECW Hardcore Revolution 55.0% The "evolu" gave it to most people, except for those who thought "Revolution X".
D3 Q*Bert 57.1% Who doesn't recognize that cuddly orange thing?
D4 Championship Motorcross starring Rocky Carmichael 22.6% If you picked a Motocross game, you were on the right track.
D5 Knockout Kings 2000 39.6% How many "2000" series EA Sports titles feature a downed boxer?
E1 Final Fantasy VIII 48.6% It's the background of the game almost everybody owns.
E2 Jurassic Park: Warpath 28.2% There aren't that many big angry dinosaur games.
E3 Resident Evil 3 19.9% The "3" was trickier to spot than I thought it would be.
E4 Point Blank 2 19.8% It's the guy from the front cover. No, it wasn't "Bert" from Sesame Street.
E5 Bust-A-Move 4 20.8% Natsume's only published 3 PSX games, and only one features a green dinosaur.