Last Updated: March 10, 2015

When posting on our boards, you should aim to be as polite as possible. This makes others feel welcome and conversation can take place without users being rude to one another. As our Terms of Use states, we can delete a post at any time for any reason. If a user goes out of their way to upset others by not adhering to the following etiquette guidelines, their posts can be moderated.

Enforcement of the below etiquette guidelines is decided by two groups of people: other users who report the message for review and the team of volunteer moderators who decide if that reported message is a violation of these guidelines. Both groups have a lot of leeway on deciding if a post needs to be deleted. This can sometimes lead to a message getting deleted by the moderation staff while a similar message does not. While this may happen, this does not mean that the deleted post was not a violation and should be reinstated.

  1. Offensive Material
  2. You should not post anything that would be considered inappropriate in a business or school environment (in other words, "Not Safe For Work"). Here are some examples:

    • Links to images or videos containing pornography, nudity of any kind, or sexualized minors (i.e. "jailbait").
    • Links to real-life blood and gore. Gore in a video game is fine, but real-life graphic material isn't.
    • Hate speech, such as using race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, disability, nationality, or gender as a means of insult.
    • Sexually explicit posts. If you must discuss sexual matters, keep it vague. The less detail, the less likely someone will find it offensive.
    • Don't use "gay" or "retarded" in place of "stupid", or "rape" in place of "destroyed".

  3. Vulgar Language and the Censor
  4. There are two tiers of "bad" language on this site: the first being words that we allow but automatically censor for users who don't have their profanity filter turned off and words we generally don't allow at all.

    For the first, attempts to post the word in a manner that circumvents our profanity filter is not allowed. For example, posting "e.n-su.e" for "ensue".

    For the second, if you want to post the word at all, you need to block out all but the first letter, like "e****" for "ensue". Posting these words could still result in moderation even if they are properly censored.

  5. Flaming
  6. Don't insult other users, either individually ("You're an idiot") or as a group ("Everybody who posts on this board is an idiot"). This also includes implied insults ("Are you stupid or something?"). Once an argument degenerates into name-calling, it's time to either step back or clear out.

  7. Trolling
  8. Trolling is not someone posting an opinion that differs from yours, but someone posting a message designed to get others mad enough to violate one of the other rules. Going on a board and posting "This game sucks and everybody who enjoys it is stupid" is trolling, and nothing good will come of it. Going on a board and posting "I hated this game, the controls were awful," isn't trolling, although it may not be popular opinion. Even if you disagree, you can either debate the user on their points or just ignore it.

  9. Illegal Activities
  10. "Illegal" is a bit of a misnomer, as laws vary by region. Here's a sample of what we actually disallow on these boards:

    • Don't discuss pirated software, music, movies, TV shows, or any other media - where to get them, or that you've been playing or watching them. Don't ask for help with how to play a pirated game.
    • Don't discuss ownership of or post leaked media from a game before its street release date. It does not matter where you obtained your copy of the game, it cannot be discussed here until the game is released.
    • Don't discuss how to cheat in competitive online games. You can talk about someone who is cheating or provide examples, but don't talk about how to actually do it, as that makes the problem worse.
    • Don't discuss your illegal or recreational drug use. Talking about the topic in general is okay, but not your own usage, methods, creation, or trade in them.

  11. Advertising
  12. No spam, no advertising. This means no For-Sale/For-Trade/For-Auction/Wanted posts, no "Make Money Fast", any link with a referrer ID, or any link that you will profit from (either virtually or physically).

  13. Off-Topic Posting
  14. New topics on most gaming and special interest boards must be at least tangentially related to the game or topic at hand, meaning that you must be discussing something that can occur within or directly pertains to the game or topic. If you want to discuss something completely different, you should take it to another board. If you have a personal message for just an individual or small group of users, send them a Private Message.

  15. Disruptive Behavior
  16. Don't post messages designed solely to disrupt the normal flow of posts on a board. A few obvious examples are ALL CAPS, AlTeRnAtInG cApS, posts that force browsers to scroll horizontally or vertically, links to browser traps or glitches, and random ASCII art.

    In addition, be wary of joining in a "flood" of another board (either on GameFAQs or elsewhere) where one group of users suddenly decides to go post on another board. If you participate in any kind of organized invasion of any other service, you will likely be suspended for it.

  17. Spoilers
  18. Don't post any plot spoilers without using spoiler tags to hide the content. This means any critical plot details that don't get revealed until you're well into a game, or the results of a time-delayed show or event.

    • Actual spoilers should not be found within the topic title itself. Instead, use a vague title that does not contain the spoiler itself and give a warning that spoilers will be found in the post. For example, "Final boss battle help *SPOILERS*"
    • In a topic without a spoiler warning in the topic title, all spoilers relating to the main topic of discussion must be marked with spoiler tags. For example: "<spoiler>John dies at the end</spoiler>"
    • If you're posting plot spoilers for something that's not the main topic of discussion, explain exactly what you're spoiling before posting the tagged spoiler.
    • Posting spoilers intentionally with the sole purpose of ruining the game for others is the worst kind of trolling, and will generally get you banned.

  19. Personal Information and Harassment
  20. No private personal information of any kind should be posted online - real name, location, address, workplace, ID numbers, phone, or private e-mail, neither yours (we don't know if it's yours or not) nor anybody else's. While some of this kind of information is easily obtainable online, you should not have a part in spreading it further.

    Online harassment is also something that is taken seriously. If you continually bother, intimidate, mock, or bully another user in public or private on this site after they've made it clear that they do not want any contact from you, then you may be subject to a suspension or ban.